Alternatives to Divxatope | Divxatope Alternatives

Alternatives to Divxatope | Divxatope Alternatives

Divx a Tope has been one of the best-known torrent download websites, being one of the great references for users who use this type of file frequently.

The key to its success is that it was possible to find the best premieres in both movies and series.

For what reason has the Divxatope portal been closed?

Despite having suffered continuous blockades, due to the large volume of material it contained, the web always emerged renewed. However, it seems that the activity has come to an end and the different domains with which it has tried to stay on the Internet continue to have problems offering a good service.

Given the success of this type of download, there are numerous options that are very close to the services offered by Divx a Tope . Getting quality torrents is possible thanks to the alternatives that we invite you to try below.

24 Alternatives to Divxatope to download torrents for free



This website has been climbing the ranks to become one of the great references in the search for torrents. The reasons for its success are several.

  • There are different well-organized themes so you can locate all kinds of torrents
  • Allows you to keep the anonymity of downloads safe
  • Torrents are safe by being verified



You can find everything from TV shows to video games, music, and even software. rarbgmirror ‘s database of downloads is constantly growing and also includes many different sections such as a news section

It has a ranking to consult the 10 most popular torrents of the moment and allows you to see a small summary of the content prior to downloading.



One of the most popular and well-known websites for torrent downloads that offers quality and the best news. It allows you to be aware of the latest torrents that are being uploaded.

One of its strengths is that it allows access to premieres and latest episodes of famous series. Although it has too much publicity, which makes it descend in popularity positions.



It is one of the websites with the highest volume of content and users. One of the sites to turn to when you can’t find specific files as it has numerous search filters to make sure you will find the file you need.

In addition, at 1377x .to you can see the contents without downloading and, above all, preserve your anonymity while browsing.



A website with a simple design but with very valuable content specialized in television, although it must be taken into account that it is completely in English. Any series or program you are looking for is on EZTV torrent as there is content broadcast since 1992.

One of its advantages is that it is perfectly organized to find out if a series has already ended or will continue to broadcast new seasons. You can select a certain content to see all the chapters it contains or use the search bar



One of the most outstanding aspects of this website is the good quality of the torrent files that it allows you to download

  • The files have excellent quality and yet they hardly take up space
  • It has numerous filters to refine the search
  • You can access premiere content

 Popcorn time


If you don’t want to risk accessing online websites that may stop working, you can make use of this new application with numerous functions to facilitate downloads.

A great point in its favor is that you can enjoy online content without advertising interruptions. In addition, it is compatible with Windows , Mac and Linux and has applications for Android and iOS.



If you are looking for specific content on television series and movies , this portal is a great alternative. On the one hand, it has a very pleasant and simple interface that allows access to detailed information on each torrent, download options, and content summary.

It also has original versions or with subtitles and even films belonging to the independent genre.

Repel More

Repelis Plus

Another alternative option to using torrent download websites is this Android application that is very simple and easy to use.

  • It has numerous filters so you can find the torrent you need
  • You can download the contents on your device and watch them even without a WiFi connection
  • Is free
  • It has lists of special topics



The Pelispedia alternative is one of the most recommended portals to enjoy premiere content on movies, although it also has a section on television series.

Torrents have excellent image quality, being able to choose between different player options for all devices. In addition, you can find content from the year 2004.



One of the portals with the largest number of users that has a long experience in the torrent world. It allows you to filter the search for torrents by category, language or by keyword.

From this website you can upload your own files to share with other users and access the list with the most downloaded torrents of the moment



This website will give you access to a multitude of torrents specific to series and movies from the classics to the most current

  • You can see the contents in original version and with subtitles
  • Allows you to consult information on well-known characters in the world of cinema
  • The most current content may have poorer quality


Despite not being a particularly well-known website, this Asian website is a must for anime-themed lovers , although you can find books, images, and even software.

The web is simple and direct but it has a multitude of options to carry out specific searches. Some content offers subtitles in Spanish, which allows access to a larger volume of files even if they are in other languages.

 Torrent Paradise


This search engine created from the database of The Pirate Bay web so that the search for any torrent is effective. The interface is simple, since it offers a search bar and all the possible results available.

On the other hand, you can consult a list with the 100 best torrents of the moment , those that have been uploaded recently or the most popular. Although if there is something especially valued it is that the publicity is minimal.

Mega fat

One of the most complete websites for television series and movie content, which has an application for Android and iOS.

The quality of the torrents is Full HD as long as you register on the web to view them, although within the web you can choose to view the content online without having to download.

In the event that it does not work because the extension has changed, you can check several pages similar to Megadede to watch movies.



A very complete and recently renovated website that offers extensive specific content for television series.

It allows you to view the contents online or download them from different servers. In addition, it has recommendations about the most watched or best rated television series.

 The Pirate Bay 3


One of the best-known websites in the world of torrent downloads where you can find one of the most extensive catalogs in terms of content. It should be borne in mind that this portal has one of the largest user communities in the world.

Much of the content is verified, so you can safely download it. Another point in favor is that you can access the list where you can check the most recent torrents as well as the most popular ones.



The extratorrent portal has numerous search options among which you will browse torrents on a multitude of topics: television series, movies, books, images, anime, or games, among others.

It has a section with news and tips for safe downloading of torrents and updated content, as well as information from the best users who upload torrents to the web.


kickass torrent

One of the best-known websites for downloading torrents of multiple different themes

  • You can check which are the most popular torrents at the moment
  • Offers a section with the latest searches made by users
  • Allows browsing and downloading files in incognito mode



It is difficult for you not to find the movie you are looking for on this website, which has one of the most extensive collections of new movies

  • It has all the premieres of the moment
  • It has links to the trailer of each film
  • You can download the movie along with Spanish subtitles



In this case you will not have to connect to a website because it is a free application in which you can access numerous content. In Dixmax you can choose the player you want, whether you already have one on your device or if you want to use an external one

Another notable function is that it allows you to create personal lists with your preferences and viewing history. Also, it is available for Windows , iOS and Android.



A very simple page but it has updated content with the latest news in movies and television series .

You have the possibility to choose the resolution in which you want to see a certain content. It also has a small section with music files and television programs



In elitetorrent , well known by users of torrent downloads , you will find a wide variety of content in television series and movies. You can choose between different display versions: in Spanish, Latin or in the original version.

In addition, it has a list with the latest releases, so you don’t miss any news.

What is the best option similar to Divx A Tope?

Divx A Tope was one of the most visited pages to download multimedia content. Its closure has caused others to take its place, the most recommended being the PelisPedia website.

In addition to being specialized in movie and series content, it has content since 2004, so the catalog of major releases is one of the most complete you can find.

We must highlight the excellent image quality, which makes it a worthy successor to the missing Divx A Tope.

Why is it advisable to use a VPN network for torrenting?

Downloading torrents is a very common practice due to the ease with which a multitude of multimedia files can be downloaded. However, it is not a risk-free practice, since it is penalized in some countries, so the IP of the computer can be the victim of a trace. For this reason it is important to take precautions, the use of a free VPN network being especially recommended.

VPN networks are very useful because they allow you to maintain the anonymity of your IP. They allow you to navigate as if your IP were in a different country, which is very useful to avoid the continuous blocking of these pages in certain countries.

While you use a VPN network , your identity remains anonymous so that websites cannot know where you are browsing from. The connections are encrypted and therefore it is more secure.

To make sure you have a good experience with this type of network, don’t forget to choose a trusted VPN network that offers the maximum guarantees.

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