Alternatives to Veopartidos | Veopartidos Alternatives

Alternatives to Veopartidos | Veopartidos Alternatives

Veopartidos was a website from which it was possible to access the best soccer matches from leagues around the world. Access was free and allowed to see championships that are paid for in many channels, completely free of charge.

This made it one of the most successful pages with more than half a million users per month.

Veopartidos has definitively closed, what happened?

The Veopartidos page has been permanently closed because its creators infringed the Intellectual Property Law. Due to this problem, which occurs in many countries, this page, as well as many others with similar characteristics, have had to delete their content and close it permanently.

Many regular users of online viewing of football matches and many other sports content are looking for alternatives to be able to continue enjoying their favorite events.

In the network there are many options with content similar to that of Veopartidos. Below you will be able to check which are the best alternatives to watch football online without having to pay anything and with the highest quality available.

15 platforms similar to Veopartidos to enjoy the best soccer online


Futbolarg is an Argentine website from which you can see all the relevant matches of the South American leagues especially.

It has an agenda that you can configure with the time of the country in which you are to know when your favorite events will be broadcast.


This page is very simple but it has all the links you need to follow the most important championships. Many of them are in other languages ​​although the quality is very good .

It has a calendar with sporting events and streaming of other sports such as tennis, basketball or American football, among others.

Tiki Taka’s house

From this platform you will have direct access to a multitude of links with all the sporting events that are being broadcast live . Many of them belong to prestigious channels such as DirecTV or FoxSports.

You can access all the content without creating an account, completely free of charge.

Red card

This website is very easy to use since all the events that are being broadcast appear on the main page. You can access links in which the broadcast is carried out in different languages.

In addition, all the contents offer information about the channel from which they are broadcast and are always in HD quality .


Kodi is a specific program that you can use on your Android phone to follow not only sporting events, but any TV show.

It acts as a media center where you have access to free content that you can sort based on your preferences.

A great option to watch football matches in good quality and without cuts.

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This platform has various channels to watch football around the world, it is even compatible with smartphones or tablets.

It has a chat where you can comment on the matches that are being streamed and even request links to watch other events .


One of the most outstanding aspects of Verliga is the excellent viewing quality of its content, most of which comes from international television .

From the main page you will be able to access all the available channels with the possibility of seeing even other television programs.

 Pirlo TV

From this platform you will be able to access many links for the same match , which increases the possibility of finding the event you are looking for without difficulty.

In addition, it has access to private channels from different countries. It allows you to follow the matches from your mobile or tablet.

Live TV

Live TV works in a very similar way to Veopartidos by offering live matches and also streaming:

  • The links are ordered according to language, quality and transmission speed
  • It has live scores to follow the live results
  • You can choose between different languages ​​to see the contents


In MamaHD it’s very simple because if you can’t locate a link, you can access a public chat to request another link or alternative.

On the web you can see content from different sports, although advertising is somewhat invasive , so it is recommended to use a blocker.

Network Stream

This website offers a very comfortable browsing experience since it hardly has any advertising. You can check the less popular sports events like netball, darts or cricket.

You only have to click on the category that interests you to be able to access the live events and those that will be broadcast soon.


This is one of the most outstanding websites because it contains reliable links to all the football matches you are looking for: from the UEFA Champions League to the Premier League or the Copa Libertadores, among others.

Although it offers excellent video quality, it is necessary to have a good WiFi connection.

The Feed2all

This platform is one of the best sites to watch football online as well as many other sports

  • Each event shows details about the schedule, league to which it belongs and teams that face each other
  • You can download the content or watch it online in HD quality


From Stream2watch you can choose between watching the live shows or accessing the available channels .

You can access content from different parts of the world such as the USA, Canada, Germany or Spain among others. It barely has advertising and the links are broadcast in HD.


A page in English with functions very similar to Veopartidos from which you can access the contents of the best leagues in the world:

  • It has specific videos with the best moments of a game
  • The available channels are classified by leagues and by countries
  • It has a section where you can check the latest results

What is the favorite option to replace Veopartidos?

One of the most complete and recommended alternatives to be able to follow football matches in streaming is the house of tikitaka . In addition to having a much lower number of ads than similar pages, it offers very intuitive navigation.

The matches are organized by leagues, to make it easier to locate them. It has a calendar from which you can access all the events that are being broadcast live or that will be broadcast soon.

It is one of the safest pages and also allows you to view the content both on a computer and on a tablet or smartphone. Remember that you will need a good connection to be able to enjoy the best quality.

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