1337x – Better Alternatives | 1337x Alternatives

1337x – Better Alternatives | 1337x Alternatives

1337x has always been one of the most essential reference sites for movie and series enthusiasts. From this site, you can download countless torrent content with just one click. The convenience of the system and the convenience of browsing and searching for specific files make it one of the favorites of users.

Legal issues related to downloading such content ultimately led to the demise of 1337x . But, are there other ways to download torrents for free?

Alternative options to 1337x to download torrents online

The point is that yes, there are many alternative options. Find out what is currently the best alternative to 1337x .

elite torrent

Elite Torrent is one of the best sites in Spanish, with a highly organized classification system. Each movie has its poster, so you can see what it is about.

Most of the options are completely dubbed from Spain or from Latin to Spanish. If there is no dubbing, at least you can choose to download a movie with Spanish subtitles.

You can find a variety of traditional movies that are amazing, and best of all, you can also opt to watch the latest movies that will be released soon. These options are always the first options you see when you enter the page.


The first 1337x alternative that we would recommend is “The Pirate Bay”, which has been one of the most popular torrent downloading websites for many years , until finally becoming one of the most hunted sites. and obstructed by the police. So the original place was finally closed, and while it had been returned multiple times, it was also locked, but it seems like it has finally returned to a reserved state, or at least it has something to do with the domain we gave you. . long time.

In this way, we want to tell you about ThePirateBay3, which is the TPB as we know it now, so that we can find the best torrent in an infinite category. This network is going to help us download software, e-books, comics and games and, of course, movies, TV shows and music.


If you always want to know the latest movies and want to know the details of the most anticipated movies, then Edvok is perfect for you . After logging in, you will be able to see the new movie options and their quality and ratings on the best movie rating site.

You can use the options to search for different options to explore the galleries of movies and series on the web page. The organization system lets you browse movies by release version, genre, country, or year of release.

One of the great advantages of Estrenos Divx is that you can find a variety of options in Spanish. To target the best users who like to watch movies in Spanish the most, this page will continue to publish movies with translations or subtitles in their preferred language.


When it comes to fan content, this is one of the most complete platforms, although you will also find certain TV series as there were in 1337x.
It lets you filter your searches by type and even year of publication.
You can request a movie in case you can’t find the movie you want .
It has the V. Or. of the film with subtitles or in Spanish.
You can locate the premiere still in the theater.


Torlock is another place to download torrents that we recommend to replace 1337x. A site that gives users real documents is also one hundred percent safe. The portal site gives us more than four million torrent files, and they are organized into different categories, such as music, movies, TV shows, software games, etc.

The portal was launched almost a decade ago, but despite the threat of closure, it knows how to stay active throughout all these years, for example in countries that occasionally close, such as the United Kingdom or Australia. Let’s see if the same thing happened to him in Spain, but he is still very active at the moment.


The site has a lot of content in Spanish and is updated regularly , making it a great option to have the latest movie news.

You can download files from this platform or view them online. In addition to this, it has different search categories where you can find movies in 3D, HD and even movie premieres. However, it has a negative point: excessive publicity.


If you are looking for a site with a verified torrent, this is a great option. Although it is somewhat new, it is still one of the most popular options due to the quality of the content it contains .

On this site, more than thirty-five zero torrents can be found on movies alone, and they are increasing day by day. If there is no problem, you should know that a large part of the content is in English. See V. Or. of movies and TV shows is a good option.


LimeTorrents is another portal that we recommend as an alternative option to 1337x, since it has a wide range of content and a useful design that can provide us with the best torrents in different categories . It also has certain specialized categories such as foreign movies and TV shows, movies and music.

This is a site that also has great features like bonuses and a verification system where the torrents are safe, accurate, and quality, and are marked with an asterisk so you know you can trust them. It also has RSS feeds for different categories, and you can connect it to a torrent user to automatically download the latest additions in each category.


Finally, we are talking about a portal from the EliteFreak.net site, where you will see how to offer absolutely safe free torrents, but not only that, but it also stands out because its interface includes an area that allows us to visit. Learn about each and every new feature and its latest updates.

EliteFreak also delivers its content in very good quality , and its latest interface development is also very easy to navigate and intuitive too.


It is quite difficult to find a specific torrent on this site. If you have other alternatives that cannot be passed, this is one of the most recommended methods. The main advantage of this site is that you can find torrents by searching on other platforms, so the chance of finding a particular torrent is very high.

The design is very simple, minimalist, with a search engine, and its function is similar to the Google search engine, but it is only used for torrents.

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What is the best alternative option to 1337x?

1337x has many peculiarities that are highly rated by users, such as the quality and plurality of content, as is La Casa del Tiki Taka in terms of soccer streaming. If you want a very similar alternative to the recently defunct site, RARBG is your preferred option .

There are many reasons for this, but particularly it has received very positive attention due to the fact that the advertising is not intrusive, and the number of categories and genres of content available makes it one of the most complete sites today.

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