Alternatives to Mejorenvo | Mejorenvo Alternatives

Alternatives to Mejorenvo | Mejorenvo Alternatives

Mejorenvo is one of the favorite options for users to download content in the original version. The best thing about this platform is not only the variety of files that allows you to find practically almost any content, but also that the image quality is excellent.

However, in recent months the web began to experience some failures until it has finally been closed.

Mejornevo does not work: Has it closed permanently?

Mejorenvo has stopped offering content to its thousands of followers due to legal issues. The current related restrictions that affect copyright has caused the closure of many reference pages in downloading torrents . Mejorenvo is one of them.

Users, despite everything, continue to demand this type of content, so it is still possible to find many other options with very similar torrents. Below are all the options.

18 Alternative pages to MejorenVO to download torrents

Pirate Bay 3


The Pirate Bay continues to be one of the options that users faithfully turn to for downloading content. If there is something that places it among the first pages with the most users in the world, it is that most of the torrents it offers are verified, thus granting greater reliability compared to other websites.

From its platform you can download series, movies, and even applications or games among many other topics. Simply enter the search in the center bar to access all the related content.



With a particularly nice interface, Zooqle is one of the websites that is growing the most and becoming popular

  • The catalog is small but the content is of high quality
  • It has a multitude of categories: movies, television series, games, audiobooks…
  • It has a calendar with the next news that will be uploaded to the web

my torrent

From this alternative website to Mejorenvo , you can access specific content in television series and movies. The content is small but it has the advantage of offering movies that are still in theaters and the best new releases of recent years.

Each section is separated from one another, you just have to change the top button that appears on the web to see change from series to movies. By clicking on each of the contents you can access the trailer, image quality and the download link.

torrent downloads

Another of the favorite alternatives to Mejorenvo is this specific torrent search engine from where you can find a multitude of content, especially television series, movies, and hit programs.

One of the advantages of this platform is that the files usually have a large number of seeds, which means that the torrents will download faster . On the other hand, it allows users to upload their own content.

torrent zone


ZonaTorrent is a website with a modern and minimalist design that will give you access to movies and television series. It is one of the websites with the largest number of categories to choose from. In addition, each content offers basic information and an option for you to leave your comments.

From each of the contents you can access an option to consult related movies. You can also check the most viewed and best rated content.

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If there is something that makes this page rank among the top favorites in torrent downloading, it is the quality of the content it offers.

  • Advertising is minimal
  • It has the latest content in both television series and movies and even games or electronic books
  • Provides detailed information regarding content quality or number of seeds

long live torrent

A platform specially dedicated to the content of movies and television series. It is a perfect page for users who want to access the contents directly since it does not offer any difficulty.

You simply have to enter the search or select a category. You also have the option to narrow it down even more by ordering the results by date. When you find what you are looking for, you can view the trailer or download it directly.



From this website you can directly access the latest news in both movies and television series as it is updated daily

  • You can watch movies and series in different versions: VO, subtitled, in HD quality. This makes it one of the best options for Mejorenvo
  • It has a search engine to quickly locate the content you are looking for
  • It does not require any type of registration to download the contents
  • Recommend related movies on each download


kickass torrent

One of the classic websites where you can find practically any content you need. Although it is a page with too much advertising, it is still a favorite since you can find everything from television series and movies to software, games or music.

It offers detailed information about each torrent: author, weight, seeds, or users who are sharing it. This will allow you to choose the best content.



The interface of this website draws attention for being especially striking and modern. But its strong point is in the large number of torrents of movies and television series that you will find

  • You can find files in HD, 3D and 4K quality
  • Advertising is less invasive compared to other similar websites
  • It has an option from which to view the latest comments added
  • It has an advanced search engine so you can narrow your search and increase the chances of success



This website is one of the oldest in downloading torrents, proof of this is that despite time the interface has not changed. However, it has updated content and a multitude of files, especially in television series and movies.

One of the advantages of this website is that you don’t have to look for the news, but every day all the files that have just been uploaded are published on the main page. This way you will find the latest episodes of your favorite series , so you can bring them up to date, or the premiere movies.



This is one of the most advanced torrent search engines at the moment, which guarantees that you will find only the best new content, including movies that are on the billboard .

One of the positive points of this website is that it is free of advertising. On the other hand, its use is as simple as entering the search in the content box and viewing all the related results. Much like Google but only for torrents.



This is probably one of the platforms, in Spanish, with the largest number of titles to search for movies, television series, and documentaries. It has a multitude of categories to quickly find what you are looking for.

The quality of the content is usually quite good since most of it is in HD. You can even choose to see it in the original version or with subtitles, something that will remind you a lot of the options offered by the Mejorenvo website.



The design of this website is extremely simple but it has everything you need so that you can access your favorite content quickly. To do this, you only have to select the category that interests you from the side menu.

The best thing about this website is the quality of the content it offers. This is because only some registered users have the power to upload torrents , thus preventing the upload of malicious files.



This is one of the platforms with the most variety when it comes to torrent content.

  • You can search from movies to operating systems, music, series, applications or television programs
  • The content it offers is verified and is mostly in Spanish
  • Offers news continuously

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Its simple appearance makes it one of the favorite search engines to carry out any search without complications. The platform itself does not host content, but acts as a search engine. Simply enter the content you want to locate and you will access all the websites from where you can download it.

One of the positive aspects of this website is that it hardly has any advertising, which makes it especially comfortable. It also indexes content continuously so that it is one of the most up-to-date websites of the moment.



The most outstanding advantage of this website is that it offers high-quality content without taking up much space. This means that you can download movies in the highest resolution without barely occupying 1 Gb.

On this website you will mainly find content related to movies, from the newest to great classics from decades ago. By clicking on each of the contents you will find all the information related to the film, trailer as well as the download link.



One of the best alternative platforms to Mejorenvo , from which you can access television series from all over the world in their original version

  • The contents have a high percentage of reliability
  • You can find from modern series to great classics of all time
  • Provides information about whether the series is complete or new episodes are available

What is the portal most similar to mejorenVO?

If there is something that made Mejorenvo have such a large number of followers, it was the possibility of being able to see the contents in the original version. Today, not all download websites offer this option, although in this case the favorite is Elitetorrent .

Not only does it have one of the largest movie catalogs, including the best new releases and movies that you can even find on the billboard. You can also choose between numerous options, both quality and the option to see it in the original version and even add subtitles. If you are looking for a website with many similarities to Mejorenvo, this option is essential.

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