Alternatives to Rojadirecta | Rojadirecta Alternatives | Roja directa Alternatives

Alternatives to Rojadirecta | Rojadirecta Alternatives | Roja directa Alternatives

Roja Directa has been a benchmark for football lovers especially and other sporting events since it was the most famous and frequented website to be able to watch matches between great teams for free.

It was the easiest way to be able to watch matches online without having to pay a paid subscription, from the computer and with an internet connection as the only requirement.

Has Red Direct disappeared forever?

In countries like Spain, there is a certain rivalry when it comes to offering the best sporting events on television platforms. This has caused subscriptions to be charged that not all users are willing to pay. Roja Directa emerged as an alternative to these payment platforms since it allowed viewing the same content, but for free.

The creation of this list of alternative Red direct online is founded by the actions carried out by the judicial authorities who definitely decided to close one of the great online football pages.

But it has not been the definitive end of this type of websites and others to download torrents , since with the passage of time different alternatives have emerged that promise to continue offering the best meetings without having to pay anything. Many of you have written us the same comment, we want rojadirectaonline free alternatives and… here is a list for all of you!

The best pages similar to Red Direct to watch soccer online for free


This website is one of the best options to see all kinds of content related to the world of sports . Not only in the field of football but in other sporting events such as basketball, athletics among others.

On the one hand, it has a space where you can check the upcoming broadcasts that will take place. Although if you prefer to see football content, you can check the results of the League as well as the next matches that will take place.

It has a section for videos , bets and even a section for fan clubs from which you can join your favorite team and meet other users.

Tiki Taka’s house

The House of Tiki Taka, The La Casa Del Tiki Taka

This platform is another of the most popular among fans of football and other major sports

  • It offers links to important television channels specialized in sports such as Fox Sport or ESPN
  • You can watch any game without registering an account
  • It has a section where you can consult all the programming that will be broadcast in the following hours

First Row Sports

A simple but very complete platform that allows you to watch the matches online and live by directly accessing the links provided on the main page. A system very similar to Rojadirecta transmissions. However, there is something that this page has taken into account, and it is those users who do not have a good internet connection or cannot follow the game live. In this case, it offers a marker to be able to follow all the goals .

On the other hand, and as a negative and common point to other pages, the web has too much advertising , which can make browsing less fluid than desired.


In this case, users can find one of the most faithful clones of the missing RojaDirecta . The interface has been kept with the same features and the content is distributed in a very similar way.

The best thing about this website is that different links are offered for the same football event, which means that there are more options in the event that one of them fails. It is also one of the favorite options to watch the most important Spanish League matches as well as all of the Champions League .

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Another of the favorite spaces to be able to enjoy different cycling, hockey, basketball and of course football matches, among others. The website has been designed in a very simple way so that you can access all the events that will be broadcast from the main page.

As an additional function, there is the possibility of being able to participate in a chat in which you can comment on the most outstanding events with other participants.


A website designed in a very minimalist way that does not offer any difficulty in navigation. On the main page you will have access to all the events that will be held soon in a multitude of sports.

On the other hand, this website has a specific section from which you can access replays of the best moments. All this with direct and free access.


The best thing about this website is that it is one of the most complete in streaming sports, since it has a long list of categories. The great success of this website lies in the more than 40 channels that allow access to practically any content.

A notable negative point is that you must allow advertising to be able to access the content. But it is still one of the best alternatives to Red Direct .


On this platform you will be able to enjoy many games and events whatever your favorite sport is, completely free . You can access the general page to see all the events that are being broadcast or will be broadcast, or choose to search the information by accessing the categories of specific sports.

However, users must take into account that, in order to access all the broadcasts, it is necessary to have a user account. Although it has an added advantage, and that is that you can access the web from any browser.


This website has been created with a design very similar to that of Roja Directa, offering practically the same functions

  • It offers access to private channels from different countries such as DirecTV Sports, ESPN, Fox Sports
  • It has different links for the same event
  • The main page allows you to consult the daily sports agenda with updated schedules


This platform is the favorite for many users looking for content in Spanish , as well as being one of the most complete in this regard. In addition to having transmissions for a multitude of sports, the website has other interesting functions.

For example, you can follow the live scores, access all the up-to-date sports rankings and even check the sports calendar to find out about all the upcoming events.


With a clean and simple interface, this website is limited to directly offering all the live events available for a multitude of different sports. You can filter the search by specific sports or check the general view with all the matches that will be played in the following hours.

In addition, the platform has an option to select your time zone, which is very useful if you travel to another country.


This website has a particularly simple design that allows easy navigation between the different television channels it offers, all of them distributed through their logos on the main screen.

In addition to being able to follow the most relevant sporting events of the moment, including football matches, you can watch any of the programs broadcast by each of the channels. However, excessive advertising can make it necessary to use a blocker.


You can find events from a multitude of sports simply by selecting the category that interests you the most. The most interesting thing about this page is that it has a chat especially for users from where it is possible to share alternative links to a specific event . In this way you will not have a problem in the event that the web link does not work.

Each of the categories is organized so that when you enter you have access to the next updated broadcasts. On the downside, there is too much advertising, which slows down browsing and can be frustrating.


The web has a very simple and really unattractive aspect, however it is a perfect alternative so that you do not miss the most notable sporting events of each day

  • You can access a multitude of sports such as handball, golf, tennis or motorcycle racing among many others
  • From the main screen you can have access to all the events that will be broadcast in the following hours, live
  • As a negative point: too much advertising



On this simple-looking website you will enjoy two options to enjoy your favorite sports, including soccer. Thus, it has television channels that broadcast live programming or a specific category only to watch live sports .

The best thing about this website is that it has a wide variety of content. You can even access a search engine to locate a specific game and find out if it is being broadcast or will be broadcast in the next few hours.

free football

This website is another of the best alternatives to Roja Directa since, in addition to offering live broadcasts of soccer matches around the world, it allows users to access the latest news from the world of sports.

Another innovative option that the web incorporates is the possibility of being able to listen to the broadcasts of some relevant matches through different radio channels. In addition, it is possible to choose the country from which you want to access the live events.



In this case, the web allows users to view a multitude of sports such as table tennis, basketball, hockey, or motorcycle racing, among others.

  • Offers a recommendation of channels to be able to view a multitude of events
  • Within the web, there is an option to be able to see the matches that are being broadcast live at that moment
  • The website can only be viewed in English or German
  • You can sign up with a user account on the platform through the Facebook account

What is the most recommended option to watch football online?

If you want a true clone of the classic Roja Directa website , the best option is undoubtedly Tarjetarojatvonline , since both the interface and the options keep the same design. It is an easy website to navigate and find any of the most important matches of the League in Spain.

If, on the other hand, you want to try a more complete option that also allows you to access many other matches, a highly recommended alternative is the one offered by the Deportesonline website: page in Spanish, different sports to choose from, live scores and results so you don’t miss a single detail.

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