Where to find your target or target audience on the Internet for your business

Where to find your target or target audience on the Internet for your business

Do you know what the target your company is targeting on the web?

Any professional or company that wants to achieve its objectives must never forget that the client is our boss.

It is necessary to have the capacity and, of course, professionalism, to identify the target audience of our brand, so that the end is a [Tweet «win to win” establish relationships in which both parties win:»]” [Tweet« yes my clients win, I win too”]

Our communication, promotion, marketing strategies, etc. (whether we are talking about the offline or online world) should be, as far as possible, directed towards a relatively clear target.

Knowing how to identify the target audience is one of the main requirements of a project or business that seeks to be more competitive.

Identifying our target or target audience on the Internet is more difficult than it seems.

On the web, there are times when it is difficult to clearly establish the country where our audience resides, imagine then, what it will be like to detect some more specific data.

Despite the difficulty, you must do at least a basic segmentation.

Sometimes this is just a matter of analyzing some data and using common sense.

If your business is small or you are just starting, you should first analyze the situation and its needs, regarding the segmentation of its audience, and then think to what extent we should, or “can” get to identify that target audience.

What are the main characteristics of my products or services?

Depending on the product or service you offer, we will be more or less clear who might be interested in them.

What type of audience or online audience do I want to attract?

Sometimes we have a general idea of ​​the characteristics of the audience we would like to address. Therefore, it is not bad to include these own parameters within our segmentation strategy.

Taking care not to create false ideas.

Active listening with the client sometimes creates stereotypes, which can harm us in achieving the clients’ goals.

How are customers who are interested in my products or services in the offline world?

[Tweet “The online world is a prolongation of real life.”]

That is why my online strategies should always go hand in hand with all offline strategies.

Knowing better what the client of my Local business is like and what it needs will also help us recognize our digital target audience better.

What budget can I dedicate to my online communication?

If you think that by having a website, blog, or profile on all social networks, people will be much more interested in our businesses, we have it clear.

Do I have sufficient technical or professional means to reach that target audience?

If we do not have the capacity or professional experience to design and manage our presence on the web, we must hire someone to do it for us. [Tweet “Our technical means will influence how and how far we can go.”]

What kind of audience is most likely to visit my website?

Using Google Analytics and other web analytics tools, we will know some important information about our website visitors.

Having this information available is also an essential complement, and to take into account, to identify the target audience of your business on the Internet.

What are the dates that most affect my products or services?

It happens in most businesses; there are dates of the year that we have more or less demand.

Clear examples are the classics such as nougat sold at Christmas, ice cream in summer, etc.

As in analog marketing, this will influence us when we identify our digital target.

Do I have more than one type of target audience?

Our business may have more than one type of ideal customer.

So let’s not forget always to keep this in mind in our future reviews.

Let’s think about the previous point, ice cream, nougat …

What demographic traits distinguish them?

Traits, s*x, age, education, family situation, income, health, etc.

For example, men and women prioritize different aspects on a website; if we want to attract both genders, we should think of web design more that everyone likes.

Age and education often have implications for technical issues, such as usability.

Education and values affect everything… from language and images to the products that would be more appropriate to sell on our website.

What are its main geographical characteristics (mobility, means of transport, distance, time, etc.)?

The Internet allows us to reach almost everywhere. But, you have to consider whether the product or service I offer can be accessible to anyone.

The distance and the available means of transportation are a variable to attend to.

For example: if I offer a vacation package, our client may not have problems traveling long distances.

But if the product is a weekend getaway, things change.

Something similar happens with transport; you must ask yourself if your customers have the means to get to your business or if you can easily send those products to their home. Here again, the offline world comes into play.

What do they usually need, or what problems afflict them?

A clear way to get to know our ideal audience better is by using empathy. That is, ask us what your main needs and / or problems could be, those that our company could satisfy.

A clear way to get to know our ideal audience better is by using empathy. That is, ask us what your main needs and / or problems could be, those that our company could satisfy.

Another best way to find out what our target audience are looking for is having a clear understanding on what our existing audience are looking for.

Finding their engagement on our website and social channels and conducting regular surveys on different platforms help us in getting that data.

Some businesses step ahead by directly talking with their audience by adding a toll free number to their website which is very easy to get nowadays.

Where and how do they access the Internet?

The place where they connect to the Internet, the speed of that connection, the operating system’s age, and the availability of computers that our target has will influence our future online strategies.

It is also important to know if they have high-end computers and/or will regularly connect at home, at work, or from a place of public access (security, quality, and connection speed).

Do they have easy access to mobile Internet or Wi-Fi?

Knowing this detail is necessary to interpret better the connection habits of our current and potential buyers.

A mobile client will demand a website or online store much better adapted to these terminals (responsive).

Do they use social networks and read the online press?

This is a question or factor that will make it easier for you to detect how online media your potential clients are most accessible (useful information for the best design of our marketing strategies, customer service, advertising, etc.).

People who usually use social networks to communicate or read press on the Internet are more familiar with the online world and its characteristics.

What would be the ideal keywords for my target?

If we talk about the Internet, we talk about SEO positioning… do not hesitate!

Increase our “online visibility.” For this, we need to recognize our target’s characteristics and evaluate the way they look for us.

Who can influence my customers online?

This is an increasingly important point, especially if we talk about social networks or blogs.

Keep in mind that your potential clients will always see recommendations, suggestions, etc. with better eyes. Other people can do and if they are influencers or with much more experience in the subject.

[Tweet “Knowing the influencers is an added value for our strategies.”]

Conclusion (detect your target audience on the Internet)

Having the most defined target audience to whom we address to create unique strategies for each client, product, and/or service on the Internet.

This will not only make designing easier but will also improve our company’s chances of success.

Answer the maximum number of questions, ask for help, and reflect with who can help you or with Social Media Marketing itself to help you achieve your goals for your business.

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