Alternatives to DownloadMix | DownloadMix Alternatives

Alternatives to DownloadMix | DownloadMix Alternatives

Downloads Mix was one of the leading websites for downloading multimedia files to which users who always expected to find very specific files went.

The numerous categories that it had, as well as the section with the latest releases, had made this portal one of the favorite options given the quality of its content.

Why has DescargasMix closed?

The Descargas Mix torrent content website was no longer available, much to the regret of the followers who had found an excellent source of content on this page, especially movies. Due to legal restrictions, the web has disappeared, but not many other alternatives with similar content.

Despite the fact that it is increasingly difficult to locate web pages with quality content, there are still options available.

Many of them can change their domain periodically, so you must take this into account to be able to locate them. We present a list with the best websites similar to Downloadsmix.

Alternatives to DescargasMix to download movies and series

Pirate Bay 3


This website has been absent on a few occasions due to legal restrictions, but it is still active (changing domains frequently) and offers one of the most complete catalogs of torrents .

To begin with, it has all kinds of files among which you can search for music, movies, television series, games or applications . It is not surprising that it is one of the websites with the largest number of users in the world.

One of the improvements that this website has introduced after its latest updates is that in many of the files that you will find, they have a legend that warns you about the reliability when downloading it.



On this website it is possible to find a wide variety of content, especially movies and television series, although it also offers content related to music, software or games.

  • Allows you to select content in HD and 4K
  • The upload of files is restricted to only some users so you can make sure that the files are of quality

In this case, we are dealing with an application based on the famous Popcorn time , but in its Spanish version, which you can download for your computer, mobile phone or television. In it you will have access to numerous high-quality content. One of the advantages of this service is that the movies are updated daily.

On the other hand, you must take into account that there is no possibility of selecting audios in Latin or in other languages, you can only find them in Spanish .



With an interface similar to that of the Google search engine, this website is capable of searching a large number of different portals until it finds the file you need. This is possible thanks to the fact that it is  capable of linking to more than 100 torrent pages to search for the chosen file.

However, special care must be taken when choosing the proposed torrents, since this website does not have a filter to choose the most reliable ones.



This website has a clean and simple interface that is pleasant to use. Best of all, in addition to having more than 3 million verified torrents to which new ones are added every day, it hardly has any advertising.

In addition, so that you do not miss all the news, it has a calendar in which the most relevant upcoming contributions are announced.



With a modern but well-ordered interface, it is one of the best alternative platforms to Downloads Mix , to download the latest episodes of the most watched series. You only have to pass the mouse over to access a summary with all the information about the file to download. In addition, you will find a multitude of movies of all genres and access different options

  • You can choose between different types of audio and resolution
  • You can filter the search for movies by countries

cuevana 2

Cuevana 2

This website is not a torrent download site , but it offers a large number of movies and television series for you to watch online. Best of all, it offers  fast and unhindered browsing .

Just select the content and it will start playing. Also, you can write comments and interact with other users.




This alternative website to Downloads Mix has a large number of torrents among which you can find movies, games, anime and even music or software

  • Offers flags to check if it is a trustworthy file
  • You can access a section where you can check the latest torrents added, as well as the most popular ones



This download portal has a wide variety of content where you can download all kinds of movies, television series, documentaries or programs .

To access a specific file or a specific theme, you just have to go to the different categories it offers. If you are looking for a faster answer, you have a filter that allows you to search for a movie according to the year of release.



It is one of the classic torrent download pages specialized in television series and movies. One of the outstanding options is that it allows you to choose the language in which you want to see the content.

On the other hand, it has a section in which the latest new releases appear, as well as different categories. Although as a negative point, it should be noted that invasive advertising that slows down browsing a lot .



Divxtotal is another of the classic pages for downloading content. In it you will find files of movies and television series mainly. From this platform you can choose the resolution in which you want to access the movie catalog.

If you are looking for a specific movie, you can access the available categories to locate it, or use the alphabetical order system that makes it easy to find specific files.

torrent downloads

On this website the most outstanding torrents appear in each of the categories so that you are aware of all the news. It also has numerous verified torrents so you can download safely.

Another of its great advantages is the large number of files in movies and television series, although you will also have access to games, programs, books or music, among others.



A website with a simple design but with a large number of options to filter results and obtain the safest links

  • You can filter any search based on the number of people downloading it, size or comments
  • It is one of the portals with the largest number of torrent files in Spanish



If you are looking for a website specialized in online movies , Gnula is one of the most complete options, although it does not offer the download option. It has an option where you can request a particular movie if you haven’t had any luck searching for files.

In addition, it offers a small summary of each movie simply by hovering over the file with the mouse.


If you want to have the latest releases almost instantly, this website is the best alternative to not miss a single movie on the billboard

  • Upload the latest episodes of the most watched series and premiere movies
  • It has different dubbing options and links to the trailers of each film.
  • You can view the contents online and upload comments


Repelis Plus

Repelis is another of the pages similar to Downloads Mix , and one of the best download websites for movie lovers , since it has one of the most extensive catalogs of novelties and classic movies. In fact, you can find files from the year 1929. In addition, you can choose to watch the movies with subtitles and in Spanish or Latin dubbing.

KATCR ( Kickass Torrents )

kickass torrent

One of the best-known websites with the longest history in torrent downloads that continues to reinvent itself despite its continuous closures. It has an option so that you can browse without having to reveal your IP , in order to safeguard your identity and avoid tracking. In addition, you can check the top with the best torrents based on various categories



This portal is dedicated to a multitude of torrent file themes in which you can use numerous search filters. One of the positive points of this website is that it allows anonymous downloads or viewing the file online.

On the other hand, it gives access to different lists with the most popular torrents of the day and the week, as well as the 100 best torrents of the month.



In this case we find a website with a minimalist design that offers a search bar which gives access to a large volume of files of all categories.

It has an application for Android so that you can download files wherever you are, although if there is something that is really remarkable, it is that it does not store data from the users who use its service.



This download website has a wide catalog of movie files available in all possible categories. The best thing about this website is that it offers movies in HD taking up as little space as possible. Also, the movies are in original version, but you can easily find the subtitles.

If there is something negative that does not make it a favorite, it is the advertising, which can be somewhat invasive, although it is worth it for the quality of the files.



This website offers a somewhat different service from other portals by making it possible to subscribe to the episodes of the series and television programs that we prefer. Besides

  • Acts as an RSS feed that notifies the issuance of new chapters
  • Automatically generates links for download
  • You must register to access all services



One of the simplest and most minimalist websites that you will find, however, it has one of the most complete catalogs of torrents. Best of all, it takes care of carrying out a search on numerous torrent download websites to offer the best results. This increases the probability of finding very specific files.

One point in its favor is that you can choose the language in which you want to use the page, which makes it easier to use. This allows access to a larger number of users.

Cliver TV


Specialized in movies and television series, it is one of the websites with the largest number of files

  • Offers different playback languages, including subtitles in the case of English versions
  • In each file you will find a notice in case the quality of the movie is low



Excellent option to access numerous torrents of different themes , movies, television series and documentaries especially. It offers an option to watch live events, such as sporting events. Also, locating a file is very simple since you can use the search engine to filter the search by typing title, year of release, genre and even actors.



If you are looking for a website with a large number of series episodes from around the world, this is the right place. On the one hand, it has specific information about each series , warning if all the seasons have already finished or there are still chapters pending. In addition, you can find other types of content such as television programs or reality shows. Although, yes, you should know that the content is in English .



A website with excellent design that stands out for the good organization with which the content has been classified, which helps to find the files easily. At the beginning of the page you will be able to see the premieres that have just been included and below those that will be included soon. You can even find archives from the year 1920 to the present.



Mejortorrent is one  of the oldest online download portals and despite the fact that the interface has barely changed, it is still as effective as the first day.

It is true that it is not one of the websites with the largest number of files but it has many new features that are being updated. In addition, it shows notices of the latest chapters that have been uploaded to the platform.

mega downloads

Excellent alternative to Mix Downloads to access a multitude of movie and series files. Allows access to the highest grossing films section and upcoming releases to keep up to date with upcoming links. To find a specific file you only have to filter the search for any file by choosing the year of release or the quality in which you want to view it.



One of the most widely used torrent search engines on the web , offering numerous file download options for each search

  • Search up to almost 100 different domains at once
  • You can order the searches based on upload date, size, score and people who are sharing the file

What is the best alternative to Downloads Mix at the moment?

Downloads Mix has always stood out for offering a wide catalog of movies to download directly. In this sense, the Pelis123 website is very close to the type of website and the options offered by the previous page. You can access new releases, find movies by category, and even choose the type of audio and resolution. Another interesting option is that you can choose the search filter by country, which expands the options.

Tips to increase security when downloading torrents

Torrent downloads are not without certain dangers. And it is that this practice exposes the IP address you use and therefore it is relatively easy to monitor your activity while browsing.

On the other hand, there are legal aspects that do not allow downloads of this type of files in certain countries, which causes the blocking of these pages. However, there are options to be able to download torrents safely.

Browse with a VPN network

VPN networks are very useful to help you hide the IP address since it encrypts all the data that is created while browsing. This keeps your identity safe, as well as keeping track of the places you visit or the torrents you download. It is also a good option to access those download pages that have been blocked in some countries.

Use a private proxy

private proxy is used to hide your IP address on a certain page (not for the entire time you browse). This is very useful to access web pages with content blocked in some countries. The proxy identifies you as an Internet user from another country and bypasses the block. It is a less secure option than a VPN, but effective in certain cases.

Remember to always choose files that have good comments and that offer maximum reliability. In this way you can use this service without risk.

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