Alternatives to Bajui | Bajui Alternatives

Alternatives to Bajui | Bajui Alternatives

Bajui is one of the best pages to download music torrents, both for the content it offers, free of viruses or any other threat, and for the download speed.

In fact, its popularity is such that it has become one of the best portals to download music completely free and without restrictions, accessing both classics from a few decades ago and current releases. However, his career and fame have come to an end and the page has definitely closed its doors.

Is it the final closure of Bajui?

Bajui doesn’t work , at least for the moment, it seems to be final. The reason for this is due to the complaints issued by payment platforms, which began to see how the number of users decreased. This, together with the persecution by the authorities both in Europe and in North America, as a consequence of the infringements committed against copyright, led to its immediate closure.

Users loyal to this music download website have been forced to resort to other alternatives to Bajui. The success in downloading torrents has made it possible for there to still be many websites that allow you to enjoy audio content for free .

Many of them are under threat of closure for the same reasons, although others have managed to evade closure by changing domains. Today these are the websites that still continue to offer torrent files for free.

13 websites similar to Bajui so you can download music without limits

This website is not specifically for downloading music torrents , but it is an option in which, in addition to finding content related to videos, books or images, you can access an extensive archive with a multitude of music collections.

The web offers the possibility of listening to the music directly from the platform or downloading it to your computer. Also, you can select the music files by year, authors, singers and even language. Best of all, the files are legal so you can safely download them.



This website is one of the most recommended platforms for downloading a wide variety of multimedia content. Despite having a larger catalog in terms of movies or television series, in rrabg you can find some interesting music files.

  • You can find music of different genres grouped by collections
  • By clicking on the content you can check the songs included in each collection
  • Allows uploading comments for each file



This platform has content from many different categories as well as some music files. It works as a search engine, tracking through all the files available on the web. Once listed, you can check the number of seeds or users who share it.

On the other hand, the website offers recommendations related to your search, which link to the Amazon website, so that you can purchase the collections in original format.

The Pirate Bay


Another of the great alternatives to Bajui is the great The Pirate Bay , an especially recommended website given the large number of files available. To filter the musical results you only have to click on the Audio option and enter the content you want to search for. You will automatically access the complete list with all the possible options.

The web offers the possibility of listening to the file online and even downloading it anonymously. One of the improvements that the web introduced in one of its latest updates in introducing more and more verified files . This guarantees the safety and quality of the content offered.



Another of the best websites to find musical content in the style of Bajui . The interface is modern and simple at the same time. You can enter the content in the search box or check the available files by clicking on the Music option .

Within this category there are different options such as the most popular files of the day or week or the 100 most popular of the month. Each track offers information about seeders, leechers, and file size. In addition, 1337X has been gaining fame due to the quality of the files it offers, most of which are verified.



This website is one of the most recommended platforms due to the quality of the content it offers. Within the different categories that you can browse, music is one of the most complete.

  • It has a huge list with all the files available, currently more than 730,000
  • It has a category in which the 100 most popular music torrents of the month are offered
  • Each file offers specific information about the download
  • You can download the content anonymously or add it to your favorites list



Although it is not the website with the greatest variety of music files, it is a highly recommended option, especially for finding music compilations. It has records that have gone on sale recently and offers information on the latest news added in recent days.

Another of the options offered by the best torrent is to be able to view music video clips and video files such as concerts or live recordings. The catalog is somewhat limited but it is possible to find some unusual collections on other music download websites.

 torrent downloads

One of the most effective solutions to find all kinds of music files in torrent format , on the Internet. This website acts as an advanced search engine that will give you access to all those platforms that have the file you need.

In addition, the page itself recommends the most popular torrents of the moment with detailed information on each file: seeds, weight, partial seeds or availability.

 Don Torrent


This is another of the portals specialized in downloading torrents of all kinds, including music files. By accessing this specific category you will be able to see what are the latest news that have been included in the list.

When you access each of the contents, the web will ask you for a reaction in the form of emoji so that you can evaluate the quality of the file. You can even share it on social networks or leave a comment that helps other users.



One of the great alternative platforms to Bajui, specifically designed so that you can download music torrents without limits

  • The website is continuously updated to increase the catalog of music files
  • Does not have advertising
  • From the main page you can check the most popular torrents of the week
  • You can filter the search by genre or access the search bar to locate a specific torrent



Another excellent alternative to listen to music and download it for free. In tomadivx you can find everything from great classics by artists of all time to compilations of different musical styles. The catalog is increasing from time to time, although it does not usually include current news.

From the MP3 Music section you can access all the files that have been recently uploaded. In addition, it has a section with the list of the most downloaded files of the month and even an alphabetical list to facilitate the search.



This torrent search engine is a way to access numerous files distributed throughout the web. One of the reasons why it has become a prominent option is because it is ad-free, so it makes browsing much faster.

Simply enter the search term in the central box and you will have access to all available torrent websites from which you can download it.



Isohunt is a minimalist design platform, in which you can find files of different categories, including music files. You can use the torrent search engine to locate a specific file or access the music section. It does not offer a very extensive catalog, and searches offer very limited results, but it can be an option to discover new musical styles.

You can filter the search by accessing the most popular or those that have been added in the last few days. Each file offers information about the number of seeds and the total weight.

What is the best alternative to download music similar to Bajui?

If you are looking for a specific page where you can enjoy updated content and a variety of content, the most recommended option is Musicatorrents . The web has managed to position itself solely in downloads of music files, although it also offers direct links to other content. On the other hand, the operation of the web is very simple since you can use the search engine or simply access the musical categories.

Remember that in order to download torrent files safely, the use of a VPN network is recommended . This type of network masks the identity of your IP and allows you to browse these types of pages and even download files anonymously.

On the other hand, it is an option so that you can access some of these pages that in some countries, as has happened in the case of Bajui, have been censored.

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