Alternatives to Kickass | Kickass Alternatives

Alternatives to Kickass | Kickass Alternatives

Kickass has always been one of the leading search engines for downloading torrents. It was one of the safe alternatives when searching for a file of this type seemed impossible on other platforms.

The main advantage was that it only showed available torrents , since it did not host content on the web like other pages similar to Kickass. It also offered detailed information about each of them to assess the reliability of the downloads.

Pages similar to Kickass?

The US Department of Justice was responsible for the final closure of Kickass , whose creator was accused of alleged copyright infringement crimes among others. The increasingly harsh persecution of the websites that allow the download of this content ended his career definitively.

Its more than 50 million users have found themselves in need of looking for new alternatives that offer an experience similar to Kickass.

On the internet, torrent download websites continue to grow despite the pressures, and today there are many interesting options.

The 16 best alternatives to Kickass and download torrents for free



One of the advantages of this website is the speed it offers in each of its downloads . The huge 1337x database allows you to find any file.

It also has the most varied categories among which you can find from television programs or documentaries to games, applications or anime.



On this platform you can access a large number of torrents, although most of the content is available in English. A notable point of this website is that the image quality of the files is very good, and you can even find content in 4K .

Another outstanding aspect is the variety of sections, ranging from news to trailers or lists of featured torrents.



On this website you have many categories to find torrents of all kinds

  • The contents that you can download are safe
  • You can locate torrents based on popularity or number of seeds
  • It incorporates a section with the latest content available

Elite Torrent


This is one of the best options to watch HD content . There are many categories and alternatives to choose the versions you want to download and the language.

It has specific content from large platforms such as Netflix or HBO . In addition, in elitetorrent premieres you can find from great movie classics to the most anticipated releases.

The Pirate Bay

pirate bay

One of the websites most similar to Kickass torrent from where you will have access to one of the most extensive catalogs of torrents of all kinds .

It incorporates a system of icons that, based on their color, will help you classify safe torrents from those that are not. This has improved its reliability.



The most positive part of this website is that all the torrents you will find have been 100% verified . From the main website you will have access to the most downloaded torrents of the moment .

The zooqle search engine also has a calendar in which you can check the next available files, so that you are aware of all the news.



Most of the files on this website are available in English, which is why it is the favorite page for English speakers .

The contents are updated periodically and have very different categories, from sports and video clips to documentaries, movies or music.



This website works in a very similar way to the Google search engine, since you only have to enter a search term to access a huge number of files.

Tracks across a large number of different sites. However, the results offer little information, so download with caution.



This torrent search engine owes its success to the quality of its affiliated pages, through which it tracks searches, similar to todotorrent but with a larger database. This makes it possible for you to have a large number of files.

The best thing about this website is that from it you can access all the results available on a multitude of platforms, increasing the chances of success.



This website has high-quality video files, including recent movies

  • In each file you can access the corresponding trailer
  • You can comment on the files from a plugin that connects to the Facebook website
  • It has a multitude of options to share the links: email, social networks, skype and many more



In Grantorrent the contents are updated daily, it even has a section to consult the most viewed movies each day. You can locate movies available in 4K quality .

On the other hand, the web allows you to create a list of favorites or make comments on the main page to report new content or errors.



The operation of this website is especially simple. On the main page you will find the most outstanding movies and two available filters: genre and option to choose movies or series.

You can sort the results by date, title, relevance or randomly.

torrent paradise


This Kickass alternative website is free of invasive advertising and has more than 2.5 million indexed files.

Its operation is simple as entering the name of the file in the search box. Link to a total of six torrent browsers at once .

On this page the possibilities of finding any torrent file is almost unlimited.

  • The contents show an icon to indicate if they are verified
  • You can sort the files by size, date and number of seeds
  • It has a section of trailers and news from the torrent world



The most outstanding aspect of this website is that the contents offered have excellent image quality but at the same time have a compressed format .

All the files have a trailer as well as different options to download in the quality you prefer .



In this case, it is an application with numerous advantages for users

  • All files are in torrent format
  • You can activate an option to incorporate subtitles
  • It has a function to send the contents to a Smart TV

What is the most recommended option as an alternative to Kickass?

Due to both the similarity in how it works and the large number of files available, the best option to replace Kickass today is The Pirate Bay . This website has recently improved the user experience, introducing more security when downloading torrents .

Before, it was the users who freely shared the files. However, the website has tightened the registration conditions, limiting these uploads and improving the quality of the torrents, to prevent malicious malware.

All files have information about their reliability, number of seeders, upload date, user and size. A great alternative to download torrents easily and safely .

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