Alternatives to ExVagos | ExVagos Alternatives

Alternatives to ExVagos | ExVagos Alternatives

ExVagos was one of the main portals in Spain for sharing files between users through P2P technology . As some will remember, the site was closed with a fine of 400,000 euros to its managers.

Within this page we could find really interesting and varied content. They had movies, series, music, computer programs, eBooks, photographs, etc.

Since it stopped working, we have to look for other options to download this kind of files. Therefore, below, we are going to review the best alternatives to ExVagos.

7 alternatives to ExVagos to get any file


pirate bay



Well-known, this evolution of the original The Pirate Bay that has been adapted to the persecution suffered has one of the best graphical interfaces in the segment , based on its initial search engine.

Its clients also value listings such as the Top 100 downloads positively, which allows you to know in just seconds which are the most preferred content of the majority of them. You will find, in these lists, examples of movies, music, electronic books and many others .

Its download speed is really good , and since you don’t have to register to start using it and it doesn’t invade us with ads, we think it’s one of the best solutions.


As simple as the previous one, you will be able to download content without having to pay , looking for those that interest you especially from the search engine placed in the center of the screen.

Again, it contains applications, documentaries, videos, audios, music and many other elements that are usually among those in greatest demand. Of course, their servers are not as fast as those of The Pirate Bay, so it is better to have a little patience.

Its advertising, although it is visible, does not have a negative impact on the user experience.

  • Shows the size of the files
  • Extensive descriptions of each content
  • download counter
  • We can register to record the activity

PC software, television series, unpublished images and videos make up its original collection. Hand in hand with its Top Collections it is easy to know which are the favorites of the users , beyond being able to classify the files by categories.

You need to register and, if you want to stay more secure, it is advisable to install a VPN . The speed of the operations is one of the most successful , due to the many seeds of each server.

Its aesthetics are more complex but also more attractive than that of almost all of its rivals, and each icon anticipates the type of file in question.

They may be asking for money so they don’t have to close the portal, so you can help them.




The updates are constant, not only in terms of download links, but also thanks to a news section from the world of entertainment.

On the other side of the panel, the left, you have available the essential categories of the service, such as TV shows, music or games. Nor are the most downloaded of each of them missing.

A not minor detail is that its developers recommend that we use the Firefox browser for its correct use . A VPN to keep the IP safe is another requirement.

The sensations when downloading files are very good due to the extraordinary speed that we reach. Of course, this capacity depends on the width of our band.


One of the few that is translated into Spanish. “Unlimited download, without waiting and free” . Its developers define it with these words, responsible for a design similar to that of Taringa.

Within its collections there are magazines, books, documentaries, serial films and many more .

While the sheer amount of information it throws up on the home screen can confuse you, once you get used to it you’ll find that it saves you a lot of browsing time .

Its user community, which is accessed directly from the Home of the site, is very helpful in case you have questions or problems.




Of all the portals mentioned so far, it is the best option to download movies .

Not only does it offer the vast majority of the latest releases and many films that are still on the billboard, but we can also download them in the reproduction quality that we like best . Thanks to its search menu you can find the movies in the blink of an eye.

Of course, do not lose sight of the fact that it is convenient to install a VPN so that your movements are not tracked.

  • popular downloads
  • Covers for the contents
  • Option to share on social networks
  • Official app for Android




One of the pages with the longest track record in aggregating torrents. Her ability to bypass imposed blocks has made her a legend in her field.

The primary reason for suggesting its use is the enormous amount of paid content that we can download without paying , easily finding it thanks to its search engine with various filters. You can choose only videos, music, applications, games, adult content, etc.

In case all of the above does not convince you, its advertising is void and the downed servers are replaced.

The only negative is that it’s in English, but you’ll get used to it quickly.

Download what you want without spending anything

We have just reviewed some of the websites that we can recommend for downloading different files through torrent pages , avoiding having to invest hundreds of euros.

However, there are so many that, most likely, you are wondering which is the best alternative to ExVagos. To our knowledge, there is no doubt that this is The Pirate Bay.

On this platform you will be able to find one of the most complete collections, quickly find what interests you, and have it on your PC in the shortest possible time . We can ask for nothing more.

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