Alternatives to SpaTorrent: The best websites to download movies and series

Alternatives to SpaTorrent: The best websites to download movies and series

Are you looking for alternatives to SpaTorrent? Until recently, “SpaTorrent” was one of the most used torrent download centers on the planet, as it provides a variety of formats, provides highly secure links, and other usage advantages.

However, after the closure of this portal, there is still a gap among its subscribers, but fortunately, there are multiple options available that provide almost the same benefits as the aforementioned platforms.

Why is the SpaTorrent platform closed?

For some time, different government agencies have been trying to crack down on tools that allow completely free downloads of online copies. This is where “SpaTorrent” appears.

This is because many countries are widely used around the world and therefore choose to impose criminal proceedings on their managers.

As a result of this latest action, these people chose to close the field because their accusations and the numerous countries implementing public complaints will undoubtedly lead to jail.

Alternatives to SpaTorrent to download Torrent content

While the legal status of the website is being resolved, it is recommended that you pay attention to other alternatives to SpaTorrent to continue downloading, so here are some reasons for equally excellent online portals:





Those who want to download movies, games, applications, music, series or any other similar content can use the extensive database, so accessing various download options is not complicated.

Likewise, it is also unique due to its latest content, loading speed, and a small amount of intrusive ads, making it a community favorite.

Torrent Paradise


The special thing about the Torrent Paradise download site is that it is a decentralized and very efficient service. It has a list showing the 100 most popular and currently downloaded files.

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gunula, Gnula

One of the pages that most Internet users go to when they want to watch free movies. This is a website that hosts streaming or downloadable multimedia content. Just enter their website and choose the movie that interests us. After choosing the viewing mode, language and closing multiple pop-up advertising screens, the movie will start playing.


Another option for alternatives to SpaTorrent on this list is Pepeliculas. This is one of the best sites to visit the latest movies and television series because it specializes in the latest news from the world of cinema and television.



We present you one of the great alternatives to SpaTorrent. Rarbg is an extraordinary website in terms of streaming media, because it has a great team of uploaders, making it one of the most popular websites on the Internet, you can access all the multimedia content available on the Internet, such as movies, TV programs, television programs, documentaries, games, etc.

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There is no precedent or point of comparison for the database that constitutes the Torrent download index, as it is made up of more than 16 million downloadable documents with an average speed of 1.8MB / s.

The only drawback that can be seen is the annoyance of its intrusive ads, which can be solved by installing extensions and blocking them in the browser.



Movies, software, games, music and other content can be downloaded through this leading community method by providing its large database of millions of files to users; Its main feature is to ensure that it has its own VPN client User identity protection.


This platform focuses on providing access to movies and TV series. It is an efficient search engine and torrent index as it does not just provide real links but also ensures user experience so that once the program is displayed, it can provide the real information. link to. He paid 1 euro for each fake link found on his official website.

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The Pirate Bay


This traditional page is one of the best options on this list because it is one of the largest user communities on the Internet. It has a variety of methods to filter content.

YTS is one of the most popular SpaTorrent alternatives. All files are provided in high definition quality, their particularity is that they take up almost no space, and its interface will also fascinate you with its exquisiteness.

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How to download Torrent files step by step

Seed files are basically pointers to other people’s computers on the Internet. This type of file is based on the use of the BitTorrent protocol for transmission, and is one of the most common ways to download information such as music, books, movies and series over the Internet. Here I show you how to download Torrents safely.

1 Find the torrent file

There are many torrent file download sites, some of which are safer than others, but they can generally be divided into two categories: public sites and private sites. Anyone can access the public Torrent download site, and only when other users send you an invitation, they can access the private Torrent download site.

2 Download Torrent files

Then, in the right location, you need to look for the seed file you want to ensure success. I have provided you with some helpful suggestions.

  • Find downloads with the highest number of seeds: The number of seeds is for users who share related files. The more seeds the same file has, the faster the download speed will be. Additionally, the file contains fewer viruses.
  • Beware of browsers: Browsers are users who download files, the more browsers there are for the same file, the lower the download speed. Once leecher finishes downloading the file, it becomes a seeder.
  • Read Comments: If users complain about file comments, it is recommended that you download them from other sources.

3 Install a Torrent client

The software dedicated to downloading torrent files uses the BitTorrent protocol to exchange content on the Internet, this type of transmission does not require a central server, which is the purpose of the seeder. There are very good programs with this feature, for example:





After installing the torrent client, simply open it and load the torrent file into it, usually by clicking the “Open” or “Open File” option on the toolbar. The next thing is to follow the instructions of the corresponding procedures.

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Final recommendation

Keep antivirus software active: Always run antivirus software on Torrent files and finally download the files to exclude malicious programs that may harm it. Pay the community: When you download files, you will become an initial streamer, and it is best to share the same number of files to keep the community alive.

Editor’s note: The content of this post is for informational purposes only. Our website does not endorse any form of piracy nor does it use this or other articles to encourage such activities.

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