Alternatives to TomaDivx | TomaDivx Alternatives

Alternatives to TomaDivx | TomaDivx Alternatives

TomaDivx is a very famous site, one from which we can download countless files without having to pay for them . Although there is no shortage of applications, music, games or documentaries, most users use it to download their favorite movies or series.

However, these practices are persecuted by the national authorities both in Spain and in other countries. For this reason, we usually find that this website does not update, does not work or is closed .

In recent times, complaints from customers on forums and social networks about problems with Toma divx have multiplied. And, although at this moment we can access its contents, it is better to know some of the best alternatives to TomaDivx to replace it .

Thanks to the following article you will see several pages in the best Tomadivx style, thanks to which you will be able to store different documents on your PC, such as series, movies, programs, etc.

8 alternatives to TomaDivx for free downloads




The same thing has happened to this portal as to the aforementioned, having to evade accusations for disseminating content without paying their rights . Due to this circumstance we can see different URL addresses associated with ThePirateBay.

The latest one is ThePirateBay3, which works great in case you can’t get into Tomadivx , with an endless collection of the most in-demand file extensions. Every month, some 120 million users connect to its servers to download.

Considered as one of the best performing platforms, it maintains bans in force in different territories , so you should check the situation in your country.

If you want to use it, don’t delay any longer and start downloading series, movies, television programs, electronic books, music and even adult content on your computer. We do recommend, however, that you use a VPN. They offer their own.




It is unrivaled when it comes to the user interface, as clean as it is intuitive .

To the usual elements in others, it adds an attractive catalog with anime or manga works without actually being a website specialized in them.

At the time of the search, you can not only add the keywords that characterize what you are interested in, but also establish those formats on which the process should focus.

Its managers check the links all the time and, if they find one that has fallen, they fix it immediately.




One of the most recent sites on the current list. However, its database of movies and series, categories on which it is based, have nothing to envy to that of others .

The variety of new releases and classics complements very well with the covers, which avoid confusion and help to find that particular title.

It is also possible to discover its catalog in detail from the most famous genres, search for the latest on the billboard or stay with the favorites of its users.

Fortunately for Hispanic Americans, many of the series and movies are translated into Spanish from Spain or Latin America . In case it is not, they usually have subtitles.




Highly valued by people with experience in the world of torrents , learning to take advantage of it can be difficult for newbies.

Among its torrents we can find music, anime, electronic books and the most famous audiovisual productions.

In any case, it is especially recognized for its internal payment system, thanks to which small sums are paid to us if we detect broken links .

With over five million torrents available today, there’s no shortage of top listings, and many of the items aren’t on any other page.



“The paradise of torrents” or “the most innovative in terms of torrents“, as they present it. Beyond our vision of the points that could be improved, such as the interface, it meets expectations.

It allows sharing files through the BitTorrent protocol , thus far avoiding multiple attempts to cancel its content service, both new and old.

If you have never dealt with these portals, you just have to insert the word or phrase from your document and wait to see the list of matching results. There you can download whatever you want.

Its advertising, yes, can be a bit abusive at times.




One of the simplest in its segment, it is free and has enormous potential to gather content from different search engines. Thus, it is ideal to save a little time.

Upon entering each title, you will see the weight of the file in question , whether it can be downloaded or is inaccessible and, finally, the speed at which the download is made.




Elitetorrent agrees with Cliver in terms of his Hispanic origin and the generous amount of movies and series already dubbed that he puts in our hands .

Its performance is so good that, in addition, it has been positioning itself very well in other markets, where its new releases and classics lead downloads. Also, downloading torrents in elitetorrent is a simple process because all the options are very visual for the user.



Sounds promising, right? MejorTorrent is a bit more rudimentary than its competitors, but it easily adapts to the needs of those who only speak Spanish.

You will see the covers of the hundreds of thousands of files ready to be downloaded, or you will be able to review the one that interests you the most from the search engine.

Its verification status indicator ends up placing it as a great option similar to tomadivx .

  • HD movie section
  • Help section
  • Last added torrents
  • Somewhat invasive ads

Download torrents on websites similar to TomaDivx

Surely you already have several of these pages in mind for the next time you want to download files via torrents on your PC. But, in case you still have doubts , let us tell you that we consider Limetorrent as the best alternative to TomaDivx .

Prettier, faster and more efficient than practically all the competition, it is our choice.

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