Alternatives to 1337x | 1337x Alternatives | 1337x Torrent download

Alternatives to 1337x | 1337x Alternatives | 1337x Torrent download

1337x is one of the best websites to download torrents on a multitude of different themes . Although its catalog is mainly specialized in movies, you can download music, games, applications, documentaries, and even anime content.

From the website you can access detailed material on each of the contents, as well as lists with the most popular torrents of the day , the week and even the month. However, its instability means that it is not always available, despite the fact that it has various domains and we have to use websites similar to 1337x.

Because it is not always possible to access this platform, it is convenient to have other torrent page alternatives .

14 websites similar to 1337x to download unlimited torrents




If you are looking for a website specially dedicated to movie torrents , in Elitetorrent you will have great classics as well as the best new releases of the moment

  • You can filter the search based on image quality or available language
  • In its series section you will have access to the most popular and the latest uploaded chapters
  • Allows registered users to vote on the quality of content and leave comments



Megadede is one of the best alternatives to 1337x since in addition to being available for Windows, Android and iOS, it always offers HD quality. Also, if you were a former Pordede or Plusdede user, you can enter with the same user account.

It has numerous servers so you can always find an active link. The contents of Megadede are compatible with Chromecast .

Kickass Torrent

kickass torrent


Another of the platforms with one of the most complete databases on the internet, where you can access all kinds of torrents contributed by users. You will know at all times who owns each file, the amount of space it occupies, or the number of seeds.

The kickass portal incorporates many search options, lists with the tops of each category and information with the latest searches made by visitors.




Torrentz 2 is a highly recommended option to replace 1337x, since in just a few seconds it offers a huge number of results available for each search.

It has a huge number of servers that guarantee great speed in downloads. Best of all, it’s ad-free.



One of the classic pages from where you can download content without having to have a user account .

From the main Best Torrent website you will have access to all the content that has been uploaded in recent days, and it has different categories so you can find all kinds of torrents.




In addition to having a particularly pleasant interface, it has the latest news on television series and movies. It has a section from which you can consult detailed information on actors and actresses.

If you want to make new discoveries, access the lists created by users where you will find all kinds of themes.

popcorn time


Popcorn Time is an application that works in a very similar way to other big ones like HBO or Netflix, although with notable advantages

  • All content is free and is free of ads
  • Any online file will be available in HD quality
  • You can download the videos to watch them offline

The Pirate Bay

pirate bay


One of the platforms with one of the largest catalogs thanks to its community of active users. The best thing about the pirate bay is that the content is highly controlled, and in each of the files you will find information about whether or not it is safe to download.

You can filter the searches based on themes, or access the lists with the 100 best torrents of the moment .



In Pelispedia you can choose between downloading the content or streaming it with HD quality. It offers content from the year 1979 as well as a section to consult a top with the 50 most popular torrents of movies and television series of the moment .

You can also consult the blog on the web to be aware of all the news on television.




On this platform you will have access to a multitude of content from movies and television series, although with the particularity that it is a private website and you will need an invitation to access it.

This makes the web more secure, since you must also request the torrent that interests you to obtain the link you need.



Zooqle adapts to the computer screen and the mobile phone screen offering different types of resolutions in its files. It has different options to choose the dubbing of the films.

Although the available catalog is not yet too extensive, the contents are verified and safe .




This website stands out for offering very good quality torrents even without its catalog being very extensive. In rarbg you can find TV series, movies, music and even an exclusive link to watch trailers.

Page updates are made almost daily, although as a negative point it is worth noting excessive advertising.




Limetorrents offers a search system similar to 1337x , standing out for offering a large number of verified torrents

  • It has an option for registered users to upload their own content
  • You can access a list with the latest torrents that have been added to the platform
  • If you wish, you can activate the option to download anonymously




If you are looking for the best resolution available for your downloads, this platform will offer you high-quality content that hardly takes up space on your computer . It has an application for Android phones, thanks to which you can see all the content available from wherever you are.

The web design is minimalist but effective, especially if you want to enjoy new content.

Which option is the favorite to download torrents similar to 1337x?

If you miss the search and download system that 1337x offered, the best alternative is Limetorrents . The website offers a different interface, brighter and more minimalist, but it has different categories and a search bar that will allow you to locate torrents more specifically.

One of the advantages of this website is that all the available contents appear perfectly ordered and with relevant information about the quality and security of the file. You will know from who owns it to the age of each torrent .

On the other hand, the web does not stop updating, so that you can be aware of all the news that is being incorporated. The negative point of this website is the advertising that sometimes slows down browsing, so it may be advisable to use a blocker.

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