Alternatives To DonTorrent To Continue Watching Series And Movies This Year

Alternatives To DonTorrent To Continue Watching Series And Movies This Year

Are you looking for alternatives to DonTorrent? Downloading torrents to watch movies and series has been very popular for years. But with the rise of digital streaming platforms, torrent downloads have decreased. However, there are still thousands of people around the world who prefer to download free torrent files instead of watching movies and series online.

Because people continue to download torrents, the sites responsible for posting them are still going strong. While there are many sites that offer free torrent downloads, few have been found to be trustworthy. Among the most popular and best we can mention Don Torrent.

Through this article, we will talk about Don Torrent, a very useful website known by people all over the world. Additionally, we will discuss the best alternatives that we can use to download free torrents safely and quickly.

What is DonTorrent?

Basically, this is one of the best sites that provides users with free torrent downloads and is well known all over the world. In addition, it has a huge variety of files, in which we can find more than 120,000 torrents from which we can download TV series and movies quickly and safely.

Each torrent is organized into different categories where we can easily find the movie material we are looking for. On its home page we find in the left area a list with movies available in standard, HD and 4K formats.

We also offer the series in normal format and in HD where we can find complete chapters and seasons. Also, documentaries, music, games and more. If we don’t find what we are looking for through the categories, there is also a search bar where we can investigate in depth.

One of the advantages of Don Torrent is that it allows you to download web content without going through ad shorteners. Therefore, it is one of the best platforms to download torrents in Spanish. If you want to go to the official Don Torrent website and download free torrents.

Alternatives to Don Torrent to Download Free Torrents

Torrents are very popular around the world and despite the rise of streaming services, there are still thousands of sites offering torrents. However, the security of many of these sites has grown exponentially, so it can sometimes be difficult to trust a secure site.

For this reason, in this article we cover the best sites where we can download our favorite torrents for free and safely. Some of the best pages we found on the Internet include:

1- DivxTotal

It is one of the best sites that allow you to download series and movies in torrent. Although it has received constant threats from the authorities and faced blocks on more than one occasion, the page remains active on the web. Although it is suspended in several countries, DivxTotal offers a very good service.

On this page we find the best torrents in Spanish where we can download content for series, movies in normal and high definition. It also contains 3D movies in torrent format that we can download directly. However, other types of files can also be found, such as music, documents, and programs.

2- Elite Torrent

This is another website that has been blocked by authorities on several occasions. In fact, he had to change his domains to avoid sieges and constant persecutions. Although he relapsed from time to time, he reappeared shortly after. Currently, they are responsible for uploading torrents in Spanish and their domain name is still in use.

This page is dedicated to movies and series, generally in 1080p and 720p. All the audiovisual content it presents is available in Spanish Spanish and Latin Spanish. We can also find them in the original version with subtitles and a dual option that allows the user to change the language.

3- Go Premieres

It is one of the oldest pages that offers torrent services. Furthermore, it is one of those that changes domains frequently due to frequent attacks. However, despite the objections, Estrenos Go managed to persist over time. It looks a little old, but by design, this site allows you to remember pages that existed many years ago.

Although this is an old page, its content is constantly updated with the latest movies in theaters, movies, series, games, music and shows in both HD and regular formats. So, if you are looking for an alternative to download free torrents efficiently, Estrenos Go is a great option.

4- Mejor Torrent

This is probably the oldest Spanish torrent site. However, age is no obstacle to offering the best free torrents. On this site we can find more than 57,000 torrents, of which we can find a part of everything. Although its interface and presentation are quite simple, it has what it takes to benefit users.

This site offers a wide range of documents, movies in standard and high definition formats, and series of various genres. In addition, we find music and PC games, as well as many other files. Therefore, this is a recommended option as an alternative to Don Torrent where we can download torrents for free.

5- Sub Torrents

This is a very efficient portal where you can get all types of audiovisual content in torrent format, but with subtitles. Although on this platform you will mainly find movies and original audio series with subtitles, it has a small portion of content in Spanish. Each video is in DVD quality or 720p format.

Thanks to the Sub Torrents search tool, we can easily find what we like. Some of these tools are: category filter, where we can find movies or series according to their genre. The other is the search bar, through which we can search for exactly what we are looking for.

6- Pirate Bay

This is one of the best and oldest torrent sites, and if there is a torrent file on the Internet, we can find it on Pirate Bay. It is basically a torrent site in English that gives its recipients access to millions of files, which they can download directly and quickly. Thanks to the tags attached to the files by VIP users, it is easy to identify the quality of the file or not.

Although it has evaded blocking attempts several times, the site continues to ring a bell in the mouths of many users around the world. In addition, it is designed in a simple way and has a dynamic interface so that any user who visits your website can easily download


Thanks to RARBG we have unlimited access to tons of new content, this page has many followers in many parts of the planet. It is constantly updated so that users who download free torrents can download the latest movies and series. In addition to movies and series, this community also offers the best music, apps and more.

Although it has been actively operating for more than 12 years, it is blocked in different countries. So if it is not available in your country and you want to access it, you can use a VPN to download torrents. However, it should be noted that the quality of the media files found on this site is among the best. Therefore, it is an excellent option for downloading torrents.

8- 1337X

This is a portal where we can easily find the best torrent files on the Internet. In addition, it provides excellent content in movies, series, music and many other files. On the other hand, it also has a precise search function that can help us find any torrent file we are looking for.

It also has a design that pleases users who have used its services. This page has also been updated several times to remove any files that pose a potential security risk. In this way, we can rest assured downloading torrents with the confidence and security that 1337X provides when using this website.

9- YTS

Finally, we have the support of the YTS website, which has a wide catalog of classic movies. So if you’re looking for an old movie and can’t find it anywhere, there’s a good chance it’s on YTS.

It turns out that searching for content on this site is very simple and useful. Therefore, we can rely on the YTS option when downloading torrents directly.

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The many ways to download torrent content

As we have seen so far, everything we have is so extensive that we are just a click away. We have movies available in Don Torrent and all its alternatives, so we can start downloading what we want whenever we want.

If you want to download audiovisual content from the Internet, we hope that Don Torrent and the options presented in this article will be useful to you. By putting these methods into practice to download free torrents, we can take advantage of the great content of movies and series on the Internet.

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