Alternatives To Roja Directa To Watch Football Online

Alternatives To Roja Directa To Watch Football Online

Are you looking for alternatives to Roja Directa? We are talking about it was a streaming platform that made it easy to watch sporting events from different television channels. The biggest problem is that it didn’t have the broadcast rights.

Roja Directa had to close its online platform due to legal demands from its creators. In fact, the latest news in this regard is the dismissal of a previous appeal against the closure by the First Commercial Court of the Galician capital.

In this way, the plaintiff (Movistar+) did the right thing with the person responsible for the site. The closure affected thousands of users who could watch different football matches online from a large number of matches.

Alternatives to Roja Directa this year

These are the main alternatives to Roja Directa TV if the website does not work or crashes. You will be able to watch the best football matches in streaming with good image quality and without clips during broadcasts.

This article aims to provide solutions to be able to watch football matches from the main leagues and competitions around the world. To do this, we will provide you with platforms where you can view live images legally and other options that you do not have rights to but that you can find on the internet.

10 alternatives to Roja Directa

For several years, free streaming services have had to fight legal battles with various entertainment companies over copyright infringement of the content they share.

But if you think this problem only happens in movies and series, you are wrong! Sports broadcasting is also protected by copyright, which is why portals such as Roja Directa have had to close when legal issues are resolved. But so that you don’t miss your soccer match and your favorite sport, today we are going to talk to you about 10 alternatives to the Direct Red.

We start with a well-known site in the world of football fans. Pirlo TV has always stood out as a great alternative to direct red because they share the same interface and operation.

If you want to watch football online without being disturbed, this is the best option you can take, and although it has ads, it is not as intrusive as on other pages and platforms. You will find live television from the best sports channels in no time and you will not miss a game because it is updated every day.

One of the first platforms born after Roja Directa was closed by the authorities. Although there are many variants of the “red card”, the one found online today is

There are many users who consider it the natural successor to Roja Directa. It is this opinion that is not surprising, just enter and realize that the interface is actually (not exactly the same) the same; The design, colors and organization remain the same. So much so that some have questioned whether this page is from the same developer.

Like Roja Directa, we can watch matches online for free without downloading, providing multiple links to the same match that redirect to the broadcast without any problem. This is one of its great advantages as it offers a wide variety of options to choose from. While not as diverse as we would like, the biggest match is always available. is ideal for watching your favorite football matches without causing you much inconvenience. On this platform there is space for all soccer leagues from the United States, Europe and the rest of the world, from local matches to the most relevant ones.

Likewise, it has a forum-type interface to quickly and easily find everything you need, and it is easy to use and intuitive due to the few ads it handles. Furthermore, if you are interested in something other than football, offers you a wide catalog of sports to choose from and find out when their matches are broadcast. You can get almost any sport that is broadcast live. is an English portal that not only offers sports, you can also find TV services from all over the world. In the sports section, not only football, but also 20 sports to choose from! Among them, the most notable are: baseball, basketball, soccer, boxing, cycling, golf, etc.

The platform allows you to enjoy the matches in “live” format, which means that they do not save the content for long. However, it is quite complete in terms of the type of movement it offers.

As for its interface, it doesn’t even compare to others on this list, like It is not very intuitive and you will not find great customization, but it is one of the good alternatives to Roja Directa.

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We return in Spanish with The platform is managed in a forum format and there are many categories available. As well as being able to stream a variety of sports such as football, Formula 1 and basketball, the site also shows scores for the biggest matches for each specific sport.

Although the Spanish leagues stand out in soccer, they also offer matches from many Latin American leagues and the rest of the world. There aren’t many complaints about it, its interface is nice and easy to understand, and in general it is a portal to stay up to date with the latest games of the season. One of the best options you can find to enjoy open competitions.

We continue to use another site in English as one of the alternatives to Roja Directa, but as complete or complete as Many sports are part of (baseball, tennis, hockey, wrestling, etc.), but like other portals, football is especially important here.

Little advertising makes it an ideal browsing site, while it perfectly details everything related to the streaming competition, such as times and descriptions. In addition, it shares the format that we like so much about Roja Directa, with multiple links to watch each match for free, online and in HD quality.

We ended up with a very fancy name for the Roja Directa alternative that we might think is fake or a joke. However, once we entered, we noticed that it had many similarities to Roja Directa. What makes it unique is the mix of bold colors that contrast with the black background.

Like the famous sports sites, is free, requires no registration, is used almost exclusively to broadcast football matches, highlighting Spanish league matches. The links are presented in the same way as Red Card, respecting the Direct Red style. The race that is currently being held lists several alternatives that can be seen live on the main television channels.

In addition to football, La also broadcasts other sports such as basketball, cycling, Formula 1 and tennis.

As the name suggests, here you can watch football matches online for free. On weekends, it updates HD match broadcasts from all the best leagues in the world.

While it’s easy to find matches thanks to the intuitive interface, other sites are also recommended to give you a better chance of finding a match (or sport) that interests you. Without a doubt, this is one of the best options you can find, not only one of the alternatives to Roja Directa, but also to enjoy football like a true fan.

As for the sports we can find, English-language sites almost always offer a wider range of content. is one of them. In addition to soccer and American football, the main and prominent sports are basketball, rugby, hockey, boxing, tennis and motor sports.

While the interface isn’t exactly easy on the eyes, the few intrusive ads that appear are appreciated.

A free online sports platform focused on the transmission of football matches of all categories. On the home page, it is very easy to use as you can find everything in chronological order, regardless of the sport or league/competition level in question. However, you can also filter it by a specific sport if that is more convenient for you.

It is in English and, although there is no way to get lost, it offers users the option to change the language of the match commentator. As for sports, these range from the most common to the least popular such as handball and volleyball.

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Payment platforms with television rights

These are the payment platforms with television rights to watch quality football online without interruptions:

  • Movistar Plus: is one of the main private TV channels, with TV rights to the main leagues in Europe and America. (League, Premier League, Bundesliga, Copa del Rey, Ligue 1…)
  • DAZN Spain: Live Streaming Platform. It will offer the 2019/2020 Premier League.
  • Mitel Plus: Mediaset’s online content platform has entered the battle for the television rights to the major world football events. It will offer LaLiga and the Champions League this season.

Watch football online through betting houses

Betting houses are an excellent legitimate alternative to Roja Directa, which also offers other types of additional services. It has high definition (HD) sports broadcasts without cuts or interruptions, and good audio of the main football leagues. 

Betting houses want to offer their users the possibility of being able to follow the game in real time so that they can enjoy a better experience when placing their bets. 

It is as simple as registering on the platform and placing a bet, even if it is for 1 euro or whatever you want, you can watch football online without any problem.

Disclaimer: The content of this post is for informational purposes only. Crónica de Aragón does not endorse any form of piracy nor does it use this or other articles to encourage such activities.

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