Alternatives To EliteTorrent: The 12 Best Of This Year

Alternatives To EliteTorrent: The 12 Best Of This Year

Are you looking for alternatives to Elitetorrent? If there is a popular and widely used site to download torrent files, it is Elitetorrent. Mass media downloading sites have faced justice many times. So you can continue enjoying your content, we have compiled the best alternatives to Elitetorrent. You have plenty of sites where you can download Torrnet files, or if you feel more comfortable, some even allow you to watch online content without having to download anything.

What is Elite Torrent?

Elite Torrent is an online platform to watch and download movies and series for free. For many people, elitetorrent is the best site because it offers a variety of menus including kids, family, action, comedy, thriller, horror and much more, accessible from any device.

More and more web users are becoming regulars on EliteTorrents because content is easy to find through movie search engines, applying search filters that visitors can think of, such as file size, resolution, and format. , in addition to choosing between the available languages.

Another attribute of elite is the speed of uploading and downloading files. Since it has thousands of torrents to download, Elitetorrent users won’t waste time or megabytes on frustrating downloads due to server crashes or similar glitches. The elite versions of torrent are of equal quality in terms of loading speed, so you can keep up to date like a movie buff.

One of the best things about Elitetorrent is that they continue to improve their site to make it more interactive and responsive, which is a very positive thing nowadays.

What happens with Elite Torrent?

EliteTorrent highlights its file download speed. Since it has thousands of torrents to download, EliteTorrent users won’t waste time or megabytes on frustrating downloads due to server errors. EliteTorrent alternatives are of equal quality in terms of loading speed, so you can keep up to date like a movie buff.

One of the best things about Elitetorrent is that they continue to improve their site to make it more interactive and responsive, which is a very positive thing nowadays.

The 12 best Alternatives to EliteTorrent 

Below we have listed 10 of the best alternatives to Elitetorrent so that you can watch recently released movies or movies of your favorite actors for free at home.


If there is a page considered an alternative to Elitetorrent, it is MejorTorrentes . It is the best collection of seeds and that is what makes it so special. Plus, everything you find here is in Spanish, which is your biggest advantage in finding what you’re looking for. It can be a complement with other large companies such as The Pirate Bay.


Here is another option available that is quite good. It focuses on the content of movies or series in Spanish. It has a lot of ads, so you have to be careful when clicking to download torrents and clicking on the given links.

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The Pirate Bay

It is without a doubt the most famous torrent page in the world. There was a time when he was on leave precisely because of all the accusations, and his closure by the FBI made everything seem like a before and after.

Since then, all they have done is change domain names to survive. It is a great alternative to Elitetorrent that will show you where to download that content. The website is in English and has many advertisements.


Another classic site to download content via torrent. Like Elite Riptide and The Pirate Bay, it went through several changes and had to revise its domain. Still, it is active.


This site is recommended for those looking for a torrent of new content. You won’t find them in Spanish, but you will find almost anything you suggest. If you are looking for something new that just happened, it is definitely available on Rarbg.

It is easy to navigate as it has a very simple website with different subsections so you can quickly find your content. It also has a list of the most downloaded movies and series.


It is a website created by ExtraTorrent. At the time, it was positioned as one of the best sites for downloading torrents and was one of the most used Elitetorrent alternatives. Now, with ETTV, you will have a working search engine where you can apply different filters to find the torrent you want.

This is another option available, and although it is probably not the best option on this list, it is something to keep in mind when downloading torrents.


This alternative to Elitetorrent has a broader reach. Most of it is in English, although you will find some content in Spanish. It may not be accessible in some countries as they also block it due to various complaints.


This is a site that focuses on movie torrents and tries to provide the highest quality links on the market. The vast majority are in HD, so you can be sure of accessing high-quality content.

Like any other type of page of this style, you have to be careful with copyright. It is very intuitive and you will see the movie poster displayed to make it easier for you to find what you are looking for.


This is a very interesting site because it is based on its community. Be a Zooqle member who uploads content to the website so that the links can be accessed.

Some may not have as much access or may be restricted. As it is a fairly new site, it is only a matter of time before its use expands. To make searching easier, it has sections in its menu. Most of the content is in English.


One of the oldest along with the elite torrents. A great search engine where you can have multiple categories makes everything easier. As in the previous case, your domain will vary with usual. Its navigation is very basic so you can find what you need.


A website with a huge variety of seed banks. From movies to TV shows, music, games and more. You may find several clones as they have changed their name and domain.


A website where you can access the latest movies and episodes of original releases. It’s very fast because you can get what’s already played in minutes. It has some advertising and sometimes you can change your domain name a little to avoid getting into trouble since it has been closed for years.

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How to download safely on EliteTorrent?

If you don’t have much time to read, here is a quick guide to safely connect to Elitetorrent. Remember, you will need a VPN to mask your IP and hide your ISP (Internet Service Provider). This way, torrent downloads will be faster, more private, and more efficient.

Reusing a service that a few years ago provided us with so many hours of entertainment is as simple as typing its name into Google and clicking on the first search that appears. Obviously, restoring their name is one of the key conditions for their promotion again, and they are working hard!

Now, what about the EliteTorrent problems that its owners want to avoid when they decide to give up? There is no doubt that copyright protection laws have become tougher over the years. This means that using protection software when downloading torrents has become a must, whether we use the original site or any of the sites we suggest below.

Torrenting presents some risks, all of which can be minimized to the point of non-existence with the help of the VPN services I recommend above. In addition to making torrent downloads secure (the VPN protocol cannot be cracked) and private (your IP address changes and hides your real location from your ISP), in many cases you can speed up the download process even with mediocre Internet. The same goes for connections. You’ll see that if you connect to a server close to where the torrent site’s URL is hosted, you’ll be able to download everything you want in no time!

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