Amazon Prime Video: price, catalog and best free series!

Amazon Prime Video: price, catalog and best free series!

Discover everything about the popular streaming content platform, Amazon Prime Video. Whether you have Amazon Prime Video or want to register, this is your article!

Name Amazon Services, SL
Address (headquarters) 410 Terry Ave N, 114 34Seattle, WA
Creation date September 7, 2006
Owner amazon
Amazon Prime website
Sign in to Amazon Prime Video identify yourself
Sign up for Amazon Prime Video Get 1 month free
Download the Amazon Prime Video app for iPhone Amazon Prime Video App Amazon iPhone
Download the Amazon Prime Video app for Android Amazon Prime Video Android App
E-mail complaints
Types of services Series, movies and children’s section.
Amazon Prime Video movie releases Suspiria, Green Book, Comanchería, Train to Busan, Baby Driver and Lady Bird.
Most viewed series on Amazon Prime Video Good Omens, Hanna, Fleabag, The Grand Tour, Sneaky Pete and The Man in the High Castle.

What is the price of Amazon Prime Video?

Amazon Prime Video is included in the price of Amazon Prime. The prices are the same as Amazon Prime and includes the benefits of being Prime on Amazon (free and faster shipping).

Amazon Prime Video price

  • Subscription : €4.99/month
  • Subscription : €49.90/year

Cheaper if you are a student: If you are a student, you can enjoy other cheaper Amazon Prime Video rates ; where the monthly subscription will be €2.49/month and the annual subscription will be €24.95/year.

With some Internet companies , you can contract a convergent package that includes this platform. It is common to find convergent offers with Amazon and fiber, landline and 2 mobile lines , although in most rates you can customize the lines you want to include.

Like HBO, Amazon Prime Video has the same price for all users. It does not have several plans available to the customer like Netflix. With Amazon Prime Video you will access the following Amazon benefits:

  • Watch series online for free and in Spanish.
  • Access to exclusive series.
  • Movies.
  • Access to Prime Music.
  • Access to Prime Now (make purchases in online supermarkets).
  • Access to Prime Reading (Amazon library).
  • And also… Free and fast shipping on all Amazon products.

The annual subscription represents a saving of 25% compared to the monthly subscription.

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How to log in to Amazon Prime Video

  • New users without an Amazon account :

First of all, you will have to open an Amazon account. You will have to enter Amazon Prime Video , click on Try it and it will redirect you to a landing page to Create your Amazon account .

What do you need to register for Amazon Prime Video?

  • Name and surname
  • Email
  • Password
  • Credit or debit card or PayPal
  • Amazon users without an Amazon Prime account :

Opening an account on Amazon Prime Video is the same as opening an account on Amazon . So if you already have an Amazon account, just click Try it on the next Amazon Prime Video page and log in with your email and password.

  • Users with an Amazon Prime account :

If you already have an Amazon Prime account, go to Amazon Prime Video and log in with your Amazon account.

How to get Amazon Prime Video for free

Get 1 month free of Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is beginning to be considered as one of the best streaming platforms that allows access to movies, series and children’s-themed content in streaming.

You will only have to register for Amazon Prime and you will automatically have free access to Amazon Prime Video for 30 days. Afterwards they will charge you €36/year or €3.99/month.

The number of series on Amazon Prime Video is less than that offered on platforms such as Netflix or HBO, however its offer moves away from conventional tastes to offer a variety of titles that can hardly be found on platforms like the previous ones.

Catalog of the best series on Amazon Prime

Prime Video content can be your own, that is, Prime Originals produced by Amazon or content produced by third parties whose reproduction license is held by Amazon.

Amazon Prime Video catalog makes digital films and series, television programs, documentaries available to its subscribers, it is constantly renewed.

The number of series on Amazon Prime Video is less than that offered on platforms such as Netflix or HBO, however its offer moves away from conventional tastes to offer a variety of titles that can hardly be found on platforms like the previous ones.

Within the platform you will be able to watch different series with very diverse genres and, in addition, you will enjoy exclusive series from Amazon Prime Video and the best series premieres .

  • Exclusive series on Amazon Prime Video
  • Series premieres.
Best Amazon Prime Video series of 2022
Success series Summary See
The Boys The series takes place in a world where superheroes represent the dark side of celebrity and fame. A group of vigilantes who call themselves “The Boys” decide to do everything possible to stop these superheroes. Watch The Boys
The heart of Sergio Ramos ⚽ This series tells us the life of the Real Madrid footballer and introduces us to his family life (with his wife and two children). See The Heart of Sergio Ramos
The Good Doctor ⚕️ A young surgeon with Savant syndrome who will fight to join the surgery team at a major hospital. Watch The Good Doctor
Start Up For this group, forced to create a technology company with black money from unexpected places. See Start Up
Alejandro Sanz On this occasion, Alejandro Sanz presents the audiovisual version of #ELCONCIERTO + #ELDOCUMENTAL See Alejandro Sanz
Two and a half Men Charlie Sheen and Jon Cryer star in this Emmy®-nominated comedy about two brothers and a precocious boy. See Two and a Half Men
Shameless It tells the story of Frank Gallagher’s family: a proud, hard-working patriarch of six intelligent, brave and independent children, who would probably be better off without him. See Shameless
Jack Ryan When CIA analyst Jack Ryan stumbles upon a series of suspicious bank transfers, his search for answers takes him from the safety of his desk as he begins his fight across Europe. See Jack Ryan
The Purge Once a year, any crime, including murder, is legal in the United States for a period of 12 hours. Watch The Purge

Catalog of the best movies on Amazon Prime

Although series are the most viewed content currently, Amazon Prime’s extensive catalog also includes a multitude of movies that are highly rated by users.

Do you want to know which are the best movies on Amazon Prime Video ?

Best Amazon Prime Video Movies of 2022
hit movies Summary See
1917 First World War. Two young English soldiers must cross enemy territory to send a message to prevent a catastrophe. Will they get it? See 1917
Shutter Island An intense psychological thriller about two agents who are assigned to a remote island to investigate a disappearance. See Shutter Island
Father There is but One ⚕️ The story of a man without taking care of the house and the children, he always knows what has to be done. See Father There is but One
The Kicks ⚽ Devin, a great soccer player, moves to California. On the Kentville Kicks team she doesn’t reach the level of play she is used to, so she declares herself the leader and tries to make friends. See The Kicks
The wolf of Wall Street This film shows the evolution from the American dream to greed, the protagonist goes from speculative actions to the indiscriminate launching of companies on the stock market and corruption. Watch The Wolf of Wall Street
you will always be my son It tells us the story of survival, recidivism and recovery of a family that has lived with addiction for many years. See You will always be my son

If you sign up for Amazon Prime Video, you will also have access to the Children’s section where you will find movies and episodes for children.


How to Cast Amazon Prime Video Content to Chromecast

Until recently it was not possible to share Amazon Prime Video series or movies to Chromecast , but they have finally activated the option to send the content to both Chromecast and Mi Box TV.

It’s time to celebrate that it is now possible to send any Amazon Prime content to our Chromecast device and it is also very easy!

We explain how to share Amazon Prime content to Chromecast :

  1. Update the latest version of the Amazon Prime Video app
  2. Open the app and register
  3. Enter the Amazon Prime catalog
  4. The Google Cast symbol will appear (in the lower corner of the screen)
  5. Select any movie or series
  6. The content will play on your Chromecast

Amazon Prime Video App: how does it work?

Downloading the Prime Video app is free and available for both iPhone and Android. This application is independent from the rest of Amazon apps, that is, the video content can only be viewed through the specific application .

Download the Amazon Prime Video app for iPhone

Download the Amazon Prime Video app for Android

The Prime video app is the means to access the content of the platform, it is installed on the different devices, detailed in the subsequent section. Users who wish to view the content from their computer can access it through the website.

Amazon Prime App
Advantage Function
Download Download movies, series and programs to play them without an Internet connection.
X-Ray function Gives access to IMBD data about actors, songs and content curiosities.
Auto Play Automatic start of next episode
Watchlist Allows you to create a list with the content to view later
Subitulation Language change and subtitling of movies and series.

Devices to watch Amazon Prime Video

Enjoying Amazon Prime Video content is very simple, the first step is to download the Prime Video application and register the user account.

Where and how you can watch Amazon Prime Video
Device How to watch Amazon Prime Video
Fire TV Stick Basic Edition The Amazon “pen-drive” that connects to the television and allows us to run the Amazon Prime Video app directly on the television.
AppleTV It has an Amazon Prime Video application for Apple TV, accessing the content is as simple as installing the app and entering your credentials
Chromecast Once Chromecast is connected to the television, you must open Amazon Prime Video on your mobile or computer and share it with the television through the Chromecast icon in the Amazon Prime Video app. Both devices must be connected to WiFi.
Mobile and tablet Download the Amazon Prime Video app on IOS or Android from the Play Store or App Store.
Amazon Prime Video website Connect through the Amazon Prime Video website.
Play Station 3 and 4 and Xbox One Through the app store, download the Amazon Prime Video app.
Vodafone TV With Vodafone’s Serielovers pack, you can watch Amazon Prime on your television.
Smart TV Smart TVs: Samsung, Sony, LG, Philips, Panasonic, Vestel, Hisense, Roku.

Amazon Prime Video Reviews

Amazon Prime customers give their opinion on the company’s streaming service.

It is good, it lacks more content, but what I do have a complaint about is that when I put on a movie or series, it takes a long time to reach the maximum quality, and it is not my internet because I have tried, with other wifi, with data and not even Well, it’s taking a long time, fix that, and it would be perfect

Google Play

Spanish subtitles do not work consecutively between one chapter and another when downloading series to watch offline. Every start you have to configure the subtitle again and it is a struggle of 15 minutes or more in each chapter where yes or no you have to have internet or luck,

 Google Play

Good high quality content (far superior to Netflix according to my taste). The app is intuitive, works smoothly and the X-ray part is excellent. I will give the fifth star when they allow content to be transmitted to the Chromecast, which so far has been the only failure.

Google Play

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More information about Amazon Prime

Prime Video is part of the Amazon Prime offer, the company offers its subscribers several advantages when paying for this subscription. The services included in Amazon Prime are:

  • Fast shipping: fast shipping in 1, 2 and 3 days, free and unlimited at no additional cost.
  • Priority access: access to flash offers 30 minutes before their start.
  • Prime reading: access to a selection of regularly updated ebooks.
  • Amazon Photos: Free, unlimited photo storage.
  • Prime Music: Access to over 2 million songs without ads.
  • Twitch Prime: access to the most important video game platform.
  • Amazon Prime Video .

Amazon Prime members can enjoy access to Prime Video in more than 200 countries and territories, although the offering and features offered in each may vary. An example is Canada where customers can consume Prime Video Channels to subscribe to third-party pay channels.

The features of Amazon Prime Video are:

  • Plays the content in its original language and allows you to activate subtitles and audio dubbing in French, Italian, Spanish, German, Japanese, Portuguese and English.
  • Prime Video Watchlist , a watchlist that allows you to save series and movies to watch later.
  • Download Prime Video content on mobile devices to play it later without having to be connected to the Internet.
  • 4K and HDR playback quality, many contents have these playback qualities although it may depend on the viewing device.

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