Alternatives To Divxtotal: The 10 Best To Watch Movies And Series

Alternatives To Divxtotal: The 10 Best To Watch Movies And Series

Are you looking for alternatives to DivxTotal? We know that the authorities have this platform in their sights. All this is due to a campaign carried out in 2018 by the Civil Guard to block the download of pages with content protected by copyright. It didn’t seem serious when it all started, however, later they gave a clear message about the illegal downloads that occur daily on the web, so looking for alternatives to DivxTotal is very important for those who want to continue enjoying premium content.

To this end, 23 websites where users could download protected audiovisual content for free were completely closed by the authorities, and their respective developers had to go to court; in fact, some of them were fined millions of dollars. However, the mill run by DivxTotal has not sat idly by in the face of the general confinement imposed by the Spanish authorities. They managed to avoid these establishments intelligently, keeping the best torrent download websites in Spanish alive and offering their services for free.

Of course, the chase continues and may even stop at any time. Therefore, we have developed this article in order to provide you with the best DivxTotal alternatives that exist on the web, so that you can continue downloading torrents without any problem.

What happened to DivxTotal?

As stated by the Spanish authorities themselves, the DivxTotal developers use different types of methods to circumvent the law, thus avoiding possible shutdowns or blocking, for example, they hide the real location of the servers and change them in different countries Location.

Additionally, it is important to note that the legal proceedings have created publicity for this site, which is why it is now more popular and has more and more users.

As such, DivxTotal, the number one torrent download site, continued to lead the way in 2019 and will continue to do so because it offers undeniable quality. First of all, it has virtually no ads, makes browsing the web faster, and has tons of torrent files that outnumber the search engines of people sharing files from their computers (headquarters). However, the bad news is that they have been notified by the authorities, so sooner or later they will close.

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Top 10 Alternatives to DvixTotal

As we already mentioned, they close this site from time to time. Therefore, it is important to know pages that have a quality similar to DvixTotal and where you can download your favorite files. The following list consists of accredited and recognized platforms.


Although the pages are a bit dated, the site still offers good multimedia content, including torrent movies of all genres, in a fairly decent format. In addition to original movies, you will find shows, series, music and games; Enjoy new files almost every day.

As for the ads on this page, users agree that it is relatively annoying, depending on the day, as it seems to be set up differently each day.

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Another alternative to DivxTotal is Cuevana, which has had to change its domain name three times since its creation in 2009 due to copyright infringement issues in many of its files, causing the site to shut down.

However, Cuevana is positioned as one of the most popular places because you can choose to watch movies, documentaries and series online; or, if you prefer, download files directly or using torrents. Although this page does not offer an extensive table of contents compared to other pages, it is still good.

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This is a very nice website that users can see and it is very easy to use and understand, where you can find a wide variety of movies, series, documentaries, games, music and other multimedia files that you can download quickly and in HD format.

A special feature of this page is that it has no ads! This makes the user experience comfortable when downloading files. It has a tab where you can find torrents that you can download, choose it from the variety of content it has to offer.

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It is a website that has been in operation since 2007, it is very complete, it makes it easy to download torrent files, and it also has a wide catalog of documentaries, series, movies, anime, music and more.

The good thing about this page is that it is constantly updated to eliminate files that may represent some type of risk to the security of its users. The home page has a tab that allows you to easily search for the title you are looking for.

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This is a great application, compatible with Windows, Mac or Android and IOS devices, once installed you will be able to search, download and enjoy a wide range of different torrent content with excellent formats and video quality (including 3D).

Many users of the app say that it reminds them a lot of the Netflix home page, but instead, there are many torrent files to choose from. In addition, it has the great advantage of having no ads, which makes it a great alternative to DivxTotal.

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It is a fairly simple and easy-to-use website where you can find a modest catalog of movies and series to download or watch online, and be able to navigate the different episodes one by one through a simple menu.

One of the most notable features of this page is that it does not have many ads, plus it can redirect to other pages with links like DivxTotal or EliteTorrent if there are no movies.

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On this page you can find high-quality multimedia content in English (mainly) and Spanish. The content offering includes various types of movies, series, computer games and even television programs.

One of the things that makes it a great download site is that its torrent content is often censored to keep its users safe. You will love this site!

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Informaniakos is a page that offers a fairly complete catalog of films, series, documentaries, music and interesting videos ordered by the latest additions. It also has a special torrent search engine so you can easily find movies to download.

As the name suggests, this site has a lot of information on how to download a specific torrent or what to expect when you download it. One of the downsides of Informaniakos is the inconsistent way they upload new content.

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This is another option to download classic and current movies, series, documentaries, pdfs, computer games and other resources. You will be able to find all these categories in an organized way to easily search for your title.

Additionally, with MejorTorrent, you can select and download multiple torrent files at the same time; However, one of the disadvantages is that sometimes it is not available, but then it becomes active.

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This alternative is excellent for downloading different torrents in an easy way, and because of this, this page has many followers around the world who visit it every day in search of new content.

One of the best features of this site is that the quality is very good, but for some countries, some torrents are not available, so it is recommended to use a VPN to access them.

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Alternatives to DivxTotal: Risks of downloading copyrighted content

It is true that users visiting a page and downloading content are beyond reproach, but other risks can arise when connecting to a P2P network to obtain information.

What happens is that these networks link remote computers to the main server, so the download process is much faster, however, someone with enough knowledge can access your computer remotely and obtain important information and steal it. While this is unlikely to happen, it’s best to be on the safe side by using a VPN service that allows you to hide your real IP address.

Another risk is related to viruses, since files downloaded from these sites can become infected. To avoid this, it is crucial to have active defenses and use a good antivirus that blocks malicious files as quickly as possible to avoid problems with your computer.

Another problem faced by users who want to download such a file is that by saving it on their computer, it is constantly shared with other users, that is, if someone needs it later, the platform will get a fragment of your file to Allow. discharge. Therefore, it is recommended that you close the downloader when you are not using it, so that it is offline when you are not downloading any files.

If we take each of these tips into account, we assure you that you will be able to enjoy your P2P content downloads without the aforementioned risks.

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