This Is How Google’s Next AI Tool Works To Predict The Weather More Accurately

This Is How Google’s Next AI Tool Works To Predict The Weather More Accurately
  • For now the app will be a complement to the prediction systems used by meteorologists
  • Stands out for its speed and accuracy when making forecasts

It seems incredible that with all the technological advances that we have developed so far, the technology to predict the weather in the coming days continues to fail so much and be so inaccurate, not only for us on our smartphones, but on many occasions. Even professionals are not correct with their predictions.

Whether to hang the clothes, to plan a weekend getaway or simply to get dressed to go to work and not end up soaked, sweating or frozen, knowing what the weather and temperature will be like is one of the doubts that millions of users have. daily.

To solve this lack of accuracy offered by the vast majority of apps and services that report on the weather, Google, as it could not be otherwise, has decided to turn to Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help them in this task.

Specifically, Google is working on a new DeepMind AI model, which aims to accurately predict the weather and detect extreme weather events in less than a minute. This technology is called GraphCast, and it uses machine learning along with a graph neural network architecture from which it processes weather data, as explained for Science.

In this way, and being able to display it in graphs, this AI is capable of making ten-day forecasts in less than a minute. As we have learned, Google has trained this app with the ERA5 data set from the European Center for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF).

But the most notable thing about GraphCast is not the speed of prediction, but rather the greatest achievement is in the effectiveness of its predictions in terms of being accurate. This is because after putting it to the test, it has been shown that this AI is correct with its predictions in more than 90% of the more than 1,380 tests to which it has been subjected.

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For the peace of mind of meteorologists, this AI is not going to take away their jobs, at least for now, since as Google has explained, for now the idea is for GraphCast to work collaboratively with the standard systems they trust.

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