Competitor Research Strategies to Help Your Business Grow

Competitor Research Strategies to Help Your Business Grow

Competition is an inevitable factor in the business industry. In fact, because of the high competition in the market, people keep on getting quality products and services. As a tendency, all those with low quality and uncompetitive brands will get left behind. If you’re a business owner, you always want to strive to be on top of the competition, regardless of what you’re offering. To do this, you need to study and start your competitor research to get where you are going. You cannot win without identifying every step that you need to take. Read on to see what you can do about it.

How To Do Competitor Research Strategies

Keep this handful of competitor research strategies to stay at the peak of competition.

1. Identify your competitors

Before you can start planning, you need to see who is on top of the game. By doing so, you can get insights into their strategies and techniques that made them on top. You can take advantage of it and plan for the things that they don’t have.

2. Check out their website and social media pages

Since competition happens digitally, your competitors are surely present online. You need to check their site and social media pages and see what they are doing to catch attention and engagement. Take notes of their activities and spy on their trending posts. Obviously, you can’t copy their strategy because that won’t do any good to you. Instead, you need to go over it and think of some out-of-the-box strategies that can beat them.

3. Track keywords they use

Keywords are the essential assets of today’s competition. The key to being on top of the search engine is through the right keywords and with this in mind, you might want to have it on your list. Use the keywords and see for yourself what could be its effect on your performance.

4. Do backlink analysis

Through backlink analysis of your competitor’s site, you can curate a digital strategy for your brand. You can assess the intensity of the competition in your niche and as a result, you can create specific guidelines stating your targets based on this backlink analysis. If you’re not familiar with this, you can consult with an internet marketing team to do it for you.

5. Identify their gaps and use them to improve yours

There is no such thing as a perfect competitor out there. If you’ll pay attention to your competitors, you’d notice that there will always be lapses in some aspects of their business. It could be their website design, performance, customer service, or the quality of their products. Once you see their gaps, you can use them to improve yours that would be beneficial to your customers.

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6. Conduct surveys

In business, you always need to listen to your customers or pay attention to the voice of the majority. You can collect these insights about your products or services through surveys. Once you have the data, you can start planning for your next move.


Growing your business would take time and process, but you can speed it up through the right strategies. One is by familiarizing yourself with your competitors. In this way, you can see how they’re performing and what you can do to get above them.

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