Alternatives to Torrentlocura | Torrentlocura Alternatives

Alternatives to Torrentlocura | Torrentlocura Alternatives

Torrentlocura is one of the pages from which it was possible to download a multitude of content, especially television series and movies in HD quality. Best of all, in addition to the ease of downloading, was the possibility of having the latest news almost at the time of its launch. In fact, users could directly access a section with all the new content and news of the moment.

What happened to Torrentlocura?

Despite the ease that Torrentlocura offered when it came to finding new content, the website has closed and it seems that it has done so permanently . The reason is due to the number of accumulated complaints, which accuse the page of infringing the copyright of its content. That is why the authorities have decreed its closure and, for the moment, it is not possible to download content from its platform.

Despite the legal issues that always threaten these types of pages, there are some alternatives to Torrentlocura so that you can continue enjoying the latest content of the moment. Find the options that still fully work below.

10 Alternatives to Torrentlocura to download high-quality content



The Pirate Bay is one of the platforms with the largest number of torrents available . This is due to the huge user community that guarantees a good number of new torrents every day as well as incredible download speeds.

You will find lists with the top of the best torrents in different categories. Also, when using the search bar you will find in the first results only the most reliable torrents and with the highest number of seeds.



Torrentseeker is one of the best search engines for locating a torrent on multiple sites at once . The design is very reminiscent of the Google search engine so that you only have to enter the title of the content and wait for the results.

One point in favor of this page is that it does not have advertising, so searches are instantaneous. Especially effective when searching for movies.



In Mejortorrent you can find torrents on a multitude of topics, from music or documentaries or books and games.  New content is uploaded and updated every day, especially in television series and movies.

On the other hand, it has a search bar to locate specific content, or access the Latest Torrents section to see all the news organized by theme.



On this website you can find less common torrents that you may not find on other platforms. It is specialized in movies, television series and programs, with the advantage that you can filter content based on the quality that interests you.

New content is uploaded from time to time. You can also use the search bar to find specific titles more quickly.



In Elitetorrent you will have at your disposal the largest number of premieres in all possible dubbing options, as well as television series. You can also access the most successful releases that were uploaded in 2019.

You can filter the search based on language or gender. If you register as a user you can vote for the quality of the content. It also offers the option to download torrent format or magnet link format .



The web design is very attractive and intuitive at the same time with very attractive options for users

  • It has a category from which to download only content in 4K quality
  • Provides a lot of information about the cast or plot summary
  • You can download the subtitles
  • If you have a user account, you can leave your comments



It is one of the oldest platforms in torrent content . It offers different different categories including a specific section to watch movie trailers. By clicking on torrents you will be able to see what the latest content has been uploaded to the platform.

It includes an option from where you can see which are the 10 best torrents in each category, those with the highest number of seeds as well as download reliability.



The best thing about this page is the organization of the contents, which allows you to locate any good quality torrent easily. It has many rankings with the most popular torrents of each day or week, as well as the 100 most popular torrents of the month.

The page offers links to other torrent download platforms to have more options when locating specific content. You can choose to download a torrent file or a magnet link.

 Kickass Torrents

kickass torrent

One of the best alternatives to Torrentlocura is Kickass Torrents for several reasons.

  • It barely has invasive advertising , so searches are more fluid
  • It has a large community of users that guarantees a greater number of torrents and more speed
  • You will find a wide variety of themes from movies, games or applications to anime among others



EZTV is a renewed website that has specialized in movies and television series

  • It has a section to download subtitles from many movies
  • You can filter the search for television series by country
  • It has a large selection of documentaries and television programs from channels such as FOX or the History Channel.

What is the best alternative to Torrentlocura?

Due to the variety of content available and for being one of the best platforms for downloading movies in good quality and television series,  the best alternative to Torrentlocura is Elitetorrent . You can find practically any first-run movie in different dubbing options and image quality.

By accessing the main page, you will be able to see all the news that have been uploaded to the platform in recent days. You can also locate the most successful content of the year 2019. If you do not locate a title, you simply have to enter the title in the search bar.

Users can download the file via a torrent file or a magnet link . Also, if you register as a user, you can rate the quality of the video and leave comments. A very complete website that, however, tends to change domains often, so it is convenient to download the content that interests you before the website is no longer available.

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