Eurosport: watch tennis, football and cycling with Eurosport Player

Eurosport: watch tennis, football and cycling with Eurosport Player

Eurosport is a television channel or streaming platform that includes the greatest variety of sports that we can imagine.

How to watch Eurosport online?

To watch Eurosport online you will have to register on the Eurosport website and subscribe or create your account. This is everything you can do on Eurosport via the web:

  • Eurosport is an international platform, so depending on your country of residence, you will have different types of subscription to Eurosport Player.
  • You can watch the Olympics live , follow your favorite sports or all the teams.
  • Catch up on the latest sports news as it’s delivered with alerts and notifications.

By downloading the Eurosport app you can watch the latest sports videos or stay up to date with the latest news . It is available for Android and IOS.

Google Play
App Store

You can subscribe to Eurosport and watch all the content through its Eurosport Player tool . Although there are also many Internet companies that offer the Eurosport channel for free .

Eurosport price

  • Monthly Eurosport : €6.99/month
  • Annual Eurosport : €3.99/month

EuroSport accepts payments through Paypal or the following debit and credit cards: Visa , American Express and Mastercard .

Eurosport plans

Monthly plan : €6.99 /month
premium tv
Monthly plan

  • HD quality.
  • Multiple devices.
  • Content on demand.
  • Multi-camera view.
  • 1 month stay.
Plan of the year : € 3.99 /month
Annual plan

  • HD quality.
  • Multiple devices.
  • Content on demand.
  • Multi-camera view.
  • 12 month stay.

If we contract the second option with a price of €3.99/month, the subscription would cost us a total price of €47.88/year .

How to watch Eurosport on DAZN?

Since August 1, 2019, Dazn included all Eurosport services, so if you want to hire Eurosport you can also do so by hiring Dazn.

Thanks to Eurosport, you will be able to enjoy the most popular competitions within the Dazn platform such as Roland Garros , the Giro d’Italia or the Tour de France . You will also have to add all the Dazn football such as the Premier League , the FA Cup or the Coppa Italia .

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How to watch Eurosport for free with your rate

We show you several rates from companies that include Eurosport . And, the majority of Spanish companies that offer within their television service the possibility of watching the Eurosport channel :

Watch Eurosport with Vodafone

If you contract a television rate with Vodafone TV, it will include the Eurosport service. You can watch it from your mobile , from your Smart TV or connect it to Chromecast .

  • From €41.99
  • 12 month stay
  • Fiber, mobile and television rates
  • Multi-device

Watch Eurosport with Movistar

With Movistar television , you can also enjoy the Eurosport channel in its television packs. Eurosport is one of the channels that is included in the Movistar+ service.

  • Movistar+ on television, computer or mobile
  • From €53
  • Fiber, mobile and television rates

Watch Eurosport with Virgin telco

By contracting any of the Virgin telco rates , which include fiber, you can also contract Virgin telco TV , which includes the Eurosport 1 and Eurosport 2 channel. You will be able to watch it through the Deco 4K that the company sends you when contracting any of its rates that include the TV service.

  • Premium TV: From €8/month
  • More than 80 channels
  • Multi-device: mobile phone, computer, tablet, etc.

There are also other companies such as Orange , Euskaltel and Telecable that offer the Eurosport channel with their fiber, mobile and television rates:

Free Eurosport: what can I watch?

If you don’t want to pay a subscription because you prefer to save money, you have the option of accessing Eurosport for free . It must be taken into account that the Eurosport functions available in the free version have nothing to do with the functions of the paid Eurosport platform.

free Eurosport

  • Access the latest news and results .
  • Comment on news on
  • Access free videos, but not premium ones (you will recognize premium content with the Eurosport Player logo on the videos).

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EuroPlayer: what is it for?

Eurosport Player is an essential platform to watch Eurosport online , since it is the player we need to press play on any video or match that is televised through Eurosport. You will only need to have an Internet connection to watch all the sports included in Eurosport.

You can subscribe directly to Eurosport Player by opening a browser on your phone, tablet or computer. These are the steps you have to follow to complete your Eurosport Player subscription :

  • Choose the Eurosport Player pass you prefer.
  • Enter your personal information and create your account.
  • Make the payment for the subscription of the pass you have chosen.

You can have Eurosport Player on many devices such as:

  • iPhone with iOS 11.0 and higher
  • Android phones with OS 5.0.0 and higher
  • Tablets with OS 5.0.0 and higher
  • Chromecast on iOS and Android
  • AirPlay
  • AppleTV
  • Samsung TV
  • Xbox One and PS4
  • Amazon Fire TV Stick

If you download the Eurosport Player app, you will be able to view all the content that Eurosport offers you. The only way to watch Eurosport live is by downloading this application or as a paid channel with one of the Internet companies .

Download the Eurosport Player app


Google Play
App Store

Eurosport programming: what sports to watch?

Eurosport is the largest sports website in the world since it includes all the disciplines you can imagine (billiards and other rarely televised sports).

So if you really like watching sports, this is the platform you should subscribe to. These are all the sports you can watch on Eurosport :

  • Athletics
  • Basketball
  • Fencing
  • Handball
  • Boxing
  • Horse races
  • Cycling
  • volleyball
  • winter sports
  • Formula 1
  • Formula E
  • Soccer
  • Golf
  • Hockey
  • Equestrian
  • Engine
  • Judo
  • Olympic Games
  • Moto GP
  • Rugby
  • Snooker
  • SuperBike
  • Ski
  • Tennis
  • Winter Games

See cycling on Eurosport

The best-rated cycling in the world is concentrated in Eurosport. We find competitions as important as the Tour de France , the Giro d’Italia , the Vuelta a España or other world championships such as:

  • Strade Bianche
  • Pologne Tour
  • Milano-Sanremo
  • Criterium du Dauphiné
  • Prudential RideLondon-Surrey Classic
  • BinckBank Tour
  • Bretagne Classic – Ouest-France
  • Tirreno-Adriatico
  • Grand Prix Cycliste de Québec
  • Grand Prix Cycliste de Montréal
  • Road World Championships in Aigle-Martigny

Watch tennis on Eurosport

For tennis fans, Eurosport is a great option because it brings together the largest tennis competitions in the world. These are the tennis options that you can see on Eurosport.

  • Australian Open
  • Roland Garros
  • US Open
  • ATP Calendar
  • ATP Rankings
  • WTA schedule
  • WTA Rankings
  • Wimbledon
  • Davis cup
  • Federation Cup

But not only will you be able to watch all the tennis live and direct from Eurosport Player, but you will also be able to check the latest news from the world of tennis. In addition, to follow all the calendars and be up to date with the tennis players’ schedule.

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Contact Eurosport

You can contact Eurosport through its website or social networks:

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