StarzPlay, what is the price? how does it work?

StarzPlay, what is the price? how does it work?

StarzPlay arrives as the new platform that comes from the US. We tell you what StarzPlay is, what its catalog is and its monthly price.

How to contract StarzPlay step by step and its monthly price

Access to the StarzPlay platform costs €1.99/month for 6 months , and is permanent . In order to contract the StarzPlay streaming service, you must first create a user account on their website:

  1. Access the official website to create a personal account.
  2. Enter the email you want to associate and press “Continue”.
  3. Choose the payment method you want to use: Credit Card or PAYPAL.
  4. Complete the necessary fields of your bank details and press “Continue”.
  5. View your subscription confirmation .

Once registration and payment is complete, you will receive a confirmation email . From that email, you will be able to directly access the account you just created. This account will be associated with the email address you previously indicated.

You have a 7-day trial period on the platform before your subscription begins. If you wish, you can cancel your subscription before the end of your trial period and no charge will be made.

If you have a Mobile or Fiber+Mobile rate with Vodafone , you will have the option of adding this service to your usual rate. This streaming pack is called Pack Más Series and has a cost of €5/month without permanence, it includes the following services:

  • Movistar Series Pack .
  • Access to the Starzplay platform .

What series and movies can I watch on StarzPlay?

StarzPlay offers you a multitude of series and movies created by the Starz television channel itself . They have multiple genres and styles but there are certain series that have stood out lately :

  • power
  • Life
  • The Rook
  • The Spanish Princess
series that can be seen on starzplay

Although they have also acquired certain series from other chains that promise :

  • The Act
  • Luther
  • The Tudors
  • Normal People
With StarzPlay you can watch series or movies with the app from 4 devices at the same time.

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Download the StarzPlay app

Whatever device you have, you have the StarzPlay app available in its different versions to download and start using it.

Below, we provide you with the download links for StarzPlay for Android and StarzPlay for Apple :

google play store
app store

Once you have the application downloaded, you will have to enter your credentials to access your account . You will simply have to complete the fields of the email that you have associated with that account, and the password that you chose at the time of subscription.

From within the application, you will already have all the content at your disposal for when you want to use it. You can access it online, but you can also enjoy StarzPlay movies and series offline :

  1. Access the movie or episode you want to download to your device.
  2. Press the ” Download ” button .
  3. See the download progress bar complete .
  4. Once complete, the movie or episode will be stored on your device .

In addition to having the content you have downloaded on your own device, everything you download will be archived in your StarzPlay account in the ” My List ” section .

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