Top 10 Alternatives to EliteTorrent

Top 10 Alternatives to EliteTorrent

Are you looking for alternatives to EliteTorrent? Downloading from the Internet is a daily job. There are many people dedicated to searching for movies and series through torrent files. Not only that, we also find torrent download page users looking for music files, software and even books. And in many cases, this is not for entertainment purposes, but actually uses the downloaded content for educational or teaching material.

Therefore, although it is easy to find all the movies, series, documentaries, software, books and anime, the download page has become very popular. In addition, all the content is free to download, and the image and sound quality is also very good.

But, of course, these pages infringe copyright because all the content they upload actually belongs to the platform or production company to which they have not paid any fees, so they have been persecuted by law for almost two years. Of course, among the most monitored pages in recent months, we have to mention one of the most famous pages, EliteTorrent.

You may already know that EliteTorrent is one of the download pages with the largest number of users. This is because you may have a large database of files sorted into different genres or types of content, but users have already experienced how in the last few months, various problems were encountered when entering this portal. In this way, we are all set, and we will provide you with a list below where you can find 10 good EliteTorrent options.

List of the best alternatives to EliteTorrent

The United States and the United Kingdom are severely persecuted countries in the torrent portal, but they are also persecuted in other parts of the world. This situation will not deter developers or those responsible for such pages, because we continue to find many active pages, such as the 10 EliteTorrent alternatives described below.

One of the best platforms for EliteTorrent alternatives, since through it we can watch and download movies and TV series. Thousands of users around the world usually download their torrent files, although there is no doubt that the best thing they have is a link to watch content online without downloading any content.

The fact is that we do not have many portals that provide the latest version in HD quality, and there are no ads, so there are almost no ads, so Cuevana 2 becomes an essential portal that can still be used, although now it is has it. become the magnifying glass of a portal. authorities.

Definitely one of the great alternatives to EliteTorrent, because it originated from The Pirate Bay, and Pirate Bay has been one of the most visited and popular torrent portals in the world for many years.

If you don’t know, the site has been around for over 15 years and has always been able to get past the world’s most powerful regulatory agencies, jurisdictions and governments, but it has finally returned to through multiple different areas due to its closure. This is the case.

In this way, through this new domain, we will be able to access more than 3 million torrents, so users will be able to download torrents of audio, video, electronic books, software, games, and adult content.

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Among the best torrent download sites, we must also introduce you to Torlock, which provides a huge database of verified torrents for music, anime, e-books, and many other files.

The portal has a simple interface, easy to navigate and will be updated for each new torrent version. Also, one page not only has a huge database of verified seeds, but Torlock also pays its users to find fake or unverified seeds.

The site claims to have 5 million verified seeds, as well as providing us with a list of seeds that make up the “top 100”, these seeds are actually the most popular seed files among users.

Much of Torlock’s content is hard to find on any other torrent site, so you almost have to check their database.

Our third recommendation is LimeTorrents, which is one of the most popular torrent indexers in the world, although it has a database of about 10 million torrents.

The website hosts various archives such as current movies and TV series, games, and anime. Also, LimeTorrents displays its content through a separate web page, where we can find an updated list of the top 100 torrents and the latest torrents on the website.

Therefore, LimeTorrents has become the benchmark for Torrent portals, and it seems unknown that those users who close this type of page have an average of more than 25 million users per month. It is one of the great alternatives to EliteTorrent.

Another better alternative to EliteTorrent, although as we have already mentioned, its Gnula source site is also persecuted by law. However, currently it can still run under the .is domain, but no one has promised us that it might be shut down any time soon, but for now you can still access its extensive database of millions of movie and series files.

A portal from Brazil with an incredible database of torrent files. A portal that supports magnet links, direct downloads, and anonymous download options. A website that has been running for over a decade survived, thus somehow managing to win over many of its competitors’ portals.

Every torrent you provide has an information section related to it so users can know its date, size, seed and peer, category, and the number of times it’s been reported as a threat, so we can know it’s unverified.

The portal also has a clean and minimalist interface, which is easy to navigate and allows us to download content in a short time.

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Finally, we want to tell you about Zooqle, which is a fairly new torrent indexer, released in 2013, and it contains a lot of data about movies, TV series, and shows.

The listed seeds can be verified, but in addition, we can filter them by category, language, size and time. All movie files are collected from the Movie Database (TMDb). The portal provides us with more than 4 million seeds, which we can download through an easy-to-use interface. One of the best alternatives to EliteTorrent.

Perhaps sounds unknown to you, although the truth is that it is normal, although it is a torrent search engine, through which we can obtain magnetic links so that we can download various files.

This portal has been in use for three years, despite the fact that it has a large database of 18 million and has been popular since its creation, which is very surprising.

A website that also offers a mobile version, so that you can not only easily find the seeds on your smartphone, but they are also of high quality. This makes it easier to find the “newest” and “most popular” links.

The searched torrent file will also show all the characteristics, such as upload date, size, number of torrents, and a link to the URL of the magnet that will run the BitTorrent client. comes from KickAss. It is a platform with millions of users around the world, today they can enjoy the updated page, which has a great design and almost no ads.

Of course, it is not a Spanish portal, although it has a lot of content and is updated every week, so it is another option for EliteTorrent, and we cannot miss it.

The portal has 9 million files available for download, where you can find movies, series, documentaries, series and even television shows.

Of course, everything is displayed in English, but the truth is that it is easy to find what we want, and many files are also available to download in Spanish.

A website also has a search engine, in which we can write the files we want to download, so that we can find them easily and quickly.

What is a torrent?

Many readers of this blog will have a good understanding of what the BitTorrent protocol is or how it works. But many people have to explain to us, as if we were still children. For those who just want to know what torrent is, here is the explanation.

Imagine that, because you lost your notebook, you want to copy the complete notes of a subject. One solution is to talk to each of your classmates on the phone and ask them to relay your specific notes to you over a day or two, about a week.

Talk to some of your classmates little by little and you will be able to complete your notes. The problem here is that you almost only talk to people you know.

The traditional p2p network works in the first way, your PC calls through the server to other users’ computers that already have the complete file you are looking for. So depending on how many users there are, you can get files more or less quickly. By contrast, using the BitTorrent transfer protocol is different:

First, distribute a .torrent file, which you can usually download from many dedicated Internet pages. This file contains the address of the “search server” that is responsible for verifying the source with the file or part of it that you want to obtain.

From there (usually using a “torrent client”), download the required files from all sources that use the same .torrent file to connect to the search server. You can say that .torrent files are instructions that say “let’s share files”.

The important thing is that with this protocol, some files start downloading randomly, and then you share the part of the files that you have on your computer (almost unavoidable).

When there are many users downloading the same file, this method can significantly increase the file transfer speed. In other articles we will analyze some torrent clients; For now, I hope this information can clarify the doubt or be of help.

Legal considerations when downloading torrents

Although it is legal to exchange files P2P, we must always be careful and look at the types of files shared, although these files may not be so legal.

You only need to consider the movies and TV shows that can be downloaded at any time on the torrent portal, because these movies and TV shows are always protected by copyright, which makes downloading these files “illegal” . 

In fact, we must add that we do not approve the sharing of illegal materials from this portal, but the information we provide to you is free, and it is only information about the portal that downloaded the file. In addition, you should also be aware that P2P file downloading (such as the files mentioned) may generate demand.

We must also consider the large number of bug seed files on the Internet. These files always pose a threat to our computer because they are both a malware threat and a virus threat. That is why it is more necessary than ever to use antivirus software to protect our computers and use VPN to protect our IP privacy.

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