Movistar Series: price, catalog and contracts

Movistar Series: price, catalog and contracts

Movistar Series is a pack offered by Movistar in some of its Fusion rates. Below, we tell you all the details: exclusive series and movies, price and more features.

Movistar Series Pack: price and features

If you are a Movistar customer and have contracted a Fusion rate that is not of the Zero or Start types, you will have the Movistar series package included. To access it you must log into your Movistar account, although first it is necessary to activate your Movistar+ account on the device you want :

  1. First of all, you will have to access your account .
  2. From there, you must activate the devices from which you want to connect by entering the owner’s data.
  3. Next, you will receive an email from Movistar with the necessary passwords so that you can access Movistar+ from your devices.
  4. In your Movistar+ account, you will have both the series package and the two channels available.

Having access to Movistar series allows you to have access to the following benefits :

  • Exclusive Movistar series and movies
  • Access to premieres from other countries 24 hours after their broadcast
  • Movistar Series Channel and Movistar Seriesmanía
  • Offline viewing

To be able to watch movies and series offline, you need to download them to the device where you want to view them. Before, you will have to follow some steps:

This way you can download your favorite Movistar series for free on the device of your choice.

With the multiscreen service you can watch the series on any of your devices . Both PC, smartphone or tablet and Smart TV. You can play content on up to 5 devices simultaneously.

With which Movistar Fusión rates is Movistar Series included?

All Movistar Fusión Selección and Movistar Fusión Total rates include both the Movistar Series package.

If you want to contract a rate with Movistar Series, you will have to configure the miMovistar package, the rates that replace Fusión, adding the Movistar Series. This offer includes, in addition to Netflix:

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The “best” Movistar series or the most recommended

There are many Movistar series that have been successful. Even so, in this article we offer you a ranking of the best 5 Movistar series due to their good reviews:

  • The pier

Romantic thriller that stands out for its female lead . Two seasons created by Álex Pina where all the patterns of conventional life are broken.

  • look what you have done
look what you have done

A production by the funny Berto Romero, where he himself acts as one of the protagonists. He tells us what it is like to be a millennial father in the era where family conciliation rules.

  • The invisible line
the invisible line

A small piece about the history of ETA in our country. He tells us in detail about the birth of this group and what their first murder was like. Apparently there won’t be a second season.

  • Madrid burns
Madrid burns

It was born from a project by Paco León where they want to introduce the Madrid life of Ava Gardner, as well as show the sexual freedom that existed in certain groups in the Franco era .

  • Velvet collection

It all starts with a boutique in the center of Madrid at the end of the sixties . Everything revolves around one of her employees who, as a tailor, begins to show a special taste for fashion. Without a doubt one of the most successful Spanish Movistar series.

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Check the programming at Movistar Series

To consult the Movistar series programming you can access it through the following links:

  • Movistar Series Channel: Movistar Series programming .
  • Movistar Seriesmanía Channel: Movistar Seriesmanía programming .

The programming will change day by day and you can review it in the detailed links as many times as you want.

Movistar Series currently has more than 1,500 productions. To access all the content we recommend that you access the official Movistar catalogue .

Do I have a penalty for unsubscribing from Movistar Series?

If you wish to unsubscribe from Movistar series, and you do so within 15 days of contracting, the payment will be €3 for the costs associated with the provision of content . The proportional part of the monthly payment will be added to these €3 , although the sum of both will never exceed the amount of a full monthly payment.

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