Alternatives To Megadede With Movies And Series – The Best And Free

Alternatives To Megadede With Movies And Series – The Best And Free

In this article we review the best alternatives to Megadede to watch classic series and movies as well as the latest releases. Although we are in an era where watching the latest releases can be an alternative to subscriptions, there are still many people who are not used to using subscription services.

In this case, Megadede is a completely free platform that offers premieres of the best series and movies. Now, this domain is also closed and is seen as the heir to other famous portals such as Plusdede and Playdede.

Therefore, we will show you in detail the best Megadede alternatives with excellent user ratings. In this case, we will only review those that offer series or movies, including the possibility of streaming and downloading them.

What is Megadede? 

Megadede online is nothing more than a portal that offers series and movies through streaming. Although it also has the option of downloading content to your computer so you can enjoy it whenever you need it.

The portal ceased its activity in September 2020 and has a very good reputation in Spain. In the Alexa Index, it ranks 72nd among the most visited portals on the peninsula. Among its general characteristics we can mention:

  • It has an internal search engine so you can find what you are looking for, whether it is a movie or a series. At your side, you can search for movies, series and the latest releases with a single click.
  • The home screen shows premieres and movies recently placed on the platform.
  • If you wish, you can also search for content through the filters on the left. In it you can consult the premieres by category or year of release.

However, also as a negative feature is that it is filled with tons of spam ads. To watch the video, you must first overcome the volume of ads or, in some cases, complete a captcha to access the streaming content.

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Megadede closure

The online series and movie Megadede for the .com domain closed more than a year ago. This is the heir of Plusdede and Pordede. Through a statement they published online, they reported certain problems with the service. One of them is a small amount of interaction between administrators and users. In other words, domain owners themselves let good web traffic die due to poor management.

This is one of the few websites with a mobile app that also stopped working due to the domain name going down. Another reason was deduced for providing illegal content protected by proprietary rights.

Best alternatives to Megadede

Megadede and its affiliated domains are not guaranteed to remain open for long, so it is better that its users look for these alternatives that we want to show you below.


SeriesBlanco is also a great alternative to Megadede, especially if you are a fan of page A, which is always updated with all its content, also has the latest version and also shows each series in its original language with dubbing or subtitles

The website is also very active, although it has a chat function where you can chat with other users or resolve any questions.

Normally, like most users, these contents can be enjoyed online, although we can also download them via torrent if we want.

Among the best alternatives to Megadede we must also mention, although in a few months it has become an important site for users who download content via torrent.

It is a portal, and once you enter, it offers a well-organized interface where you will see a list of various series and movies, with excellent image and sound quality.

Of course, to access all its content, you have to register, so you can also benefit from the page’s alerts, such as when a new screen is released. We would also like to suggest that in order to browse the web safely, it is best to use

The best way to browse this site without any problems is to use a VPN so that you can ensure the security and privacy of your IP when downloading with a BitTorrent client. Also, it’s good to have an ad blocker on.


Without a doubt, is one of the best alternative sites to Megadede that we have. A portal with movies and series as main content, the interface has been greatly improved compared to the original. Currently, it has a well-organized interface, so it is easy to find what we want to download.

A portal that also has an online chat function, which will allow us to chat with other users, or make queries and suggestions. Of course, if you want to be able to enjoy everything this site has to offer you, you must register in advance.

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If you are looking for an alternative to Megadede, is another recommendation where, where appropriate, you will find the latest releases of movies and series, all organized by genres such as horror, science fiction, action films and serials. A site that also always updates its content.

In fact, there are many, if we take into account that offers more than 5,000 movies and series, since the library is “inherited” from anyone previous to this portal: A website that now has a better design and barely bothers us with ads.


RepelisPlus is a website known for its large selection of movies, available both to watch online and to download. A portal that has also added a lot of series over the years.

It also currently has an app for Android phones, so you can stream its content to view on your phone. A tip to navigate the portal without problems, we also recommend using a VPN as well as an ad blocker.


SeriesGato is another of our recommendations. In this case, we have a portal that we previously knew had a .com or .tv domain, and after a period of downtime or out of service, it now has a .xyx domain again. A site that offers content such as movies, series, documentaries and even adult content.

All with very good image and sound quality and different languages, but yes, you have to know that nothing is hosted on their servers, but rather the download is done through a link to the user who owns the file.


As an alternative to Megadede, our other recommendation is DixMax, a portal where you can find the latest movie and series releases, but to access them you must be registered as a user, so by entering your name and passwords you will be able to find an interface which is really full of things.

It is also one of the few download pages that has its own mobile application, not only that, it is very important that you know that everything it offers has very good image and sound quality, and has different languages ​​and the same subtitles.

However, we found this portal to have a slight downside in that it sometimes has too many ads, although if we had a simple ad blocker we could easily fix that.


Ultradede is also another alternative to Megadede that we recommend, although it must be said that getting into it is a practically impossible task at the moment, although it is still active, so if you are looking for the latest film and TV releases, we recommend starting with the registration of the User’s identity so that they can access all its content without any problem.

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Z Series

We would also like to recommend, a portal with very good image and sound quality of content, whose movies and series are constantly updated so that we can find the latest releases from platforms, streaming services and cinemas.


Among the best alternatives to Megadede that we currently have, we must also mention Masmax, where you can find movies and series with great image and sound quality.

Maxmax is a download site that also allows us to cast to your Smart TV via Chromecast to watch your series and movies on your TV at home. Of course, we recommend using an ad blocker, although they tend to have a lot of ads.

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