DonTorrent alternatives to download your favorite movies and series

DonTorrent alternatives to download your favorite movies and series

Over the years, downloading torrents to watch movies and series has become very popular. But with the rise of platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime or Disney +, torrent downloading has been affected. However, there are still thousands of people around the world who prefer to download free torrents to watch movies and series online on DonTorrent alternative sites.

As long as people continue downloading torrents, there will continue to be websites that make it easy. Although there are many websites that allow you to easily and easily download torrents for free, few are reliable or have been closed. Without a doubt one of the best valued and most popular is Don Torrent.

In this article, we will talk about Don Torrent , a very useful website that is well known by people all over the world. We also list the best alternatives that can be used to download free torrents safely and quickly.

What is DonTorrent?

Basically, it is one of the best websites to provide users with the opportunity to download torrents for free and is widely known all over the world. In addition, it has a variety of files, among which we can find more than 120,000 torrents, among which we can download series and movies quickly and safely.

Each torrent file is organized into different categories, where we can easily find the film material we need. On its home page, we find a list, showing the locations of movies available in standard, HD and 4K formats.

DonTorrent has series in different quality formats. We can find them by chapters or complete seasons. Plus, there are documentaries, music, games and more. If we can’t find what we are looking for by category, there is also a search bar where we can investigate further.

One of the advantages of Don Torrent is that it allows you to download the content of the website without using ad shorteners. Therefore, it is one of the best platforms to download torrents in digital world.

Don Torrent alternatives to download free torrents

Torrent downloading is still very popular around the world. Although streaming platforms continue to grow, there are still thousands of websites that can provide torrent downloading services . However, many of these sites can be exponentially insecure, so it’s sometimes difficult to know which sites to trust.

For this reason, in this article, we have selected the best websites where we can download our favorite torrents safely and for free. On the Internet we can find some of the best DonTorrent alternatives:



One of the DonTorrent alternatives where we can find a wide variety of Torrent movies of different genres, such as horror, suspense, animated, family, comedy and many more, in addition to not only having movies, it also has series, music, games, programs and further. This site is already somewhat old, but it continues to function to this day, bringing us updated content.

Despite being a website with an old design, it does not mean that it is outdated, on the contrary, they frequently update their content so don’t worry because you will surely find what you are looking for. Upon entering we can see that it shows us first-hand the latest releases in movies, series, music and games, it has a small search bar where we can search for anything, just below this bar we will find the different sections that Estrenosgo has.

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Elite Torrent

A website that has been blocked many times by the authorities. In fact, to avoid constant siege and persecution, he had to change camp. Although he repeats himself from time to time, he quickly resurfaced. Currently, they are responsible for uploading torrents in the world and their domains are still running.



This is another of the best websites that allows you to download series and movies in Torrent. Although the page has been threatened by the authorities and has been blocked more than once, the page is still active on the Internet. Although suspended in some countries/regions, the service provided by DivxTotal is excellent.

On this page we can find the best torrents in digital world , as well as download content in normal and high definition formats of movies and TV series. It also contains 3D movies in Torrent format, which we can download directly. However, you can also find other types of files, such as music, documents, and programs.

This page is dedicated to showing only movies and TV series that are usually placed in 1080p and 720p. All the audiovisual content it provides can be obtained from different languages. We can also find them in the original language version with subtitles and dual options, allowing users to change the language.



This is probably the oldest torrent site. However, age is not an obstacle to providing the best seeds for free. On this site we can find more than 57,000 titles . Although its interface and presentation are very simple, it has features that benefit users.

This torrent site provides a wide variety of movies and series in standard and high definition formats. In addition, we can also find PC games and music as well as a large number of other files. Therefore, this is a recommended option, which can be the ideal DonTorrent alternative.



With RARBG, we have unlimited access to a lot of new content, and this page has a lot of followers in many parts of the planet. It is constantly updated so that users who download torrents for free can download the latest movies and series. Apart from movies and TV series, the community also offers the best music, apps, etc.

Although it has been actively operating for more than 12 years, it has been blocked in different countries. Therefore, if the file is not available in your country and you want to access it, you can use a VPN to download the torrent. However, it is worth noting that the quality of the media files found on this site is the best. Therefore, it is an excellent option for downloading torrents.



It is a very efficient portal where you can get all types of audiovisual content in Torrent format, but with subtitles. Although this platform mainly contains original movies and audio series with subtitles, there is a small part of content . Each video is in DVD quality or 720p format.

With the search tools provided in SubTorrents, we can easily find what we need. Some of these tools are: category filters, where we can find movies or series based on the type of movie. The other is the search bar, through which we can search for exactly what we are looking for. Another excellent DonTorrent alternative.



This site specializes in classic movies. This torrent download website is ideal if you are looking for an old movie , if you can’t find it on other alternative DonTorrent websites, you will most likely find it on YTS. Searching for content on this website is very simple and practical. Therefore, when it comes to direct torrent downloading, we can rely on the YTS option.



One of the largest BitTorrent sites, ExtraTorrent, recently relaunched with a new URL, promising to provide a new and improved version of Although the layout is a bit messy, you can download a lot of the latest movies, TV series, software, games and music.

Some of the other benefits of ExtraTorrent include: no pop-up ads, display of the most popular torrents in each category, information about the health of each torrent, and a blog that keeps users up to date on torrent downloads and privacy. In Internet.

The Pirate Bay


These are big words, it is one of the best and oldest torrent sites, if there is a torrent file on the Internet, we can find it on The Pirate Bay. Basically, it is a torrent page in English, which gives beneficiaries access to millions of files, where they can download files directly and quickly. Because VIP users put tags on the files, it is easy to identify the quality of the files.

Although it has repeatedly evaded blocking attempts, the site continues to be listened to by many users around the world. In addition, it is simply designed and has a dynamic interface, so any user who visits your website can easily download it.



This is a portal site where we can easily find the best torrent files found on the internet. In addition, it also provides excellent content in movies, series, music and many other files. On the other hand, it also has a precise search function that can help us find any torrent file we need.

Its design also pleases users who have used its services. This page has also been updated several times to remove all files that pose a potential security risk. In this way, when using this website, we can rely on the trust and guaranteed security that 1337X provides for downloading Torrents.

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What is a Torrent file?

We are all familiar with torrent files. For inexperienced users, it can be a bit confusing. Some torrents act as URLs, while others can be downloaded. Torrents offer many advantages and to take full advantage of this technology, you must know what and how to open .torrent.

You can use many torrent clients to open these files, such as BitTorrent, uTorrent, Vuze etc. You can also use Firefox with the FoxTorrent extension for the same purpose.

Torrent files are all those files that are shared through the BitTorrent protocol. This protocol is a technique for peer-to-peer file sharing over the Internet. Typically, files are dispersed across a decentralized network of users and are downloaded from there. Peer-to-peer networks had some shortcomings.

One of the main shortcomings was the problem of searching and finding files on the thousands of systems that are connected to the network. And then there was the problem of distributing the potentially enormous upload and download load across many computers and network connections.

To overcome these problems, a special protocol called torrent was created. These small .torrent files contain information about the various peers and seeds of the files that are downloaded using the torrent protocol. And the load is distributed evenly among the huge networks. Seeds are the workstations that have downloaded the file and then uploaded it for others to download.

Peers are those who are in the download process and already have a partial file downloaded. You are a peer every time you download a file and can be connected to any person, seed, or peer to download a portion of that file. Torrents became popular because it was an efficient and decentralized way to share files on the Internet. And a powerful server is necessary to disseminate the files.

Is downloading torrents legal?

Although BitTorrent has a bad reputation, its technology and related platforms are 100% legal (in most countries). While the problem is not with the technology itself, legal problems begin when it is used to distribute copyrighted material.

Since BitTorrent is one of the most efficient file distribution methods, it was quickly adopted by hackers. That’s when illegal copyrighted content began to circulate on the web.

In attempting to regulate torrenting activities, many state courts have run into difficulties. They face the challenge that not all torrents are illegal. While most torrents are in some way illegal copyright accusations, there are others that are perfectly legal.

They also face the challenge of finding torrent users. Seeders are the ones that host pirated content found around the world. Pirate sites do not host pirated content, they only provide a list of seeders who can share the file.

Torrents are legal when you use them to share legitimate content within a business or home.

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Best free torrent clients

Torrent files are pretty useless on their own. There’s not much to do with a torrent file other than opening it with a torrent client. There are many clients available, but few stand out. The following list shows 7 of the most popular and effective torrent clients.




The original and official BitTorrent Inc. client. Very similar to the uTorrent user interface but a little heavier. BitTorrent is free, but it is also supported by ads and third-party software. If you want to avoid add-ons and software, you should purchase the premium version. The BitTorrent client comes with a browser toolbar for easy browsing and searching for torrents.

Other cool features include web-based seeding, commenting, and review. One advantage of BitTorrent over uTorrent is that it is welcomed by some private trackers who generally reject uTorrent.



The most popular open source torrent client purchased and maintained by BitTorrent. uTorrent was launched in 2005 and has maintained a high rank among the best torrent clients. uTorrent has been popular since then because it is very lightweight and easy to use. It has managed to remain completely free by being supported by ads and third-party software.

To avoid unwanted software, check the installation settings very carefully and uncheck unnecessary tools. To avoid embedded ads, update your uTorrent, newer versions allow disabling of ads. Despite the “unwanted” ads, uTorrent has a good balance of features, lightness, and ease of use.



Considered by many users to be the best free and open source torrent client. qBittorrent is quite balanced in terms of simplicity, speed and features. The highlights are a built-in torrent search engine, built-in media player, web-based remote control, IP filtering, torrent prioritization, torrent creation and alert system. On top of that, you can get qBittorrent completely free and without ads. The torrent client is available for Windows, Linux and Mac OSX.





While not the most popular, ruTorrent is worth mentioning as one of the best torrent clients. ruTorrent came as a web interface from the rTorrent command line based torrent client. ruTorrent tries to mimic the feel of uTorrent WebUI.

ruTorrent is free, very easy to use and very light. ruTorrent is the perfect choice for remote torrent management and can run on very low resource systems, it can also allow you to create a torrent from scratch. ruTorrent’s feature set is highly customizable. But adjusting the client and its functions can be difficult.

The amazing thing about ruTorrent is that it can be installed on low-end servers and even SOHO routers. Due to this fact, ruTorrent is one of the best options for Seedbox platforms.



Once known as Azureus. Vuze has been similar to uTorrent and has been a good competitor for major torrent clients.

Vuze is an amazing free torrent client with the widest list of features. Some features include remote web management, a built-in HD video browser and player, file conversions, and many interesting statistics and visualizations. Vuze is very easy to use and can be password protected.

Due to its rich variety of features, Vuze can be resource-intensive. Vuze is free, but you can also get the premium version for an annual fee. The premium version may be a better option because it comes with more features and no built-in ads.

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Download torrents with a web browser

Using dedicated clients all the time can have some disadvantages. ISPs may slow down their ports, some come with third-party software, or may be inconvenient for the everyday mobile user. Fortunately, there are some alternatives to avoid the need for a dedicated torrent client.

The Opera 12.18 web browser was the first to take a step towards BitTorrent support. Shortly after, other browsers followed, such as Wyzo, Brave, and Web Torrent. It’s convenient to download and manage all of your torrents directly from your web browser , but a browser may lack the full features that a client can offer.

If you want to continue using your favorite web browser, there are some extensions that can add BitTorrent support. For example, BitFox is an extension that adds BitTorrent support to Mozilla Firefox.

Editor’s note: The content of this post is for informational purposes only. Our website does not endorse any form of piracy nor does it use this or other articles to encourage such activities.

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