Alternatives to Downloads2020 | Downloads2020 Alternatives

Alternatives to Downloads2020 | Downloads2020 Alternatives

Descargas2o20 is one of the most complete platforms when it comes to movie and television series content.

One of its strengths is that it has a selection where you can see the latest releases that are still on the billboard. You can also watch movies in 3D among other advantages.

Descargas2020 has stopped working. Has it closed forever?

As with many other download and streaming content platforms, Descargas2020 is a very unstable website that often causes it to stop operating or not allow access.

The reason is due to the persecution that justice carries out on these types of pages , which causes many of them to change domains or stop working.

In any case, there are many alternatives to Downloads 2020 so that you can access film content and television series with the best quality.

11 alternatives to Downloads2020 to watch first-run movies for free


On this platform you will have access to first-run movies with different dubbing options and an image quality that, on some occasions, reaches 4K. You can search for content based on the style of movies that you like the most, you can also choose between downloading or watching online.

Each movie has an option so you can go directly to the trailer. At the end of each content you will find other movies related to the same theme or the same saga.


At Pelis24 you can find everything from the latest movie releases to classics from 1972. On the main page are the latest news as well as the most outstanding movies of each genre. On the other hand, you have a search engine to locate a specific movie.

Best of all, it offers different links with dubbing options or image quality. You can even leave your comments


Cuevana 2

One of the best alternatives to Downloads2020 where you will find the most recent news of the moment

  • You can filter the search by selecting only the latest releases or the most viewed movies
  • It offers a section with television series
  • Select the language between Latin, Spanish or English
  • You can view the contents online or download them to your computer



Gnula’s home page offers the latest movies uploaded to the platform, categorized by genre. Most of the contents give the option to choose between Latino dubbing, Spanish or English subtitles.

Use the search engine to select a specific title or go to the specific section to see which releases are already available.

From this page you can watch all available movies and TV series in HD quality . Using the search bar you will locate any title in just a few seconds. You can also filter the search to access the latest releases, most valued movies, in theaters or popular.

You can watch the movie online or download it to your computer. The platform will make a recommendation with the best movies related to your choice.


The best premiere movies of this 2020 are available in Pelisap

  • You can filter the content search by language
  • The platform is updating the image quality in the latest premieres added
  • If you are a fan of television series, you will find a specific section for fans of The Simpsons and Futurama

Dospelis has one of the most varied collections of genres in which you will find, in some cases, more than 1000 films at your disposal. You can locate movies from the year 1971. Best of all, if you can’t locate a movie or television series, there is a section where you can request it.

If it is the first time you access, there is a small tutorial that teaches you how to see the contents easily. In addition, it has a search engine to quickly locate content.



Divxtotal is a platform that offers content in torrent format. Most of the content is available in HD quality and offers the option of watching movies and TV series in the original version .

The page does not update the contents as frequently as other websites, but you can find little-known titles. It also offers a section with computer programs.



In Pelispedia you can find great classics from the world of cinema from the year 1950 to the premieres that you will still find in the cinema. It has two TOP lists with the 50 best movies and television series according to the evaluation given by users.

It has a blog where you can see all the outstanding news from the world of cinema . Each content offers different download options and the ability to view it online or download it.


Repelis Plus

Another option to Downloads2020 where you will have access to a complete section of the latest movies and television series

  • You can filter the movies by genre, release date, the most updated or those that have just been uploaded to the platform
  • Check the updates of your favorite series by selecting the category of Seasons or Chapters
  • You can view the content online, download it and even share it



HDFull updates all content daily to offer the best quality. You can access the latest news that have been uploaded, the most watched movies and series and all the premieres of the moment.

It has a wide range of classified genres as well as links to other download platforms. In addition, you can share the links on your favorite social networks

What is the best alternative to Downloads2020?

If you are looking for a variety of content, being able to choose between the most famous titles of the last decades or first-run movies, with excellent image quality, the best alternative to Descarga2o2o is Cinecalidad . In addition to having a simple design that is also pleasant to navigate, it has a notable advantage over other similar platforms, and that is that advertising is almost non-existent.

The loading speed of the contents is fast since there are hardly any interruptions. Also, the videos provide HD quality, in some cases even 4K UHD quality . The contents are updated from time to time to offer sought-after news and movies that have just been released.

You can filter the search for a specific movie by selecting the year of release from 2000 to 2020. You can also do it by genre or simply by entering the title in the search box.

In short, it is one of the safest and most reliable alternatives to be able to see the latest releases of your favorite movies with the best quality. As a counterpoint, it does not have a series section, but it is not necessary if what you are looking for is only movie content.

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