Alternatives to EliteTorrent | EliteTorrent Alternatives

Alternatives to EliteTorrent | EliteTorrent Alternatives

Elite Torrent is one of the pages with the largest number of users due to the large number of torrent files specialized in movies .

From it it was possible to watch from classic movies of recent years to the most recent releases, available in different languages ​​and quality. We present the best selection of alternatives to elite torrent:

elite torrent not working

The moviegoer’s paradise has become an unstable platform due to legal problems that make this type of download impossible. It is for this reason that the web continually changes domain, and even stops working on many occasions, becoming untraceable. So far this year the domain has changed three times and the most stable last known is

In any case, torrent downloads are so widespread that you can find numerous alternatives that continue to offer high-quality content. All the options are available in the following updated list.

Alternatives to EliteTorrent to download movies and series



If you are looking for news and reliability in your downloads, without a doubt this is one of the best  solutions similar to Elite Torrent  which will meet all your expectations.

On the one hand, has a wide variety of content in addition to movies: television programs, software, new music or games. In addition, the user community is very active, which means that there are more and more torrents available.



It has numerous themes including the latest movie torrents

  • You can access updated lists with the 10 best torrents of the moment according to each category
  • It has a section with news and tips for safe downloading of torrents



It is one of the torrent download portals best known by users , faithful to a classic style but with many options.

For example, it has the latest news, including first-run movies or the latest episodes of the most successful series. In addition, you can choose the visual quality of the content you want to see.



Over time, 1337x has become one of the most recommended pages to find all kinds of torrents, including movies, series, and even games or music, among others.

  • You can watch streaming content without downloading
  • It has an option so that you can navigate without your address being identified. This prevents IP traces
  • The domain often changes, but the website itself offers the links from its homepage so that you always have access to the contents of the website



Despite having a somewhat outdated design, it has many advantages over other portals. For example, navigation is more agile since it has much less advertising than other websites.

You can choose the viewing quality of each of the files between DVDR, 3D or HD and as a positive point it should be noted that they update each category almost daily with information on the latest news uploaded to the web.



Despite the fact that it is a website in English , navigation is easy and it offers many search and filter possibilities. One of the points in favor of this website is that the torrents are verified , which increases the security of the downloads.

The web continuously includes new content and allows you to download anonymously to preserve your identity.



If you are a lover of television series, this is the portal where you will find everything you are looking for. In it you can find television series from different countries. In addition, it allows you to know the status of each series, fully updated.

You will know if it is pending to issue more seasons or if it has finished definitively.

 torrent downloads

A highly recommended website to be able to enjoy content that is currently trending and find torrents of different themes .

One of its advantages is that the torrents have been verified so that you can download them safely. In addition, in the event that you do not find what you are looking for on this website, it offers links to other platforms

 Popcorn time


It is one of the best-known applications in downloading torrents that you can download on your device. This application allows you to view the content wherever you are. In addition to being available for Windows, Mac and Linux users, it has an  application for smartphones, Android and iOS.

From this website you can view the contents in streaming if you have a good internet connection or download them to watch them later. As a point in its favor, it should be noted that it does not have advertising .



It is one of the websites where you will easily find any content thanks to the wide variety of torrents it has.

The design is simple, you just have to enter the torrent you want to search for in the search bar and access all the results.

You can classify all the torrents obtained in the search based on the date or number of users who share it, among other variables. In addition, you will have access to different platforms to be able to search among a greater number of results.

 Pirate Bay 3


In this case, it is one of the best-known websites for downloading torrents, where it is possible to find practically any content . Its prestige has made it the favorite website with one of the largest user communities in the world.

More and more verified content is available, something that has made it an increasingly secure website.

It has different options such as the category of recent torrents, or a list with the 100 most popular torrents with the highest number of downloads at the moment.



Especially designed to find all kinds of torrents related to the world of cinema . In it you can find movies in original version with subtitles. In addition, the files offer excellent image quality without taking up much space on your computer.

The content is continuously updated, so that you will always have the latest releases that are on the billboard available.



This is a clear example that you don’t need a spectacular web design to offer good content. Minimalist and simple , but with excellent quality

  • You can download the application to have all the contents available on your device
  • You can browse with peace of mind, since the website does not record user data
  • Check the latest torrents added or the most popular at the moment

 torrent paradise


This web portal makes use of the files of another of the great reference pages in downloading torrents, The Pirate Bay. From it, you can access the best updated lists of torrents : the latest news, the most popular or the most downloaded.

Browsing is agile thanks to the few ads available and, furthermore, it is one of the safest sites to download torrents.



On this website you will find television series and movies of all time . It should be noted that the series section is still in the creation phase, although it increasingly has more content. In fact, you can access files from the year 1989 in the case of series and 1929 in the case of movies.

It offers various viewing options: original versions, with subtitles or in other languages ​​or dubbing . In addition, the content is updated on a regular basis, so that you will always have the best news up to date.



In addition to movie content, it has a wide catalog to watch television series and even programs with a large audience

  • Offers recommendations for using VPN networks and browsing the web safely
  • Allows you to select content based on quality or the year in which it was released



One of the portals with the best quality in movie torrents that also offers the possibility of watching them online without having to download the files.

One of its outstanding functions is the possibility of requesting a search for a specific film in the event that you cannot find it in the available catalogue.

This website updates the content daily to offer the latest news. In addition, it has information prior to downloading with all the data of the content you want to view. You just have to hover your mouse over it to see it.

 Kickass Torrents

kickass torrent

This is a portal that has gained great popularity over time and continues to claim its role as a favorite thanks to the extensive community that participates in downloading torrents .

Each of the available categories offers a ranking with the best torrents of the moment. One of the advantages of this website is that it allows the  option to browse as an anonymous user .


Torrent locura

Torrent locura is another of the alternatives to Elite Torrent , which has a particularly attractive interface. In addition to offering the best releases of the moment, it has numerous options for viewing movies , both in language and in image quality.

On the other hand, you can consult a section in which new content is included every day, both in episodes of series that are trending and in premieres that are on the billboard.



Simple and minimalist in appearance, Zooqle is not as well-known but it has excellent quality in torrents that are growing every day.

  • It does not have invasive advertising
  • Each of the torrents it offers has been verified . This guarantees a plus of security
  • It has a calendar to be aware of upcoming torrents and news

 cuevana 2

Cuevana 2

On this website you will find a greater number of specific torrents for television series and movies. One of the notable aspects of this portal is that it has a section to find content only in Spanish

You can post your opinions about torrenting, which can be helpful to other users. On the negative side, it is true that advertising can be somewhat invasive .

Premium content services

If you don’t want to risk downloading torrents , you will always have the option of subscribing to one of the Premium download services available, whose contents are 100% safe and legal. Also, you won’t have to deal with the annoying advertising that usually characterizes these download websites, although as a counterpart, you’ll find more limited but up-to-date content.

The best-known Premium content services are HBO, Netflix or Amazon Prime Video. In all cases, the mechanism is the same: you pay a monthly subscription and you have the right to all the available content, in high quality and for different devices. It can be another of the interesting alternatives to Elite Torrent .

Possible domains to find Elite Torrent

What about Elite Torrent? It appears and disappears continuously, but if you are a regular user of the web and do not want to lose track of it, you should know that the web is usually hosted on different domains each time. That is why you should consult them to see if you can access their contents again.

The most common domains where you can find the Elite Torrent platform are:


It is possible that at some point these domains stop working or suffer some type of blocking depending on the country in which we are. In these cases it is advisable to use a virtual network or VPN , which, in addition to preserving our IP from possible traces, allows access to platforms that have been blocked.

It is also always convenient to choose torrents that have been verified to maintain maximum security when using these alternatives to Elite Torrent.

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