Alternatives to Torrentz2 | Torrentz2 Alternatives

Alternatives to Torrentz2 | Torrentz2 Alternatives

Torrentz2 is one of the many examples of torrent sites that at some point had to limit their operations or change their web address. As usual, these pages are usually persecuted for the dissemination of content without paid rights that is carried out through them.

Of course, most of them don’t really go away for good, just leave the URL where we could find them for a while. The problem is that during this period, users often don’t know how to replace them .

Therefore, in case you want to access this portal to download music or any other content that interests you, and you cannot do it, we are going to show you some of the alternatives to Torrentz2 that you can trust and that are still active .

9 alternatives to Torrentz2 to download files from the Internet

The Pirate Bay

pirate bay


One of the most popular within this segment, in ThePirateBay alternative you will find an infinity of series and movie files to download via torrent .

It has the advantage that you can customize the searches to reduce the number of visible results, thus saving time and effort.

After having evaded an incredible number of blocking attempts, today we can enjoy their services without problems, with user labels to know how safe each torrent is .

It may change domains frequently, so it’s better to track it from the search engine.




One of the sites that has grown the most in recent months. At we come across differential elements such as an active community that denounces each of the broken links.

The variety of torrents is very good and includes both recent products and other classics. Its top 10 music, documentaries and games is ideal for knowing the public’s favorites .

If it appears out of operation in your country, it may have been banned and you will not be able to visit it normally. Do not worry, since using a full VPN you can leave those restrictions behind .




From time to time you may not be too sure what to download. In case you haven’t decided on a movie or series, is a great option for discovering .

Its selection of productions for the big and small screen is really good, to the point that you can download Oscar nominees or new chapters of critically acclaimed works .

Its latest major update has also removed some of the criticism that users demanded. For example, security holes have been fixed, while the user interface is now one of the best done in the category.




Torrent portals are also visited by those who intend to download eBooks or anime publications. If you are among them, TorLock is a page similar to Torrentz2 that can give you several joys due to the quantity and quality of the elements available.

Its main virtue is that it has files that do not appear in the catalog of other websites . Its managers assure that they provide links to almost five million different files.




Expert in tapes that marked the history of cinema as well as those that have just hit the billboards. Never again will you spend an evening watching that boring movie on TV or mindlessly scrolling through the list of movies on Netflix.

With an attractive design, in which the covers of each movie are observed , we can access them to find out more details about the cast or the plot.

The download speed of this portal may not be the fastest, but it is still a solution that we can suggest to anyone with limited bandwidth.

  • Social sharing feature
  • Official app for Android
  • Search engine with filters
  • popular downloads




If YTS is the most recommended choice to search for movies, in terms of series, stands out . Not only do most of the ones that have the most audience these days list, but the immediacy with which new episodes are uploaded is amazing.

The user experience is very similar to the previous one. We can navigate over the covers of each file, until choosing one to know the details of the work and see the links to download it.

The most interesting thing is that we can almost always download in HD or Full HD , depending on the capacity of our connection and how demanding we are regarding the quality of the content.

It even proposes broadcasts of sports races and reality shows that are not bad at all.

  • Top IMDB
  • Rating by users
  • Resolution up to Full HD
  • Also offers movies




Of the new pages like Torrentz2,  it is probably one of the most complete out there.

With more than three and a half million active linked torrents , its number of movies and series does not disappoint, although it is especially captivating for those looking for free games .

torrent downloads


If you’ve spent hours looking for a specific torrent on the above sites and couldn’t find it, there’s a good chance it’s on TorrentDownloads. Known as the “weird torrent” page, it is capable of surprising us when we give up.

As with any previous one, if it is blocked in your country you must enter through a VPN .

In the Other section, the amount of adult content can be overwhelming.




From an aesthetic point of view, without a doubt the most advanced on the list. Not only does it have a clean appearance that favors its use, but it establishes a double filter that greatly facilitates searches .

Although you can find some torrents down or with broken links , they usually repair them in a short time. We recommend using it when the others have failed or if you are new to these pages.

Current best torrentz2 alternative

As is clear, there are many websites that we can trust when looking for torrents on the Internet.

But what is the best alternative to Torrentz2?

From our point of view, the most prepared to succeed it and the most similar is Zooqle . We have already talked about its constant improvement, and we want to give a vote of confidence to one of the pleasant novelties of the segment.

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