6 Alternatives To Bajaepub If It Doesn’t Work For You

6 Alternatives To Bajaepub If It Doesn’t Work For You

Bajaepub is an excellent website to download books for free that has a huge library of titles and authors. But if this page doesn’t work for you, we bring you some alternatives to Bajaepub from which you can also download free books.

This site has become one of the most visited in recent years thanks to the number of books it offers and the variety of genres and authors available.

In addition to this, the downloads are quite safe and the search and download process is quite simple.

This page does its best to ensure safe downloads through the use of torrents and offers support to users as well as the ability to make specific requests.

However, as often happens like many pages of this type, Bajaepub may at some point stop working. In these cases, you can try any of the alternative sites that we will mention below to find and download free books.

1. FreeBooks

Freelibros is a page from which you can download free books. It has an interesting list of categories that house at least 29,000 titles between practical works and literary works available for download in different types of reading files such as PDF or MOBI.

Unlike other alternative pages to Bajaepub, Freelibros is a site that specializes in educational and technical texts . However, it also offers an important collection of literary and narrative works .

Freebooks does require users to register to download , however this is a completely free process. By being registered, any user can access your library and download any text that interests you for free.

As is common in many of the other sites similar to Bajaepub that we are talking about, FreeLibros has a search engine but also a top menu. In it, if you want to download literature, you must click on the Literary Corner section .

Advantages of Free Books

  • This page focuses primarily on educational, technical and applied texts which is not easy to find on other similar sites. However, they also offer literary works.
  • Users can subscribe to your newsletter to receive information about new texts added.
  • It also offers audiobooks.

Disadvantages of FreeBooks

  • Registration is required, especially to access certain exclusive content within the page.

2. Elexendria

If you are looking for classics of literature in Spanish , the best place to find them is Elejendría . This is a virtual library that offers a large number of classics that can be downloaded in PDF, EPUB, TXT or DOC format.

The good thing about this site is that, unlike other similar ones, it does not have intrusive advertising that distracts or disturbs the download process.

Although you will not find the latest in publications, it is an excellent idea if you are looking to read the most classic authors of both Spanish and international literature.

Its list of authors is impressive and in it you will find the most important representatives of universal literature. In addition to that, we can choose between various categories such as books made into a movie, Christmas stories, writers who marked history and youth books as well as other genres such as suspense, fiction and non-fiction.

Advantages of Elexendria

  • There is very little intrusive advertising on this page
  • Downloads are done easily without extra steps
  • The books are free of restrictions
  • Page layout is easy to follow
  • Does not require prior registration

Disadvantages of Alexandria

  • We will only find classics of literature, not novelties or contemporary authors

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3. Library

The third of the alternatives to Bajaepub that we want to talk about is Library . If you have been using the web for a few years, you will recognize the design of this page and it will bring back many memories, but for the youngest it may seem basic.

However, you should not be fooled by the simple appearance of this portal because inside it has endless surprises for book lovers and its simple design can be a great advantage.

It started with the name of Bibliotheka but a few years ago it was found in the search engine as a library. With more than 147,000 titles available , Ebiblioteca is one of the largest virtual libraries for downloading free books in Spanish that we can have available. Its simple layout makes it very easy to navigate and its genre catalog is quite extensive.

To find a book we have a search engine at the top, as well as a genre menu on the left hand side of the main page. In addition to this we will see some recommendations that we can order by news, alphabetical order or favorite books.

Another feature that sets this page apart from other similar ones is the ability to view books that have received literature awards .

Advantages of Library

  • It has a simple and light to load design that works great for finding a book efficiently.
  • No registration is required to access the files shared on this page.
  • Free downloads.
  • You can find a wide variety of genres that can range from dictionaries to novels and trade manuals.

Library Disadvantages

  • Occasional system crashes, a frequent problem on pages that offer any type of free download.
  • The user may come across some advertising when downloading the file they want.

4. Free Books XD

Free books xd is another of the good alternatives to Bajaepub from which we can download free books. On this page we can find files in EPUB and PDF format that are hosted on another server.

This page has been considered by users as one of the best when it comes to downloading free books for a long time. It has an extensive catalog of books of various genres and authors that is available for download.

The page is quite light and easy to follow. When it opens, we can see a horizontal bar that shows some of the most searched genres. Clicking on those buttons opens a list of the corresponding publications.

Below that we see a list with included images of the books that have been added most recently . And on the right at the top we see the search engine that we can use to do quick and specific searches for books, genres or authors.

Advantages of Free Books XD

  • One of the advantages is that you can find files in various formats such as PDF and EPUB.
  • By clicking on a book, we can see a lot of information about it like its full synopsis and publication details.
  • The Free Books XD search engine is quite effective helping users to easily find what they are looking for giving quick results.
  • This page does not require any kind of registration to make the free downloads.

Disadvantages of Free Books XD

  • Although the titles found are very good and free, this page has a smaller library compared to similar sites.
  • Although it is not as invasive as other sites, there may be ads during download and pop-up windows.

5. ExitosEpub

ExitosEpub is another portal where you can find thousands of free digital books for download. These files are in a variety of formats such as PDF, MOBI, and EPUB .

Something that distinguishes the main page of this page from other similar ones is that in addition to offering its own list of books, it makes available to users a compendium of other similar pages of free book downloads.

This means that we not only have available the books that are stored on this page, but through it we can directly access other libraries in case we do not find exactly what we are looking for.

When we open the page we can see a top horizontal menu where we can learn how to download or see the hit list. Below this we can see boxes that represent the other download pages that are offered. In each of these boxes we will see the name of the page and a search engine that directs the user directly to the library of each one of them.

This page is an excellent option if Bajaepub does not work because in a single site you can search many other similar sites that are active to find what you want.

Advantages of ExitosEpub

  • This page is basically a hub for finding other similar free book download sites.
  • The books found on the page itself are free to download.
  • It has several ways in which we can find books, not only on its page but on many others.

Disadvantages of ExitosEpub

  • There is a chance that the outgoing download links are broken.
  • As it happens in almost all these pages, we will find advertising.

6. Lectureland

Another of the alternatives to Bajaepub that we want to talk about is Lectulandia . This is a web portal that allows free download of books in EPUB or PDF format . It is a page with a design that is quite easy for users to use and that has more than 35,000 books by more than 14,000 authors .

Searching for a particular title is quite easy to do on this page as you can search by author, genre, or series . This makes it easier for users to find what they are looking for without having to scroll through the page as much.

In addition to the search engine and the selection options, the main lectulandia page shows the latest news or those recently added , as well as the list of the most downloaded or most read books of the month and those that have received the most comments.

This way of organizing the extensive library helps the user to find more options of books to download for free.

Advantages of Lectuland

  • It has a simple and intuitive design with search engines that are very helpful and lists of the most read or commented books.
  • It is a free download page.
  • It has a large number of literary genres available to please everyone.

Lectuland Disadvantages

  • It has ads in the form of windows that contain deceptive download buttons.
  • It infringes copyrights, which may not be a complete disadvantage for some.
  • It suffers from occasional platform crashes, which is one of the common problems with these download pages.

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What is Bajaepub?

Bajaepub is an excellent page to download books that has managed to gain a good place among users thanks to its extensive library.

With more than 45 thousand books available, this is one of the largest libraries from which you can download free books. On top of that, it offers the ability to download files in a variety of formats.

Bajaepub uses torrents for most downloads. This P2P system means that files are shared between users, so this page is less likely to suffer sanctions for sharing copyrighted books.

One of the advantages of this page is that it is not necessary to register to download the files found on this platform. However, users can go through the registration process which would allow them to have access to certain additional benefits.

Another of the points in favor of Bajaepub is that they maintain constant communication with their users who can make reports of damaged links or even make requests for books that they want to have available.

Bajaepub is considered one of the most reliable pages to download files since they take great care that viruses cannot be downloaded when downloading files.

The search process on this site is quite simple because they have a variety of options to find what you are looking for. When opening the home page we can see in the center some recommendations and the latest books added.

On the left we can search by Author, Genre or Series and at the top there is a search engine to do much more specific searches.

Why look for an Alternative to Bajaepub?

One of the reasons why it is a good idea to have some alternative pages to Bajaepub is that, although in the case of this particular site it is rarer, the download pages usually have problems for sharing free content and sometimes the servers crash .

Another good reason to know other sites similar to Bajaepub is to have more options at hand when looking for something specific that may not be in this library. In some of the alternatives that we have shown you, types of publications are shared that will be more difficult to find, such as educational texts or classic books.


Among the most used pages to download free books that are most used and visited is Bajaepub . Its large library and the ease and security offered by its downloads have made it a favorite for many users.

However, not all pages contain the same files or formats, and many of these sites may close temporarily. In the event that Bajaepub does not work for you or that you do not get what you are looking for there, you can try one of the alternatives to Bajaepub that we have presented to you.

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