Alternatives to Pelispedia | Pelispedia Alternatives

Alternatives to Pelispedia | Pelispedia Alternatives

Pelispedia is one of the most famous portals to watch series and movies for free online . In it we can find a good number of premieres as classics. All of them with great reproduction quality and in different languages.

However, for reasons of commercial rights , like other similar sites, its web address is often removed. This forces you to look for some alternative pelispedia-type websites.

In the following lines we are going to review other pages with which you can follow your favorite productions for free, accessible from the browser.

13 alternatives to Pelispedia to watch free movies online

 Pepe cinema

If for some reason you can’t access Pelis pedia URLs, Pepecine is a great option .

We are talking about a platform with an infinite number of films and series that stands out because the vast majority of them are translated into Spanish, something not so common.

Almost all of the content can be seen in HD and, when you pass the mouse over the covers of the productions, their synopsis will appear.

You must register to save your favorites or to download a title.

  • Own blog with news from the world of cinema
  • Information about the most prestigious actors
  • Tutorials to solve doubts
  • Ability to add ratings



If you’ve ever used Plusdede or Pordede for fun, Megadede bears many similarities. It is one of the most popular in this segment.

Among its strengths, the multiple variety of languages ​​for each item in the catalogue, such as the tool that allows you to link playback with a TV via Chromecast .

Finally, it has a comments section to chat with other users.

 look at everything

It is a site that includes many of the characteristics that we have mentioned before, so none is missed, being really very complete and offering very positive sensations.

Particularly amazing is its Random Content pool , second to none for those moments when we have no idea what to watch, and have nothing on our minds.

Repelis Plus


Repelis Plus is another page similar to Pelispedia.

With a proposal similar to those found on other websites in the sector, we especially liked certain additional sections, such as Latest News or Latest Trends .

You can also review the movies or series by categories, or generate your own listings.

popcorn time


Perfect for those looking for a quality service, above the usual.

We can take advantage of it on practically any device, since it is compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, iOS and Android . In this sense it surpasses all others by far.

It also has 3D movies for suitable televisions.

Like most, it contains ads.



It is true that Vid corn forces us to register and that can annoy more than one viewer. However, it is worth it for its endless number of titles.

You decide if you want to download the movies or watch them on the Internet from your mobile devices.

In one of its submenus we can filter the films according to the actors who work in them.

cat series

Its very name already anticipates what kind of content we are going to find when browsing it.

Already on the main screen we will see the most recent episodes of each fashion series.

However, it does not leave us without films either since, in the upper part of the panel, by clicking on the word Movies, we are redirected to the web with these movies.

  • Chapters with viewer ratings
  • Facts about the career of actors and actresses
  • Facebook page full of news
  • Overly intrusive advertising



Another good solution when Spanish Pelispedia is down or we cannot access it.

Pelisplus arose as a replacement for a Plusdede that already had its first problems due to the same rights issues, adding support for Chromecast as a differential utility.

The organization of the movies is really good, with a tab of all the 2023 releases . In this way you will not miss those that are still on display.



Its content menus are simple and easy to use.

To the traditional categories, they add others such as a classification by companies that produce the movies or series, or whether or not it is on Netflix.

Its daily updated calendar will tell you when the next releases are, like the latest news.

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Despite the fact that we must create an account to see your movies and series, we don’t lose more than a minute and it will open the doors of a very complete web server .

With it, you will not only be able to see its contents on the computer but also on Android terminals.

Its collection is one of the most up-to-date and you will always find something interesting to pass the time.



A site that feeds on torrents , avoiding the usual sanctions. Although this slows down the viewing process a bit, you will hardly find any broken torrents or non-functioning links.

It has differences with its competitors, such as sections for games, other software and music.

Their movie and TV news menu isn’t bad, even though it’s in English.


Another portal that uses torrents so that we can watch series and movies at home.

Mostly the titles are in Spanish and those that cannot be seen with Spanish subtitles.

We can establish the audio quality that best suits our needs.


Ideal for those who do not have much patience when looking for series or movies.

The distribution of the works is very simple and almost immediately you can find something that you like.

Solutions if Pelispedia does not work

We have reviewed several pages similar to Pelipedia that we think you might find useful when this website is out of service.

In any case, if we were asked about the best alternative to Pelispedia , we would almost certainly choose the Miradetodo website .

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