Alternatives to DonTorrent to continue watching movies and series

Alternatives to DonTorrent to continue watching movies and series

Looking for Alternatives to DonTorrent? Downloading torrents is no longer in the past. There are still good websites for downloading torrents, but you won’t find them through a simple Google search, and I don’t want you to spend a whole day visiting dozens of bad pages and avoiding intrusive ads; just seeing them doesn’t provide what you want.

We can help you here: we’ve spent countless afternoons testing all the torrent download sites in USA to keep this list up to date and only show you the best options. Whether you’re looking for the latest episode of your favorite series or a movie from ten years ago, you should find it on my recommended website.

We have tested these ten platforms regularly to ensure they can still work. I have also included some of their mirror sites (if the original site server is down, it is a copy of the original site); you can test for any malfunction.

The best alternatives to DonTorrent to continue enjoying series and movies

In any case, flash downloads are very common, and you can find many alternative ways to continue to provide high-quality content. Each option is found in the now updated list.


BetterTorrent is not the best alternative to DonTorrent because it has fewer torrent files and links than other alternatives. However, it should be noted that most of its titles are in English. It’s hard to find other people. Platform, we have to spend a lot of time searching for movies with English audio.

Don’t worry; it will find all the movie content you want to download. It is usually complete but very simple; sometimes, we need it.


It is one of the best sites to download content in English. Its ranking includes movies, series, reports, anime, etc. Compared to other sites, it has no scripts or malware downloads, so that you will be on a completely safe site with a very secure interface.


It is a website that has been around for a long time and always works well. In it, you can find all kinds of movies, games, music, applications, anime, reports, etc. After entering the platform, it will tell you to use the 1337xgd domain (1337x).

Its interface is simple, contains only one main search engine, and has different categories below.

The Pirate Bay

For a long time, it has been the best option for DonTorrent because it is a complete website where you can find all kinds of torrents, not only movies but also series, reports, games, applications, etc. You have encountered legal problems, but the situation is different; you have overcome these problems and managed to maintain your position in the industry.


We also bring you an alternative to DonTorrent, a portal called RARBG. Currently, it can work normally. Ali will complete exclusive and updated content. Also, you will lock in some new stars on their platform.

Therefore, you can be sure that there will be no shortcomings because the audiovisual materials are arranged by category. On the other hand, it is important to remember that it will not block any ads there so that you can easily navigate. However, keep Google Chrome or site details hidden, so use another browser, such as Mozilla Firefox or Opera.


One of the best DonTorrent alternatives is innovative because it provides Android, iOS, and Windows apps. It also allows sharing of content between devices on the same network and is compatible with Chromecast.

To access the content, yes or yes, you must register. After entering, you will see a beautiful interface containing a lot of high-quality content; you can watch it or even download it through streaming media. This is a good decision.


This is the second version of Torrentz. At that time, Torrentz2 was completely blocked, and Torrentz2 appeared. This is an alternative to DonTorrent. DonTorrent has a simple and comfortable space that can work well. You will be able to download multiple movies in English without any inconvenience, and you will also be able to find music.

It can be used as a metasearch engine; it can index more than 63 torrent sites to perform any search in real-time and give you the results you need, thus providing greater practicality.


The platform only focuses on movies, making it unique because you’ll only see titles you can download when you’re typing. You can only compile HD movie torrents of the highest quality.


This is another survivor worth mentioning because it provides a direct search engine to find movies, series, music, games, applications, and other torrent files regardless of their category. Recently, it has become very popular among users worldwide, making it one of the most stable options today.


The ultimate DonTorrent alternative, containing a database of over 25 million free index files available for download. It also allows you to select files in different categories.

VPN use

If you are having trouble accessing any of these websites, it may be because your ISP is blocking access or because it is censored in your country. In this case, we recommend using VPN to unblock and access.

Alternatives to DonTorrent to download movies. There are other pages where you can provide movies, games, or programs in Torrent; I will show you some options below.

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