Hispashare Alternatives | Alternatives to Hispashare

Hispashare Alternatives | Alternatives to Hispashare

Hispashare is one of the usual sites from which we can download music or movies through torrents . As has happened with many of them, it was denounced and then blocked by the Civil Guard, which put it out of operation for a long time.

Although there are periods when it is accessible again, it is likely that from time to time we will not be able to download files from this platform. For these cases, it is convenient to know some alternatives to Hispashare , which can replace it when we have an emergency.

Next, we are going to review a series of P2P download portals , thanks to which we can enjoy paid content totally free.

8 alternatives to Hispashare to download all kinds of files



A breath of fresh air for those users who are accustomed to torrent pages that look somewhat outdated or downright old. Its user interface is one of the most modern and intuitive that you will find in this list .

With these recent aesthetic changes and thanks to the enormous variety of content that is part of its catalogue, it has positioned itself as a very popular option .

Videos, music, applications, anime, games, adults and documentaries , some of its offers.



Forgetting how nice the previous one looks, Torrentz2 is an old-fashioned torrent website . Much more rudimentary in the eyes, it is oriented above all to the music industry .

All you have to do is write the keywords that define the files you are looking for in the center of the screen and proceed with the operation. In a few seconds a large number of available results appear. Of course, unfortunately it does not allow you to automatically filter searches by categories or formats.

As a point in favor there are several tutorials for beginners in English, but easy to understand.



Hispashar can also be replaced by EZTV and more if you are looking for television content . This portal was persecuted for a long time and seemed to disappear, but today it returns to delight lovers of the small screen with endless movies and series.

Besides that, you will have juicy interviews, reality shows, sporting events and many others . All this, in the midst of a perfect organization with covers that illustrate each film or series.

It even invites you to use different filters to always get that work that amuses us , reviewing the latest episodes, checking by genre, showing the ratings on IMDb, etc.

  • Contents by year of release
  • Contents by country of origin
  • Usage tutorials
  • Apple TV+ content



As its name suggests, the appearance of this page is a bit freaky, but it is well done . In its multiple menus we have several interesting sections, such as the entrance to a forum where you can share any file with other users.

Nor are they missing sections of the newest, the most watched, the movies shown in theaters in those days or a list of all-time classics.

It does not have ads or pop-up windows that modify the user experience and, according to its managers, the download links are reviewed daily to fix the broken ones.

Finally, news about the world of entertainment is constantly uploaded.


pirate bay

One of the most famous platforms in this segment, despite frequent URL changes to remain active.

Its lists, among which are the Top 100 of the most downloaded, add extra value . You can download electronic books, music, applications, videos, documentaries, etc.

Its download speed is one of the most powerful today and it does not launch annoying advertising.



If what you want is to create a movie library on your computer, this is the right portal . On this site you will find an infinity of mythical films and others that have just appeared in the cinema.

You’ll be able to select the picture and sound quality that best suits your needs , and with the built-in search menu, there won’t be any delays.

Also keep in mind that its developers recommend using a VPN when opening it .

  • Contents with covers
  • Social sharing menu
  • Native Android app
  • list of popular downloads



No matter how simple it may seem, don’t be fooled because it will meet your expectations . It offers a gigantic collection of music, books, programs and applications, series, movies, etc.

The original English language is not an impediment for us to move intuitively between its options, fortunately free of ads. In fact, this does not affect the available files, which more than once are translated into Spanish .



The last page similar to Hispashare has achieved fame thanks to its slogan: “ All the content in Tomadivx is in Spanish ”.

For Latin American and Spanish users who reject subtitles or want to listen to their movies and series without looking at the screen, it can be very useful.

And if you want to go back to the previous version, you can do it with just one click .

Perfect substitute to Hispashare

Thanks to this large number of torrent websites, we can save many of those entertainment products that we are not in a position to acquire on our devices .

Almost all of them are executed in a similar way and will be able to adapt to your requirements, but if we have to recommend just one, it is likely that 1337x.one has enough versatility to win over the general public .

Our opinion is that it is currently the best alternative to Hispashare , based on its user interface that is several times better than the others, but without losing sight of its complete catalog of files for all tastes.

Finally, remember that even though they are all operational right now, it is normal for them to have variations in their web addresses. It is advisable not to stay with the one that is down, but to search for the service by name using a search engine .

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