The Advantages Of Data Analytics In The Pharmaceutical Sector

The Advantages Of Data Analytics In The Pharmaceutical Sector

Discover the value of Data Analytics in the analysis of the pharmaceutical sector: here you have advantages and solutions for companies

Data Analytics has become one of the most powerful tools for decision-making in companies, especially when it comes to analysis of the pharmaceutical sector. In fact, currently, 90% of them in Spain already use this technology to take advantage of data as an essential value in business development .

Whether to build customer loyalty, to predict their behavior, or simply to obtain information that allows progress in new areas, data analysis has come to strengthen the activity of companies. Therefore, Data Analytics in the pharmaceutical industry has great potential.

The contribution of Business Intelligence to the sector responds to priorities and defines new strategies to make analysis in the pharmaceutical market more effective.

The Information Lab: a Data Driven proposal

The Information Lab is a consulting firm that was born 14 years ago to transform companies within the Data Driven environment, a technology that saw its push in the market about six years ago derived mainly from the benefits it provides to different sectors such as Pharma.

It is true that there are still barriers that slow down its full implementation. This is due in part to the failure to take advantage of the investment in tools , since the data culture has not fully permeated all organizations.

For this reason, as Federico Lusi, commercial director of the consulting firm , comments, “we have developed the DIP (Data Innovation Program) service in order to support clients in the data culture.” In its task of evangelization within companies, DIP provides training, communication and services for the internal adoption of data analysis .

It is a useful way to adopt Data Analytics and support clients who are committed to data automation, visualization and processing for reality-based decision making.

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Analysis of the pharmaceutical sector: the specific advantages

Using Data Analytics in the analysis of the pharmaceutical sector, certain specific benefits are observed; As Lusi details, companies can benefit both internally and with real-time information from the sector .

Thus, the commercial director of The Information Lab highlights the benefits provided to the Milan Clinical Hospital, where analysis tools have made it possible to achieve internal automation of documents to obtain instant reports or a considerable improvement in the delivery of personalized products to patients . patients.

In short, effective process automation was achieved that results in better service.

All this contributes to a greater deployment of data culture. As indicated by Juan Pablo Morales, technical director of The Information Lab , upon seeing the benefits it provides, many companies do more than their part to implement specific data visualization, processing and analysis tools .

Snowflake or Tableau are some of them, which are indicated to purify, process and calculate raw data to later provide relevant information.

Also in the analysis of the pharmaceutical sector, The Information Lab relies on advanced tools to create an ad hoc solution for each client’s need, as Federico Lusi points out.

A data management service that adapts to any type of project so that all components of the organization can have access to that information.

Analysis of the pharmaceutical sector: a differential value

In general, exploiting Data Analytics in the analysis of the pharmaceutical sector is essential to establish strategies and address new perspectives for the business. From the geolocation of salespeople, to the control of the products offered or the optimization of logistics routes, it provides complete information about the organization .

It is even useful when it comes to knowing where to open a new pharmacy or how to optimize expenses, whether delivery or logistics, in order to achieve better management of digital and professional assets.

From the perspective and experience of The Information Lab, the implementation of data analysis in the pharmaceutical industry has a horizon of advantageous possibilities. Perhaps the value that the investment provides still needs to be emphasized, but once the results are observed, pharmaceutical companies recognize the benefits it brings.

The company is convinced that data analytics is here to stay and will evolve accordingly with the development of technology and advance with new tools appropriate to the pace of organizations.

Although technologies such as Artificial Intelligence will play a leading role in this area, it will always be data that will stand out as the protagonist .

Surely, 100% of companies will adopt Data Analytics in the analysis of the pharmaceutical sector due to its properties and contribution of differential value, something that will promote the dynamism of this market.

But as The Information Lab recommends, the fundamental thing is to be open to change, to the evolution of new technologies that will come to provide this sector with greater knowledge of management and business.

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Analytics for all types of companies

On the other hand, we must consider that data analytics is already vital for all types of organizations in the pharma sector, both large and in the medium and small business environment. There are several examples that support this.

Among them we can mention Roche , a large entity that uses analytics from a 360-degree perspective aimed at customer management, optimizing the user experience or to optimize projects aimed at the development of new drugs.

Another reference is that of Helsinn , a small company that has opted to implement analytics solutions in different areas of the company, such as Finance, R&D, Sales and Marketing; as well as that of IQVIA , which, through Snowflake, markets and distributes its data to its clients.

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