Estrenosgo Alternatives: The 10 best this year

Estrenosgo Alternatives: The 10 best this year

One of the favorite portals of all those who download multimedia content. In this complete and updated guide to alternatives to Estrenosgo you will discover the best websites to continue watching your favorite movies and series. Most importantly, you can find all kinds of movies, from the latest movies that are still playing in theaters to games, music files, and even software.

The download option is another advantage it offers, although it should be noted that it has too many ads. This may make some users prefer to look for other options that have similar features but offer fewer ads and faster.

Also, considering that the page is a bit unstable, because it usually changes domains or disappears for a while, it is worth understanding other options. 

Below, we offer you the 10 best alternatives to Estrenosgo, updated and working.


Like EstrenosGo, EliteTorrent is also known for the speed at which new releases load on its website. Here you can find movies that are still playing in the cinema, as well as the classic movies from your life.

You can use the release version in English, VOSE or Latin so it can be easily downloaded without registration.

I did this by downloading the magnet link and opening it with uTorrent . It takes very little time and works well. In addition, uTorrent takes up very little space, is free, and allows me to open books downloaded from

The Pirate Bay

Founded in 2003, it remains one of the best websites for downloading all types of content. Audiobooks, music, e-books, comics, video games for PC or any console, software for different operating systems and software for movies and series.

Like other pages similar to Go Premieres, The Pirate Bay has also suffered several domain extensions. In fact, the .org used with it has existed in Spain for many years, and the only way to access it is through a VPN.

To use it, you just need to enter the name you are looking for in the search engine and/or filter by content type. The Pirate Bay will return all available magnet links to you.


On DonTorrent , you can find more than 20,000 movies, 7,000 series, 4,000 games for PC or console, as well as documentaries, music and other types of content. It is not the page with the most updated catalogs, nor the page where you can download the latest version, but it works like a charm.

On the download page similar to GO Premiere, Don Torrent is undoubtedly the easiest and fastest to use. No ads, no links, it can redirect you from one page to another without annoying pop-ups.

Log in, search for the movie, download it and after a few minutes you will have the file on your computer. Even if you download movies in HD or 4K, the speed is really amazing.

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In SubTorrents, you will get subtitled content as the name suggests. You can find series and movies in the original language, as well as integrated subtitles with English subtitles (mainly DVD quality or 720p).

Some of these websites have more ads than others and some websites may open pop-ups with ads. You have to deal with this problem in many cases when browsing torrent sites. You may decide to use something like uBlock Origin to avoid too much trouble.


Although LimeTorrents is one of the excellent alternatives to Estrenosgo to download content, it is not very popular in our country. The main reason is that people mistakenly believe that there are very few movies and series . And, although there is indeed more content in English, if you search a little, you will also find a version with subtitles.

LimeTorrents has a simple and clean interface, provides everything you could need, and is an interesting alternative to Estrenosgo, especially for anime lovers. You’ll also find video games, software, apps, music, and even e-books.

The download is fast and secure, the network is easy to navigate and the information attached to the search results you can see the health status of each seed.


Unlike most alternatives to Estrenosgo on this list, in GranTorrent you will only find movies. This specialization allows you to have a huge catalog, which will be constantly updated with the release of the latest version.

Additionally, Gran Torrent is one of the few download sites that provides specific chapters for 3D movies. Therefore, if you have a TV that supports this format, you should definitely visit this website.

You’ll find that most of the content is in English, Latin or VOSE, so language shouldn’t be a problem. Before reaching the download link, you have to navigate through many ads and links. Sometimes there may be something annoying, but it will make you give up.

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Although in the eyes of the authorities, the fabulous RARBG continues to religiously update its content and has become one of the preferred platforms for those who want to find out the latest news.

Releases, recently released video games, recently released series and current music chapters are some of the seeds that you can download on this platform.

One thing worth highlighting about the EstrenosGo alternative is that it has a very active community, which is interesting for those who like to comment on them in addition to watching movies. At RARBG, you will always find someone who is willing, as long as it is in English.


A paradise for movie viewers, because its platform allows you to find almost all movies, whether they are classic movies or new release movies. I’m not just talking about typical American movies, but also theatrical movies.

Furthermore, among the alternatives to Estrenosgo, this is the only page that manages to reduce the file size as much as possible. Therefore, you will be able to download HD movies during the recording time, which will also take up a small amount of space on your computer.

The main disadvantage is that almost all YTS movies and TV series are in English. To download content, you must first register. Yes, it’s just a scam, but it’s free, it only takes a minute and it makes the platform more secure.


Heirs to Divxatope, this platform specializes in downloading movies and television series. Although it allows you to download computer programs, there are many better websites for this purpose.

Therefore, if English or the original version of the movie is not suitable for you, Divxtotal is one of the ideal alternatives to Estrenosgo.

One of the highlights of this P2P platform is the wide variety, latest catalogues, 3D movies, all types of HD videos, neat appearance and a search engine that works like a charm.

On the contrary, there must be too much advertising, many unusable seeds and some files that will make your antivirus software appear.

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One of the alternatives to Estrenosgo can help you find the seeds you like, even if you don’t know what seeds to look for, thanks to its well-organized interface. The website has recently been completely overhauled, removing some serious security risks and improving the design.

It is now one of the most popular torrent trackers in the world, so much so that Google will hide it from search results. The ads on this site are a bit destructive, so if you want to use it at work, I suggest you pay more attention.

What is the best Alternative to Estrenosgo?

In terms of diversity and quality of content, being one of the platforms that updates all the content it provides every day, the best alternative to Estretosgo is Elitetorrent. First, you can sort all movies and series according to the latest movies, originals or Latin versions from the home page.

If you are looking for a specific title, you just need to enter the search term in the corresponding drawer or even click on the different genres that appear. It also includes language filters.

By clicking on the content you are interested in, you will be able to access a lot of information about the seed. Video quality is evaluated based on user votes. You can also check the number of torrents and clients, as well as the running status of the torrent, to see if it can be safely downloaded to your computer. If you register on the platform, you can leave your comment to help other visitors.

What is Estrenosgo?

This is a torrent site where users can download and watch free high-quality movies, and there are many new and old movies on the site. By using this website, you can download or watch a movie in a few seconds, and you can also choose the file format of the movie to download, such as 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p, etc.

How does Estrenosgo work?

The design of the website is very simple and everyone can use it easily. There are too many movies in English and other languages. You can also download any movie by searching in the search bar of the website. There are so many movie dubs on this website.

How to download movies from Estrenosgo

The process of downloading movies from the website is very simple, you can follow the steps below to download movies: –

The first step is to visit the site.

Search for the movie or series you want to download

Choose the movie you want to download

After choosing a movie or series, choose the format you want to download 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p… etc.

After selecting, press the download button

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VIP Premiere

This is the old domain extension of the premieresgo website. Google banned the .vip domain name extension from Google because the website is a pirated website and the owner of the website used many domain name extensions such as the .vip extension.

List of the latest Estrenosgo websites

The site filters more than 1,000 movies in English and other languages. Due to this, the website also leaked recently released movies, and the film industry is facing huge losses. There are more than 1,000 movies and TV series dubbed into different languages on the site.

Premiere HD

Most of the movies and TV shows on the website are in HD quality. User can choose any quality movie to download from the site. Users can also watch movies from the website without downloading HD quality movies.

Premiere It

This is another website domain extension that Google bans. The website owner uses as many domain extensions as possible.

Premiere Series

Just like movies, there are many series of website users who use the website to watch and download movies from the website. They also dubbed the series in English and other languages.

What is the best legal alternative to Estrenosgo?

There are many legal options for this website. Nowadays, everyone likes to watch movies and series at home, which is why there are many websites to watch movies online. Below this, I have listed all the new legitimate Estrenosgo alternatives.


Nowadays, this is one of the most used websites to watch movies and TV shows online. Millions of people use this site to watch movies and series. This website is from the United States of America and its use is 100% legal.

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Amazon Prime Video

This is Amazon’s popular multimedia platform to watch streaming movies and series. Millions of people use this site to watch movies and series every day, and the site is available in most countries.

Editor’s note: The content of this post is for informational purposes only. Our website does not endorse any form of piracy nor does it use this or other articles to encourage such activities.

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