Alternatives to Newpct | Newpct Alternatives

Alternatives to Newpct | Newpct Alternatives

Newpct  has been one of the most important references for lovers of cinema and television series. From this website it was possible to download a large amount of content in torrent format and with a single click. The convenience of this system, together with the ease of browsing and searching for a specific file, made it one of the favorites among users.

What has happened to the Newpct website?

Legal issues surrounding the downloading of this type of content have caused Newpct and Newpct1 to finally disappear. But are there alternatives to be able to download torrents for free ?

The truth is that yes, and there are many options that are still open. Find out which are currently the best alternatives to Newpct .

Alternative options to Newpct to download torrents for free



This alternative website to Newpct has evolved over time to become one of the platforms with the largest number of torrents.

The search system is simple and effective with many options. For example, you can find torrents from numerous categories like movies, TV series, games, music, and even software among others.

Another of the options that this website allows is to carry out anonymous downloads . Also, the interface is perfectly organized to easily locate the files.


One of the most complete platforms in terms of movie content, although you will also find some television series

  • Allows you to filter the searches carried out based on the genre and even the year of release
  • You can request movies in case you can’t find the one you’re looking for
  • It has films in original version, with subtitles or in Spanish
  • You can find premieres that are still on the billboard


This website has a  large volume of content in Spanish that is updated regularly, so it is a great alternative to have the latest movie news.

From this platform you can download the file or view it online. In addition, it has different search categories among which you will find movies in 3D, in HD and even movie releases. However, it has a negative point: its excessive publicity.



Excellent alternative if you are looking for a website with verified torrents . Despite being relatively recent, it is still one of the favorite options due to the quality of the content it stores.

On this website you can find more than 35,000 movie-only torrents, a number that is increasing every day. Best of all, it hardly has any advertising, so browsing is much more pleasant. If it is not an inconvenience, you should know that much of the content is in English. It is a good option to watch movies and series in original version .



This download website continues to renew itself, becoming one of the pages with the greatest number of options for users. It has a news section to find out about the new files that are being added.

On the other hand, you can check which are the torrents with the highest number of downloads . It has an option to request a certain torrent , you can even upload your own links to share them with other users.

 Pirate Bay 3


One of the great torrent download pages of recent years. Despite having to deal with legal issues related to the downloads it offers on many occasions, it continues to establish itself as one of the great favorites.

Despite the fact that it has a large volume of content, it allows you to find out which are the safest torrents when it comes to downloading. The new updates to the page have made it possible to minimize malware and spam. Thus, the number of files is reduced, but it is of higher quality.



This torrent download portal has managed to gain the fame of being one of the safest websites and committed to offering only quality content.

  • You can find a multitude of content both in movies and television series, video games, software or music
  • Allows you to preview content before downloading
  • It does not have invasive advertising, which is a great point in favor
  • Navigation is fast



A website with content of all kinds in which it is difficult not to find what you are looking for. Completely renovated recently, it has managed to be among one of the most valued pages.

In it you can check different lists of torrents with the most popular or the newest. In addition, it allows the option of making anonymous downloads and offers links to other download websites.


kickass torrent

It has always been one of the  favorite websites in the search for torrents , and despite the attempts to make it disappear, it continues to renew itself to offer the best and most varied content.

It is one of the portals with the largest number of files in the world where you can find torrents of practically any subject. It has a multitude of lists with the most popular torrents in each category and many of the files have user opinions that will help you choose the most suitable one.



A portal specialized in downloading television series and movies that has multiple search options

  • On each of the covers you can view a tab with all the information related to the file to download
  • Propose similar content
  • You can choose content in original version or with subtitles , premieres and independent cinema

Repelis Plus

Repelis Plus

In this case, we are not dealing with the classic torrent download portal , but rather an application for Android . In it you will find a large catalog of series and movies available for download.

This application offers different options to filter the search: you can search for a certain actor or actress, film directors or new releases. It has the advantage that all the contents are completely free and you can watch them online or download them to your device.



Another of the great platforms similar to Newpct for downloading movies that has an extensive catalog where you will find very high-quality torrents. The files on this website are distinguished from the rest by having a high image quality in a reduced space , so you won’t have to worry about large files.

On the other hand, you can filter the search by age, resolution or category and even offers the option to comment on the .

torrent downloads

This website has an extensive database in which you can find torrents of movies, television series, games, music, books, and even software, among other types of files. It has an advanced search engine to refine the search when locating a specific file

Many of these files offer feedback from users. This will help you select the most reliable ones. Much of the files are distinguished by their high image quality .



It is difficult for you not to find a particular torrent on this website. If any other alternative fails you, this is one of the most recommended. The main advantage of this website is that it locates torrents by tracking other platforms, so the chances of finding a specific one are very high.

The design is simple and minimalist with a search engine that performs a function similar to the Google search engine but specialized in torrents.



This is probably one of the most specialized websites for television content where you can find everything from television series to programs and reality shows . It doesn’t have an attractive interface, but it does have a multitude of torrents.

The series are categorized so that you can know if it has ended or will continue to issue more chapters. The contents have a voting system that will help you decide if the content may be worth it, even though the files are in English.

Don Torrent


On this simple-looking website you can find numerous download options for series, movies, games, music and much more.

  • It has different types of resolution to view the series and movies, including 4K
  • You can access a section with the latest torrents included to be able to access all the news



It is one of the most popular torrent download pages for users , with few but recent and updated files. You can have access to premieres and latest episodes of the most watched series, for free

The negative aspect of this website is that it has a lot of advertising, this makes it more difficult to navigate comfortably through the results.



Behind a classic and simple interface is a powerful search engine that will give you access to numerous torrents that are difficult to find on other platforms .

You can choose the quality of the file you want to download: HD, 3D, DVDR, or VO with subtitles. In addition, it does not have advertising, which speeds up the search and download process.



Another of the websites specialized in movie and series content that has many options to easily locate the file you are looking for.

It has an advanced search engine through which you can filter the search by language, resolution, year of release or category. However, it has too much advertising, which slows down browsing.

What is the best alternative to Newpct?

Newpct had many features that users valued highly, such as the quality and variety of content. If you want to enjoy an option very similar to the recently disappeared web, RARBG is the favorite option.

The reasons are varied, but especially it has been valued very positively because the advertising is not invasive, and the number of categories and types of content available, makes it one of the most complete websites at the moment.

Why is it advisable to use a VPN network for torrenting?

Downloading torrents is a practice that has a certain danger. In addition to being persecuted in some countries, it can carry some risks for the people who use them.

These types of problems can be avoided by using a VPN network , which is responsible for keeping your connection hidden. This network acts privately, encrypting all traffic and using an alternate IP address. Thus, your real IP cannot be traced and therefore your privacy remains intact.

This option will also give you access to those platforms that have been blocked in some countries regardless of your location.

Maintaining security is key to being able to download torrents on any of these pages, without risk.

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