9 Alternatives To Zooqle To Download Torrents

9 Alternatives To Zooqle To Download Torrents

Today we bring you 9 Alternatives To Zooqle To Download Torrent. Zooqle  is undoubtedly the best torrent website on the Internet.

Founded in 2008, the torrent site has a large collection of verified torrent downloads. The popular website indexes millions upon millions of pirated torrent files.

It is a peer to peer file sharing site from where you can easily download movies, tv shows, games, software, apps, pdf and audiobooks, without spending your money.

The website contains more than  4 million verified torrent files  including 198,000 episodes of 1,722 TV shows, 44,000 movies and 2,304 trackers supporting 54 million scrapes.


Zooqle, formerly known as Bitsnoop, specializes in leaking popular copyrighted movies. The site not only allows you to watch movies for free but also offers an easy download option. Also, many newly released movies load without much delay.


Zooqle proxy/mirror sites

Unfortunately, due to the indexing of pirated content files, several Internet Service Providers deny access to Zooqle. That’s why you can’t access the site in your location.

But don’t worry as there are many other Zooqle proxy sites through which you can easily get the torrents you are looking for. Here, we have provided you with a list of some widely used Zooqle mirrors.

How to access Zooqle securely and anonymously?

Now, as you know that Zooqle is one of the biggest websites to access torrent files, you have to be aware of the fact that it is not safe at all. Honestly, none of the torrent websites are safe to use.

First of all, almost all of these torrent sites are filled with intrusive and deceptive ads. The unavoidable download of malware through these ads can infect your system. That is why you should not visit Zooqle without using an ad blocker.

And secondly, Zooqle and other torrent sites are not legit for the reason that these sites tend to  violate copyright laws  framed by many copyright authorities.

Any kind of participation in the sharing of pirated content on these sites is considered a crime. Therefore, to protect your identity from your Internet service provider, you should purchase a good VPN service.

For  Zooqle , you need a VPN that is fast, secure, cheap, and offers many locations to connect to. With this in mind, I will recommend you go for NordVPN. NordVPN is just amazing and does its job quite well. You can learn more about NordVPN in this article. Also,  NordVPN offers a 70% discount on their 3-year plan, so this could save you some money as well.

Note : TheNextVPN does not condone the use of torrents to illegally obtain content. Use of the following torrent websites for illegal purposes is done at your own risk. TheNextVPN is not responsible for any legal issues you may encounter.

9 Alternatives To Zooqle To Download Torrents

1.)The pirate bay

In the world of online torrenting websites,  The Pirate Bay  is the leading alternative to Zooqle. It is one of the largest torrent platforms that are used by millions of users around the world.

Since its arrival in 2003, The Pirate Bay site has constantly faced legal problems. But that couldn’t stop the site from extending its regime. However, he has managed to acquire a large fan base.

The Pirate Bay enlists a large number of  movies, TV shows, audio files, applications, software, etc. The site offers files in a magnet link format from where you can download them with the help of a few clicks.

And the best thing about The Pirate Bay is that, unlike many other torrent websites, the site generally does not feature any  fake or avoidable content files. That is why it is placed at the top of this list.


  • It is very easy to use
  • Wide range of verified seeds and torrents
  • Customer service 24 hours a day


  • Host initiatives that go against established intellectual property laws
  • You can get malware from this site

2.) LimeTorrents

LimeTorrents  is one of the most popular torrent sites, which is quite famous for its great search engine. The site facilitates more than 10 million active torrent files.

The site packs a lovely and attractive interface. An advanced search bar is placed at the top of the homepage, through which you can easily discover your desired video, audio or app.

LimeTorrents has a huge database of movies, TV shows, anime, apps, music, games, and other things. You cannot download and bookmark any files without registering on the site. However,  creating an account  is quite simple.

If you cannot access the site with its main domain i.e. LimeTorrents.ws, you can opt for its proxy servers. There are dozens of LimeTorrents  mirror  sites  like limetorrents.asia, limetor.pro, limetorrents.co and limetor.com.


  • Has a separate page for recent updates and uploads
  • elegant user interface
  • There is a large community, which increases the number of content


  • The site may be unavailable on many occasions
  • there are ads

3.) YTS

If you are a hardcore movie lover and looking for a torrent site from where you can easily get your favorite movies, then  YTS  is undoubtedly the best Zooqle alternative for you.

Here, users are provided with a wide variety of movies belonging to various genres. A host of well-known titles like The Lion King, Doctor Strange, Batman vs Superman and Once Upon A Time in Hollywood are also  available in 4k resolution  .

Unlike other Zooqle alternative sites, YTS is highly regarded for its attractive design and user-friendly interface. Undoubtedly, it is fully optimized for mobile phone users.

Without creating your account, you can freely take advantage of all these benefits. But the only downside to the site is that it is mostly focused on movies and just movies. The lack of other torrenting apps and software devalues ​​the website.


  • Provides very good customer service
  • Offers clear sound quality
  • No popup ads
  • Respect user privacy


  • Like other sites, it can suffer from closures.
  • It has no mirror on the Tor network.
  • It might be blocked or even banned in some countries.


RARBG  is another amazing Zooqle torrent alternative that allows you to download high-quality movies, TV shows, music, games, apps, software and trailers.

Each and every movie title contains attractive poster, description, information about actors, directors, IMDb ratings, plot and many more elements. Also, you can   conveniently  report your opinions  about the torrent in its comment section.

RARBG also contains a  massive catalog of great PC games and software  . It has a separate section for newly indexed torrent files that can be accessed directly from there.

But unfortunately, the site is filled with numerous disruptive ads to be clicked. Almost every other click will redirect you to these scams. Otherwise, it’s a great choice.


  • It offers movies in 4K and is always up to date with new releases.
  • High quality and ease of use.


  • Blocked in many countries.

5.) 1337X

1337X  is one such website that provides an endless directory of torrent files and magnet links. The torrent site promotes peer-to-peer sharing through the BitTorrent protocol.

Founded in 2007, 1337X rose to massive popularity right after its opponents fell in 2018. Since then, the site hasn’t looked back. According to a report, it was the  sixth most popular torrent website  in June 2016.

In addition to movies, TV shows, games, and apps, the website is also packed with a variety of anime series and documentaries.

The site is well customized in various sections. Each torrent file is categorized in tabs as popular and trending torrents of the day, week, and month. Therefore, it makes navigation much easier.


  • It is very visited.
  • Download Torrent movies, series, TV shows and even documentaries.


  • He has problems with legality.
  • Alter your browser settings.
  • Generate intrusive advertising.

6.) Torrentz

Torrentz  is a great option to access pirated content for free. It is a free, fast and powerful metasearch engine that returns combined results from dozens of other search engines.

When it comes to the number of torrents available on any given website, Torrentz is simply unbeatable. With the help of 26 registered domains, the website indexes more than  31 million active torrents on 125 million pages.

The site only contains a simple search bar to discover the content files. Once you click on any of the search results, the site automatically redirects you to the kickass torrents website, from where you can easily download the torrent, after creating a free account.


  • It serves as a search engine for torrent files, so it used to find torrent files with a good number of seeds and peers.
  • The interface of the site is quite simple.
  • You can use the site to search for rare or newer torrent files.
  • Torrentz2 is very good at finding music.


  • The site has no niche sections or collections.
  • This is not that big of a site, it only racks up 10-20 million users a month.
  • Download speed is not that good
  • Has lots of ads

7.) Torrent Project

Torrent Project  is undoubtedly one of the most visited sites to download free torrent files. The metasearch engine is quite popular for indexing over 100 million live torrents.

This comprehensive search engine collects and verifies torrent data from over 300 torrent sites, including the BitTorrent DHT Network, The Pirate Bay, and many more. Also, it is among the most accurate search engines, showing quick results.

Other than that, very similar to Torrentz, the Torrent Project website has a user-friendly interface. But unlike the first option, it is not the most suitable for mobile users.


  • Collect and verify torrent data from 300+ torrent sites
  • It has an easy to use interface


  • Not the best fit for mobile users

8.) TorLock

TorLock  is another popular torrent alternative to Zooqle, which is very popular for its ever-growing collection of apps and software. Other than that, the site also contains a rich directory of movies, TV shows, games, music, audiobooks, eBooks, anime, pictures, and adult content.

The site enjoys more than  7 million verified torrents  . Apart from this, its charging speed is also commendable. It takes less than a second time to load the search results.

And, what I personally like about the site is that  it only deals with verified torrent files . All files are verified before uploading. Depending on the number of seeders and leechers, you can quickly download any torrent file, once you find it.


  • Offers a wide range of content
  • Combines a great list of torrents with a great user experience
  • Clear and intuitive interface


  • There are quite a few ads
  • May be blocked in some countries

9.) Sky Torrents

SkyTorrents  is also a great website to find high-quality torrent files. This torrent platform tends to offer maximum privacy with minimal adware tracking.

For starters, the SkyTorrents site has a clean interface. It gathers more than  23 million torrents  , related to different categories. It is currently available in seven major languages, including English, French, and Portuguese.

With the help of this site, you will no longer have to switch websites to find a specific type of content. A single web page hides a wide variety of files related to your desired material.


  • assures you privacy
  • Your Meta search engine, which identifies torrent files found on most download sites


  • It is a challenge to find broadcasts in French or other languages ​​than English
  • This site does not offer as much content as other torrent

final verdict

Every torrent site has its shortcomings, but with our top 9 list, you can now enjoy torrenting safely and for free. The best thing that all these Zooqle alternatives have in common is the impressive variety of movie torrents.

Although all of the torrents mentioned above are currently online (an exception to some select regions), however, since these torrent sites do not offer legal links, expect unannounced episodes of downtime or even a permanent ban on these torrent sites. torrents.

If you want to enjoy torrent sharing legally, we highly recommend that you stream your favorite content on YouTube, Netflix and other online video streaming platforms.

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