Alternatives to EliteTorrent: The 10 best of this year

Alternatives to EliteTorrent: The 10 best of this year

To protect the intellectual property rights of film and television production companies, the judicial system pursues websites for downloading and viewing films and series. That is why we have written this article with the alternatives to EliteTorrent.

Despite the complaints and lawsuits against the administrators of these sites, we can always find sites and domains like EliteTorrent on the Internet, these sites and domains allow us to download content completely free.

Elitetorrent is one of the most popular torrent download sites where you can download hundreds of movies, series or documentaries easily, for free and with great quality. Of course, as with other similar services, some shortcomings force users to look for other suggestions.

In the online world there are many platforms dedicated to the same purpose, but choosing the most appropriate platform can be complicated, which is why we show you the best alternative to elitetorrent. The fact is that it can be surprising to enjoy all the functions of downloading, uploading, sharing and viewing content online.

Torrent sites are at great risk on the web because they tend to host “pirated” files, but as long as they meet the basic standards of the server that hosts them, we can continue to take advantage of all these benefits.

The 10 best Alternatives to EliteTorrent this year



If you are looking for good quality alternatives to EliteTorrent, this is one of the best options. The portal can provide movies, TV series documentaries, games and music in mp3 format. MejorTorrent Manages 57,258 torrent file seeds. One of the things that most attracts its users is that it does not contain advertising. Its use and functions are easy to operate and it provides the most popular TV series on Fox, Universal Channel, HBO and Warner Channel. You can access online games.



The main attractions of the site are the documentaries, television series, first round movies and the games they offer. Its formats are HD and 4K, and these characteristics make it one of the largest portals. In addition to this, its followers also appreciate the quality and quantity of the content, and the series is available in streaming in 2160p quality. It does not have Spanish content, but it provides the latest content and content list, as well as new download content. It contains several parts, all parts are different.



You can access BlueRay, 3D, 4K and MicroHD movies from this website; as expected, current TV series. Add tapes to record new and most viewed locations; so you don’t miss any of the best ones. To improve security, they provide a filter to search for movies by category for easy searching. An ideal site as alternatives to EliteTorrent.

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The portal works perfectly in P2P and is very popular for the quality of its content. During this period, the portal used a keyword navigator to innovate and optimize search and search results, and has been running continuously for 10 years. You can easily navigate and give accurate answers. You just need to create an account and start downloading right away.



They also have great benefits. It is always an operational website and its content is updated frequently. The design of the website is very modern and provides easy, fast and secure alternatives to EliteTorrent. These fixes may occur during the download process. Provide solutions when errors occur. Provides popular content in search options.



This is a website that integrates its servers and domains to provide users with advanced content. They have a modern design and are comfortable to operate, one of their attractions is their advanced search engine, which has a specific category. If you like this site as alternatives to EliteTorrent, you just need to create your account.



This is a very old portal and you should use a VPN for this. Therefore, you must set up a virtual private network and install ad units before gaining access. Its content is downloaded in P2P format and you can download movies, music, games, various types of applications and other things.

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If you want to enjoy movies on billboards, this portal can provide you with a quality guarantee, ideal among alternatives to EliteTorrent. Likewise, you can find the oldest movies in history, but with higher quality. The site works perfectly on mobile devices and its movie content is more than other categories. From registration to operation and downloading, this is a simple and modern platform.



When you search for what you need, what brings the benefits of DivxTotal is its simplicity and ease of use. It is located on the left, and in its top menu, you can select the content category, and the home page in the middle is news.


gunula, Gnula

Another one in the list of classic songs digitally downloaded from Torrents Movies. Sometimes they closed the site but at the same time they changed the domain but it is still one of the most recommended sites for downloading movies.

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It is a perfect choice for people who only want Spanish, it has the best in various movies, documentaries, series or anime lists. Compared to other EliteTorrent alternative websites, Don Torrent will not hide any type of scripts or download malware.

What about EliteTorrent?

If the user is a regular user of this type of page, they will undoubtedly know Elitetorrent, which has been active for no less than 13 years. Until 2017, the site can function normally, providing torrent file downloads (we will explain how it works later) to watch series and movies completely free of charge.

That same year, the Commercial Court of Barcelona decided to close the field after its eleventh attempt to defend the rights of the producers. Elitetorrent administrators publish news for users and migrate to, which is used as a platform to share reviews, ratings and recommendations for movies and TV shows.

Does Elitetorrent work now?

Since then, Elitetorrent activity has become a game of cat and mouse. Like many movies and TV shows on other websites, when the judicial department orders the closure or blocking of the domain name, a new version will appear, containing streaming media and download links.

Therefore, it can be said that Elitetorrent is still active today and is now on several different domains. Therefore, you can enter, or on other operating domains.

The fact is that the page is very intuitive, and if you want to download the latest version, it works very well, but first you must know how torrent downloading works.

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Why is Elitetorrent offline?

Due to DDoS attacks, DNS issues, server maintenance, bandwidth limitations, Elitetorrent may be closed or inaccessible. The above reasons must be temporary and will be resolved within a few hours. Your ISP or web filter may be blocking Elitetorrent. Finally, Elitetorrent may have completely shut down its service or website.

Troubleshoot Elitetorrent

  • Use VPN to bypass filters: Users in certain parts of the world report that they cannot open the Elitetorrent website. This may be due to ISP blocking or website restrictions. One of the most feasible solutions is to use a VPN like HideMyAss VPN, which will help you solve this problem. With a VPN service, you can encrypt your Internet traffic so the ISP can’t filter the websites you visit.
  • Clear web browser cache: Generally, when you cannot access the Elitetorrent website, the quickest way you can try is to restart the web browser, reload the web page with F5, clear the web browser cache, disable the recently installed browser add-ons. y Temporarily disable the firewall software. You can also try to wait a while and then visit the website. Restarting your PC will also help.
  • Update the default DNS server: We also recommend changing the default IP address used by the DNS server. For example, in some cases, using Google’s public DNS appears to have resolved the Elitetorrent connection issue. This way you can bypass the DNS web filter that blocks Elitetorrent.
  • EliteTorrent Proxy Server – The proxy server acts as a bridge between you and EliteTorrent. It is an intermediary between you and the website you visit. The proxy server provides different levels of performance, security and privacy according to your configuration, requirements and company policies. If you use a proxy server, your traffic will pass through the proxy server to the desired address. After that, the response will be returned through the proxy server, and then the proxy server will direct the data obtained from the web page to you.

Unblock EliteTorrent with ExpressVPN

A VPN or virtual private network is a service provided by many companies. This service encrypts all your traffic and routes all your traffic through a VPN server, and replaces the IP address provided by the ISP with another IP address.

If you are unable to remove access to EliteTorrent, we recommend that you try ExpressVPN, which can provide you with complete anonymity protection: it can anonymize all applications connected to the Internet, including Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and the Opera web browser. You can also choose IP addresses located in different countries/regions.

What is a torrent file?

It is a type of file with a .torrent extension and is used to store data required by the BitTorrent application to share content. Its size is very small (between 10 and 200 KB) because it does not include the content itself, but rather information about its files and folders, including the location of the different “blocks” of the destination file, which is divided into the first part. , Block, then in blocks.

The other basic information contained in the torrent file is an encrypted hash, which is used to verify each block of the destination file. They also include the URLs of many crawlers (trackers) and other metadata defined by BitTorrent.

How does a Torrent file work?

The BitTorrent network is generally defined as a swarm of bees because they operate on similar principles. Therefore, the protocol allows downloading and uploading parts of files from thousands of users at the same time to complete their content, instead of downloading files from a single server.

At the user level, its operation is very simple. Take, for example, a vendor like Canonical, which aims to distribute one of its GNU/Linux distributions via BitTorrent. The company creates a .torrent file and then posts it to its website via email or other means. The user downloads the file and runs it in the BitTorrent application, which manages, downloads, and shares among multiple users until the Ubuntu .ISO image download is complete on your PC.

Under this system, Canonical saves a lot of infrastructure on a dedicated server, which can be downloaded directly to avoid failures. In a very short time, the Ubuntu image (remember to “cut” in BitTorrent) will be completely distributed among thousands of users who will be the ones who contribute to its launch while downloading the image. If the user is “honest” enough (we will see later), then the download speed of a huge torrent file does not envy the speed of direct download.

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Torrent Clients

These applications allow us to interpret the data of a torrent file, connect it to the user, manage the upload and download speed, perform multiple downloads and finally, once the file is downloaded, verify and install the file and folder. finalized.

Although its interface and some other options are different, its basic operations are similar in all these aspects. The market offers good products for all major operating systems, including free and/or open source clients. We recently reviewed the best software like Deluge, qBittorrent, Streaming-Qt Win, Vuze (former Azureus), BitComet, Tixati or uTorrent. For users, although downloading the client and installing it on your computer is just a problem, you should be very careful when choosing a client as some of them contain adware.

Editor’s note: The content of this post is for informational purposes only. Our website does not endorse any form of piracy nor does it use this or other articles to encourage such activities.

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