Most used torrent download pages

Most used torrent download pages

Torrent file downloads are especially popular because they allow you to have a multitude of content on your computer, simply by clicking on a link. Thus, you can download from television series and movies to music, books, games, applications and much more.

The web pages through which these contents can be downloaded were very popular at the time. Over time, many of them have disappeared and many others have been reinvented to continue offering the widest collection of torrents to their users.

If you still do not know this download system and you want to know which are currently the best torrent download options that work 100%, then you have all the updated information.

What is a torrent and how does it work?

A torrent is a file with a specific format, which contains data related to another file that we want to download. It is made up of several pieces of information which are located on different hosts. Thus, when a user downloads a torrent, the software used for the download will take care of locating all the fragments to obtain the content of the file.

The software that performs this work is known as the BitTorrent Client and they work through a P2P or peer to peer “communication between equals” connection . This system allows the connection between computers which communicate with each other without the need for intermediaries. That is, the download of content is done directly from the computer of other users.

Thus, from a BitTorrent client we can enter the address of the torrent that interests us and start downloading them directly to the device from the location of the content on the computer network of other users on the Internet.

Torrent Terms

To understand a little better the operation and the data that appear in this type of programs and web pages, it is convenient to know the terminology used in this process:

    • Tracker : is the place where you can see all the information about the users who are uploading and downloading content. The tracker does not host the files.
    • Seeds, seeders : are the users who are sharing a file on the network. When this file is downloaded to our computer, we become seeders
    • Leech, leechers : are the users who are downloading a file from the network. Until the file is completed in its entirety, we will be leechers
    • Ratio : is a value obtained by dividing what has been uploaded by what has been downloaded
    • Peers : are the users that are connected at a certain moment in the network
    • Swarm – sum total of leechers and seeders participating in a torrent download

Most used torrent download websites by the community

  • torrentrapid
  • torrentz2
  • zooqle
  • Diskokosmiko
  • BestTorrent
  • stream2watch
  • look at everything
  • bye
  • DixMax
  • elitetorrent
  • seriesdanko
  • Bajui
  • hdfull
  • ReleasesGo
  • YourMejorTorrent
  • divxtotal
  • premiere
  • eztv
  • Demonoid
  • ExVagos
  • I watch matches
  • open load
  • seriespepito
  • Extratorrent
  • serieswhite
  • arenavision
  • gunula
  • megadede
  • newptc
  • Direct red
  • premieresdtl
  • acestream
  • movies24
  • torrentmadness
  • grantorrent
  • kickass
  • TakeDivx
  • 1337x
  • hispashare
  • thepiratebay
  • alltorrents
  • Pelispedia
  • twomovies
  • Plusdede
  • appflix
  • Downloadsmix
  • divxatope
  • better send
  • latelete
  • torrent paradise
  • Skytorrents
  • spatorrent
  • Downloads2020

How to download torrents safely?

Downloading torrents is a practice that, in many countries, is being penalized because many of the downloads that are made infringe copyright. On the other hand, it must be taken into account that downloading torrents from any client exposes the IP of the users, being easily detectable and identifiable by third parties.

However, there is a way to hide your IP, which is to use a VPN  (Virtual Private Network), they are virtual private networks . Thus, this type of network acts by masking the IP and encrypting the connection, while hiding the location. This allows you to download completely anonymously, even allowing access to torrent download pages that are blocked in some countries.

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45 torrent pages verified and working at 100%

pirate bay

For many it is considered the reference web in downloading torrents. In it you can find files of all kinds, from software, videos or movies, to games, books and music.

Despite suffering multiple blockages, the website has been renewing itself and improving the quality of its content. Most of the torrents are verified and you can detect through badges if they are trustworthy.


Toorgle is one of the most powerful torrent search engines

  • Track over 450 torrent websites
  • It has an option to add a search bar in Firefox and an application in Facebook
  • Allows you to sort searches based on relevance or last recent date


RARBG allows access to an extensive database where you can find torrents from all eras . It has magnet links as well as a main section in which new news about the web are added. 

The web is continuously updated offering renewed torrents, a section to watch trailers, and a list with the ten most popular torrents of the moment.


iDope is one of the most widely used search engines to track torrents from different platforms . Specifically, it provides magnet links, which start downloading faster than torrent files.

Another advantage that this website claims to offer is that it does not track the IP of its users, making downloads more secure.


Limetorrents has one of the largest torrent databases, which offers detailed information on each file. Thus, you will be able to know at all times the date on which the torrent was added, the size it occupies, the seeds as well as a health meter.

You can filter the search by categories or by users or seeds. It has lists with the torrents that are trending and others with the latest ones that have been added to the platform.


kickass torrent

Another of the best-known and veteran platforms in the torrent world. In it it is possible to find a multitude of updated torrents. The interface is very simple since you only have to enter your search in the bar or choose one of the categories. 

You will find extended information of each of the downloads about seeds, reliability, size or users.


ExtraTorrent is one of the websites that suffers the most instability, although it currently has its entire catalog active

  • It has a category with news about the web and tips for downloading torrents
  • It has a database of more than 2 million torrents
  • Each file has information on health and size, with the possibility of downloading them through magnet links


On this website you will find a wide variety of torrents specialized especially in movies, from great classics to the latest releases. It stands out for offering excellent image quality at the same time as a reduced file size.

It has a particularly active user community, so downloads are particularly fast.


EZTV Torrent

EZTV Torrent is a site specialized in downloading torrents of popular TV shows and series . In it you can find from the most innovative series to great classics of all times. 

You can filter the searches both by quality and by genre or year, even use the search engine to find a specific title.


Torrentseeker is a platform that is updated regularly, so it is one of the best places to find the latest news. You can sort the results based on popularity or the date it was added.

The platform tracks searches on more than 100 torrent download sites at once and is one of the fastest when it comes to search engines.


ShowRSS is a site specialized in television programs. Take action by creating an RSS notification system that will keep you informed about new episodes or programs of interest that are added to the platform.

It has an option through which you can create a calendar synchronized with Google Calendar , so that new chapters will be added by days.


Despite being a relatively recent website, Zooqle is one of the most reliable pages when it comes to downloading torrents . One of its main advantages is that advertising is practically non-existent.

On the other hand, thousands of torrents are added every day, and all the ones you’ll find on the platform are verified, so you can download them without risk.


Skytorrents presents a simple and clean interface that improves the user experience

  • It has one of the most extensive torrent databases on the internet
  • Barely has advertising
  • Users can make their downloads guaranteeing maximum privacy


Monova is an excellent torrent file search engine that allows you to select from different categories. The page is available in several languages ​​and has an option to register and download from the user account. You can also save the files that interest you in Favorites.

Another of the options offered by the web is the possibility of being able to upload our own files and share them with other users.


On this website you will find a multitude of episodes of television series especially, although there are also movies, software or books.

On the main page you will find a list with the latest torrents added in the last few hours, divided by category. Each of the files has detailed information about the content, quality, upload date and size.


This website is one of the best to download the latest torrent news in many categories, be it TV shows, games, movie releases or music among others. 

The torrents are neatly organized into lists that offer detailed information. You can also consult other lists with the most popular of the month, of the week and even of the day.


Mejortorrent is a website that changes domains regularly, but is usually operational most of the time. Every day it adds torrent updates as well as the latest news.

You can use the search engine or access the categories to locate specific titles.  Each file has information about the number of downloads, quality or size.


Elite-torrent is another well-known torrent in the world, especially focused on television series and first-run movies

  • Allows you to choose between different versions, from the original version to dubbing in Spanish and Latin Spanish or subtitles
  • You can choose to download the torrent file or download the magnet link
  • Offers torrents related to your downloads


Another of the functional pages is YourBittorrent, a website from where you can access more than a million torrent links. Most of them are verified, you can even access an exclusive section of safe links 

Each of the torrents shows the date they were added to the platform as well as the size of each one of them.


Estrenosflix offers a collection of movies in different formats, as well as a section with the latest movies in theaters. You can choose to download the torrent file or view the content online.

On the other hand, the web offers a small synopsis of each content and a section with the next releases that will be added little by little to the platform .


This platform is specialized in downloading movies, being able to filter the search both by genre and by year

  • It has content in 4K quality
  • If you do not find a specific content you have the option to request it
  • You can watch the trailer of the movies or leave comments


Despite the fact that it is a website that has not been updated for a long time, all the contents are available to the users who visit it.

Each of the files has a trailer and information from the users who have downloaded it. It also has a forum from where it is possible to request content.


In Don Torrent you can access many categories including 4K movies and the option to select different languages ​​or image quality. 

You can access content of all kinds, including documentaries, music or games. In  Don Torrentz2  there is also a section with all the new releases added in the last few days.


This platform has an extensive database within which you can check the health status of each file, thus being able to filter the most reliable links. 

Users can leave their comments to recommend the verified files. It also has a section with recommended torrent pages .


In Subtorrents you will find a long list of movies and television series in English with subtitles mainly. Many titles are available to view in 3D quality, you can even share the links on social networks.

The website also offers torrent recommendations with similar themes to the downloaded file.


Torrentex is a huge torrent search engine through which you can access all kinds of categories including eBooks, music, anime, or games and applications, among others.

All the files offer detailed information about their download, being able to choose between downloading the file from a VPN to guarantee privacy, from a magnet link or as a normal torrent.


Tomadivx is a website that stopped updating a few months ago, however all the content is still available to users. 

It has exclusive formats in HD quality , as well as other types of themes including video clips, documentaries, sports or PC games, among others. You can download several episodes of the same series at the same time.


Torrentproject has to its credit more than 10 million indexed torrent files. In addition to being especially fast in the search, it offers numerous download possibilities for the same files, being able to choose between those links that are more secure.

It offers access to downloading from a VPN network to protect your privacy when downloading torrents to your computer.


Torrent-Paradise is one of the most stable websites today , which is characterized by containing the same database as The Pirate Bay. Also, add new links every day.

It offers links to magnet links, which speeds up the download. It is remarkable the fact that it does not have invasive advertising.


Infomaniakos is one of the reference websites for downloading torrent music files. However, it has expanded its catalog to also include television series, documentaries, movies and programs for Windows.

On the main page you can download the latest torrents, access to the most outstanding reviews of selected movies, images and trailers.



Demonoid is a  tracker that works in private mode that you can access by invitation. Its functions include

  • Use of a chat for registered users
  • Possibility of being able to upload torrents to the platform
  • The web does not allow uploading files that may contain malware or pornography


Vivatorrents is an easy-to-use website that offers movie and television series content. The contents are in HD quality and you can see the trailer for each of them before downloading.

You can use the search engine integrated into the web or filter the search by genre or release date. The contents have a note provided by users is another of the most interesting platforms for downloading files

  • Offers a section with movie trailers in different image quality
  • You can consult a complete section of current news
  • All files have information about their reliability


Gamestorrents is a specific website for downloading game torrents . You can find everything from computer games to the best-known video consoles of the moment such as PS4, Wii, NDS or Xbox.

Each file includes a video with real images of the game. You can also filter the search based on quality, language, format or region.


From this website you can access one of the most varied databases in terms of movie genres. All the available contents are in DVDR quality and include a summary with all the data and video of the official trailer.

In addition, the website itself makes recommendations for movies of the same genre and two lists with the latest movies added and the most downloaded at the moment.


TodoCVCD is a very easy to use website where you will find a small collection of movies, music and mainly television series. The torrent collection has not been updated for a while, although it is a good option if you are looking for content from several years ago. 

It has a search engine to find specific titles and a short summary of each of the contents together with the download link.


Mastorrents is a platform dedicated to the world of cinema and television series. You can access a section with exclusive content in HD quality. To locate a title you can use the search engine or filter by year or by genre.

The web offers several links to other torrent download platforms as well as recommendations and synopsis of each file.


On you can find television series and movies cataloged by genre. Users can leave their comments to assess the content and vote.

Another of the options offered by this platform is to share the links on the main social networks or access the cast of each of the series or selected film.


In premièresDTL you can find a multitude of movies, especially the most popular releases of the moment. All the files are available in HD quality although you can filter them in another type of resolution.

One of the advantages of this website is that it does not have invasive advertising and offers detailed information about the sound quality or the inclusion of subtitles.


The great advantage of Bityouth is that it includes movies that are not easy to find on other platforms , although you can also find little-known TV series. 

It offers links to buy the contents in physical and original format, as well as a section with the latest releases.


With you can choose from a wide variety of movie genres and TV series from all eras. You have several qualities to choose from, from 3D movies to HD quality. 

You can directly access the list with all the news that have been uploaded in recent days, as well as a selection with the most popular content.


The Sumotorrents database has more than five million files categorized into a multitude of sections. Best of all is the organization of the lists, from which you can know the number of comments for each of the files or share it directly on Facebook or Twitter.

You can also upload your own files or access a specific section of streaming content.


Estrenostorrents is the most suitable website if you are looking for the latest news in movies . It has Top Releases that is updated regularly, and offers the possibility of sending the links by email or sharing them on social networks.

If you can’t find a specific title, you can access the search engine or check the latest recent searches.

Torrent finder

Torrent-Finder is one of the most complete search engines on the Internet since it performs any search you enter among a multitude of download web pages. 

For each of the searches carried out, the web offers a series of suggestions such as the location of subtitles or the possibility of searching for websites in which to view the content online.


In order to access all the content available on this website, it is necessary to obtain a binary client, which will allow you to log in and download the torrents you need.

One of its outstanding features is the possibility of performing a search for fake torrents so that it is easy for you to identify them.

As you have seen, the torrent world refuses to disappear. Proof of this is that the most persecuted torrent download pages continually reappear in different domains or new options appear that are committed to offering greater security and privacy to their users.

If you bet on torrent downloads both for the ease and for the comfort and variety of content they offer, you still have a wide selection of websites to choose from. 

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