Alternatives to Estrenosgo | Estrenosgo Alternatives

Alternatives to Estrenosgo | Estrenosgo Alternatives

Estrenosgo is one of the favorite portals for those looking to download multimedia content. Best of all is the variety that is possible to find, from the latest movies that are still in theaters, to games, music files and even software.

The download options are another of the advantages it offers, although it should be noted that it has too many ads. This can cause some users to prefer to look for other options with similar characteristics but that offer faster speeds and fewer ads.

Taking into account that, in addition, it is a somewhat unstable page because it usually changes domains or disappears for a while, it is convenient to know other options. Below you can see the best alternatives to Estrenosgo , updated and available.

12 alternatives to Estrenosgo to download premiere torrents



Zooqle is a platform with a minimalist design that has managed to gain a large community of uploaders

  • The links it provides have been verified, so they are 100% safe.
  • Most of the content is in English
  • It is ad-free so downloads are instant and uninterrupted

Don Torrent


Don Torrent is a very complete website with daily updated content. It is possible to find movies in different qualities including 4K resolution, as well as HD television series, games, documentaries or music among others.

It has a night mode and a blog that offers solutions and recommendations related to torrent downloads .



RARBG is one of the veteran platforms for file downloads . It is a recommended option if you are looking for premiere content since it is updated with some regularity. It also has lists with Top 10 of each type of content.

It has a specific category with trailers. It also offers varied files on many topics such as television or music programs, games and software, among others.

 The Pirate Bay


This page is one of the favorite options because it has one of the largest user communities on the entire internet. It has many options to be able to filter the contents, it also integrates a system of symbols that alert about the security and health status of the file.

You can find all kinds of content, from the search engine or by accessing the list with the most recent. It has an updated list that offers the best 100 torrents of the moment.



Popcorntime is one of the best alternatives to Estrenosgo that comes as a downloadable program.

  • Offers a large number of links in HD quality in original version
  • You can use the program on iOS and Android mobile devices
  • The interface is very nice and all the contents are perfectly organized
  • Views are instant, with no waiting time

Gran Torrent


Gran Torrent is one of the best alternatives to Estrenosgo in which there is a wide variety of movies in all possible qualities

  • The latest releases added appear on the main page
  • There is a section of movies in 4K quality
  • Users can post their comments about the content



This is one of the most efficient search engines for locating torrent files.

  • You can find from movies to music, applications, games and even anime files
  • It has updated lists with the latest torrents added or the most popular at the moment
  • All files offer detailed information about the size, seeds or the time since it was added

 torrent paradise


Torrent Paradise is another of the most efficient search engines of the moment which has the particularity of being a decentralized service. It has a list in which the 100 most popular torrents of the moment appear , as well as the most recent ones updated every 30 minutes.

On the other hand, this search engine is characterized by its speed of search, offering detailed results with all kinds of information about the download or the size.



Elitetorrent is one of the best platforms to access premiere torrents, especially movies and television series. It is possible to choose the type of dubbing, even access premieres in the original version .

There is a wide variety of categories available. It offers the double option of downloading from the torrent or from the Magnet Link. It also offers information about the health of the torrent and the number of seeds and clients



YTS is a page with a very attractive design that is characterized by the graphic quality of the contents. All the files are available in HD quality with the particularity that they hardly take up space.

The most recent content is shown on the main page, some of them still on the billboard. It even has a specific category of content only in 4K quality.



Mejortorrentt is a page that does not stand out for having a large number of links, but it does have the advantage that it updates its content daily. Another feature of this website is that it offers movies and series in Spanish .

It has a section with HD quality movies . You can also download other types of files such as music, games or documentaries among others.

 Kickass Torrents

kickass torrent

Kickass Torrents is one of the most popular file download websites. Its catalog includes all kinds of content, each of which offers detailed information on its origin and quality.

It offers a list that is updated at the moment with all the torrents that are being included. In addition, the links can be shared on the main social networks.

What is the best alternative to Estrenosgo?

For those users looking for a platform that includes torrent files on all topics, with different download options and updated content, the best alternative to Estrenosgo is Don Torrent .

The best thing about this website is that the contents have excellent quality, even 4K movies. Every day the categories are updated adding new titles and chapters. It is also possible to download a wide variety of content including music, games, documentaries, among others.

Links can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp or via email. You can even leave an opinion about each content which will be very useful for other users.

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