Alternatives to Seriesdanko | Seriesdanko Alternatives

Alternatives to Seriesdanko | Seriesdanko Alternatives

Series Danko was one of the websites with the largest number of followers, especially in Spain and Latin America. It had one of the largest databases in terms of television series and movies, recent releases and different versions available. However, the web has closed, at least for now.

Fortunately, the pages for downloading and viewing content on this topic are varied, and many of them are still active (although they can disappear at any time).

If you don’t want to miss your favorite TV series, below you can find the best alternatives to Danko series .

21 alternatives to Series Danko to watch and download series

Repelis Plus

Repelis Plus

If you are looking for a comfortable and simple alternative that you can use on different devices, it is recommended that you use this website. The catalog of most viewed movies and television series of the moment is really interesting.

It has a free application for Android  which will allow you to access the contents from your mobile phone.

Choose the option to view them now or download them to your device to view later.

This last option allows you to view the content even without being connected to a WiFi network or data plan. On the other hand, it has an account with an option for children’s content.


This is one of the best websites to access the latest movies and television series , including premieres

  • Offers updates on the latest episodes that have been uploaded to the platform and the latest seasons of each series
  • Before choosing a movie, you can access the trailer
  • The contents are improving the display options to offer the best quality



This website is easy to use and has a particularly nice interface. It exclusively offers movie and series content with a multitude of options, you can choose between different types of versions: original, with subtitles or in different languages.

It also offers a section with the films that are currently trending as well as the latest releases. In the series section there is a section to consult the latest chapters that have been uploaded from all the available series.

Popcorn time


If you are away from home or would like to be able to take your favorite series on any of the devices you regularly use, you can make use of this new application.

One of its main advantages is that it allows you to view content online , without advertising, in the original version, version with subtitles and even in HD quality. Also, it is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux users and Android and iOS users.

 Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video

A different option to Series Danko but especially recommended if you are an Amazon user and have an Amazon Prime subscription . (You have 30 days free to try!!)

This subscription gives you access to all the content without any limits, although you can also contract the service independently for a monthly fee

  • You can download your favorite series or movies directly to your mobile or tablet (Android and iOS) without the need for a connection
  • View content on up to 3 different devices at the same time
  • It has the X-Ray option with which you can find out who the actors in a movie or series are, and even access data about them

cuevana 2

Cuevana 2

This portal is specialized in online viewing of movies and television series. The contents are reproduced instantly, without waiting.

You can also comment on the series and movies with other users, although it has a negative point, and that is that the advertising can be annoying, so it would be advisable to use an advertising blocker.

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After the last launch of the web, you will find a more modern and easy-to-use interface. One of the advantages of using this website is that content downloads are done without advertising, which makes it a fairly friendly and fluid website when browsing.

On the other hand, if you have a good internet connection, you have the option of enjoying the content online without having to download it.

If you are not sure what you want to see, you can always access the specific section in which all the files that have received the best rating or have the most views appear.



You cannot download the content on this website, but if you have a good internet connection you can view high-quality content online without limits

  • If you are looking for specific content and cannot find it on the web, you have an option to request it
  • If you are a lover of the Marvel world , on this website you will find a specific section with content on this theme


In this case, the website is aimed at a more diverse audience with perfectly organized content on different themes. One of the positive points of this website is that the contents are safe and have been verified, so there is no risk of viruses.

On the other hand, it has a specific section for children with a multitude of content, although it must be taken into account that advertising can be somewhat invasive.



This website has a completely renovated and minimalist interface where you can find a lot of free online movie content with ultra HD quality. They have content since 2006, and even offer the option to watch content that is currently being broadcast on Netflix.



In this portal you will be able to find television series and movies from all eras , including the latest releases that you can see in original version or with subtitles. It is a website that, in addition to offering a multitude of content, has a specific section from which you can consult data on characters belonging to the world of television.

It even has a part with exclusive content for fans of the anime world.


In this case, we are facing one of the websites with the best content in television series and movies , since it has new and updated content. In it you can access files from the year 1929 to the present, highly recommended for users looking for classic movie content.

On the other hand, this website has specific sections with all the premieres and new chapters added to the series of the moment. And if you are not very clear about what you want to see, you can access the trailer of the content.



The megadede portal website is excellent since it has multiple options to view current content with the best quality. Thanks to the application available for Android and iOS you can take your favorite content with you and view it whenever and wherever you want.

In order to enjoy the best viewing quality (Full HD) you must register in advance on the web.

In addition, it has an option to avoid downloads and view content online (recommended if you have a good Internet connection).

 Full HD TV

On this website, very similar to Series Danko, you will be able to find updated content with the best of current cinema, as well as series and even television programs. You can directly access a section to consult the premiere episodes of your favorite series

  • Includes a section with movies that are broadcast on Netflix
  • You will find content available since 2009


A website with a nice interface and without too much advertising, from which you can access specialized movie content .

One of the best things about this website is that it has a multitude of links that give access to the most reliable servers to download content.

In addition, it has a search option in which you can search by actors to access all their available movies.

Z Series

In this portal specialized in television series, you can also find the latest documentaries and films. It has the latest releases and previews with the next content that will be released and that will be available on the web. In addition, you can find movies in Spanish and original versions with subtitles available



In this case, we find an application that works through torrent downloads and that allows access to a large number of movie files and television series. One of the advantages of this website is that it does not have advertising, which improves the browsing experience.

You can choose the playback quality and even the option to view the content in the original language. It also has a calendar from which the next content to be included in the application is announced.


This website is one of the options that is growing the most due to the quality of the material it contains, despite not being the website with the largest number of files.

  • It has a similar website, but specialized in movies, which you can access from this portal
  • You can choose the language and the quality of the video
  • It has a section of the best releases since 2015


A simple portal with very limited content, but of great quality. It is the best option if you are looking for news from the last few months. The contents have a section with information on release dates, actors and even global note. If you prefer, the web gives the option to see each of the contents in Spanish or Latin


In this case, it is an application that has been created for use on television and that acts as a multimedia center.

It has an option to install complements or Add ons, which will give you access to third-party content that you can view from the application. In addition, it gives access to television channels from all over the world

It is one of the alternatives with the greatest multimedia content since it uses content from many different sources.



Another alternative to Series Danko that you can use both on Android devices and on Apple TV and Smart TV. You can add content from m3u playlists (files that store media playlists). The contents can be viewed in streaming or downloaded to the device for later viewing.

What is the most recommended alternative to Series Danko?

As for the best alternative for Series Danko is Series Blanco . The reason why this torrent movie website highlights the fact that downloads are ad-free, which makes the experience much smoother and safer.

On the other hand, it has the option of viewing streaming content, which saves having to download and occupy memory on the device. Another notable aspect is the catalog of series and movies available. A great option to consider.

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