Alternatives to Zooqle | Zooqle Alternatives

Alternatives to Zooqle | Zooqle Alternatives

Zooqle, also known by many users as Zoqule or Zooqule, is one of the most complete torrent search and download pages today. For this reason, it is constantly at risk of being blocked or going through periods where it does not work.

If you need to search for movies, series or any other type of file and for some reason this site is not active, it is best to bet on some of the alternatives to Zooqle .

As we always say, keep in mind that these portals can disappear from one day to the next or change their URL address . When one of them interests you, you should open it from a search engine instead of going directly to its last operative link.

9 alternatives to Zooqle to search and download torrents

 The Pirate Bay

pirate bay

If we talk about downloading files over the Internet via torrent, The Pirate Bay is one of the first pages that comes to mind. In fact, it is considered the most popular torrent tracker in the world.

The truth is that it has managed to overcome hundreds of attempts to unsubscribe it , taking advantage of the passage of time to increase the flow of movies, series, music, documents and other files.

Among its main virtues we can mention the VIP/Trusted labels that the users themselves place, so that we avoid insecure links .

Searching for content by category will save you a lot of time  and the latest version of its interface has helped to simplify the user experience.



Do you want to see a movie that just hit the theaters or a new series that appeared on Netflix? Rar bg is one of the most efficient options when it comes to newly released content .

Although its variety of torrents is not bad, it does not reach the total number of seeders of The Pirate Bay . However, as we said, it surpasses it in terms of last-minute productions.

The top 10 movies, series and songs are perfect for knowing the most popular ones.

Of course, it is possible that this site does not work in your country since it has been restricted in different territories. If you suffer from this situation, what you should do is use a free VPN with alternate locations. It won’t take long to find an IP that will let you access RARBG.



One of the most acclaimed selections of movies, series, music and games . In the case of the former, the advanced search tools are especially useful. Thanks to them you will be able to find films nominated for an Oscar, premieres on the big screen, etc.

It complements the traditional offer with anime, documentaries and adult content .

But what’s most remarkable about 1337x is that its maintainers anticipate common crash situations . For this reason, in the Home of the web, we have links to other domains of our own. If you enjoy this platform, you just have to save them in your browser.

  • Social sharing buttons
  • Possibility to register
  • weekly and daily trends
  • Links to similar portals



There is no better tracker for anime fans or those on the hunt for eBooks . If the collection of titles is already important, they constantly add new content, renewing those download links that stop working.

Like other portals in the sector, it has a top 100 with Internet users’ favorites .

Its elements are usually hard to find on other torrent sites.

Unfortunately, it has more falls than we would like.



One of the applications similar to Zooqle that we can recommend if you want to download music, be it individual songs or entire albums . To give you an idea, you can find CDs over 20 or 30 years old, with several active seeders.

Easy to use, we mean an optimized version of the famous and defunct Torrentz site.



We continue with the specialized portals, this time one oriented to the cinematographic world. At YTS we will discover an endless catalog of movies, both classic and new .

Thanks to the covers we will know immediately which are the available tapes, clicking on them to know details about the plot, the distribution or the evaluation of the users .

And although it does not offer other elements, such as series or music, it does come with an official Android application to take movies to mobile phones.

Its managers suggest that we use a VPN, specifically Nord.


EZTV Torrent

We were not going to finish this list without  showing a specific torrent tracker for series . At EZTV you have an infinite collection of current series from Netflix, HBO and Amazon, without forgetting those that shook the world in the ’90s.

Every day countless episodes are uploaded so that you can keep your series up to date , and with the help of its active community of fans, you can make inquiries or request particular products.

  • IMDB Tops
  • Viewer Ratings
  • Full HD quality
  • Trailers to learn more about each series

torrent downloads

From time to time, you may not find the one torrent you need . TorrentDownloads exists for just these circumstances. Although blocked in many countries, we can enjoy its contents using a VPN.

On this site you will find many exclusive elements, some of them really old, that you will not find in other portals . Get ready for surprises, more than anything in its Others section .



If you don’t have experience with websites to search for torrents, don’t worry, LimeTorrents is for you. Its user interface, much like Zooqle , is the most intuitive in this review. You just have to write the keyword that refers to the content you want to download, and then choose the section to which it belongs .

However , their seeders have more problems than they should , especially the older ones. Try to stop only at the latest additions.

Find your torrent in a few minutes

As is clear, the best alternative to Zooqle will depend, to a large extent, on what we expect from these portals. 

However, in our opinion, 1337x is currently the best solution in this segment . It proposes varied content, with numerous download links, and they themselves give us other URL addresses where to find them.

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