Alternatives to TuMejorTorrent | TuMejorTorrent Alternatives

Alternatives to TuMejorTorrent | TuMejorTorrent Alternatives

TuMejorTorrent was a platform where it was practically possible to find any content, although it was one of the favorite sites to locate especially movies and television series.

However, it has not been free from the persecution carried out by the authorities against this type of pages, which are accused of putting into circulation content in which copyright is not respected.

For this reason, the web has seen the need to close and even change domains on more than one occasion. If you used this website often, or you simply would like to have other options, then you have all the alternatives to TuMejorTorrent to download files.

11 alternatives to TuMejorTorrent to locate any torrent without difficulty



Tomadivx offers highly selected but high-quality content if you are looking for movies and television series above all

  • It has an option from where you can download movies only in HD quality
  • If you only want to access the latest content uploaded, there is an exclusive category from which to consult them
  • If you are looking for a specific content, you can speed up the search by typing the term in the search box


kickass torrent

Despite the fact that it is a somewhat unstable platform, the amount of content available makes it worth using. The contents have improved their quality and offer a multitude of details, including whether it is verified content.

This, added to the number of users that make up the community, makes searching for any file very effective.



One of the best websites to locate torrents of television series as well as movies. You can locate the files based on a specific genre or access a list with the torrents that have obtained a better rating or are trending at that time.

Each content has information about the cast that takes part in each movie or series and suggestions for related titles.



This simply designed website hides a powerful search engine that makes it possible to locate practically any content you request. It also has specific categories with the latest torrents uploaded .

Advertising is somewhat invasive, so it is recommended to use an ad blocker.

 The Pirate Bay


Despite being one of the websites most persecuted by the authorities, it is one of the ones with the highest traffic today . Its database contains files of all kinds from complete discographies to first-run movies, complete series, electronic books…

The contents contain a system of symbols that inform about the health of the file, improving the quality of the downloads. There is also the option to download anonymously.



One of the best alternatives to TuMejorTorrent is 1337x, a website that continually updates its domains to always be available

  • It has updated lists with the most popular torrents every day
  • Files are of good quality and free of malicious content
  • You can access each of the available categories to find out about the latest trends and news of the moment

 Extra torrent


Extra Torrent is an excellent content search engine in torrent format that gives priority to those with the highest number of seeds . All content offers information about its content and reliability when downloading it.

It has an advanced search option from which it is possible to select all the variables necessary to find a specific torrent.



In RARBG it is possible to locate from old torrents to the most popular of the moment. The excellent ordering of the categories makes searches especially easy.

This website stands out for the quality of the contents . It has a top 10 with the best torrents and a news section.



Limetorrents is a very effective torrent search engine that hosts all kinds of categories, which are updated daily. 

The contents are verified so that the downloads are safe. You can also upload, as a registered user, content to the platform.



Sumotorrent is a powerful online torrent search engine which scours the biggest and best file platforms to quickly locate and link to any content.

The web adds around 5,000 new files every day, being one of the most active at the moment . It even has an option to select only content that has been verified.



Mejortorrent is a platform that is characterized by a particularly simple design through which you can navigate without difficulty. On the main website you will find all the news that are uploaded daily .

A small menu on the left contains all the available categories and the number of files contained in each of them.

What is the best alternative to TuMejorTorrent?

The best alternative to TuMejorTorrent is The Pirate Bay , especially since it continues to offer torrents from all kinds of categories, which means that you can have everything on the same page. 

Despite the fact that it often changes domains and is blocked in some countries, when it is available it becomes the most efficient alternative in terms of locating files. Although if there is one notable feature, it is the growing community of users that not only make it possible to have a greater variety of torrents, but also faster when downloading them.

The web recommends, from the main page, to use a VPN to download safely , since this option acts by masking the IP of the users. In addition, you can access each of the specific categories to check the latest torrents uploaded, as well as a list with the 100 most popular torrents at the moment.

Each of the contents offers detailed information about the user who uploaded it, the quality of the content, or the date it was added to the platform. In addition, you can choose between watching the content online, downloading the torrent or making an anonymous download. 

A complete platform with the maximum amount of resources so that each search is a success.

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