8 Best Alternatives To Seriesdanko | Seriesdanko Pros and cons

8 Best Alternatives To Seriesdanko | Seriesdanko Pros and cons

Here we will show you the best alternatives to SeriesDanko . SeriesDanko has a portal that contains a large database of movies and TV series that have been providing entertainment to its vast audience for years.

This is why people are anxious to know if they can continue to use the service or are about to shut down, as the track record is not good with other portals that have exhibited the same symptoms in the past.

However, in the case of a permanent shutdown , you shouldn’t worry so much. There are other torrent websites on the internet that have been providing the same or better service than this portal for years.

That is why in this article we present a list of 10 portals that represent the perfect alternative to SeriesDanko . So you don’t have to rely on just one brand to have fun in your spare time.

1. Amazon Prime Video

Leading the list of the best alternatives to SeriesDanko could not be other than Amazon Prime Video. It is a web page with a very complete index. You can find it on the market for just $5.99 per month and it gives you a 30-day free period.

While we know that you are waiting for a free option, it is not a bad idea for you to know about this paid alternative that will ensure that you have quality content without ads at all times.

Amazon Prime Video has its limitations since it does not have such a large database. This is because it always tries to comply with the law and respect copyright.

However, you can find award-winning series that are trending all over the world and grabbing the attention of millions of people across the planet. In addition, it gives you the benefit of being able to enjoy it completely free for a month and if you don’t like it, you leave without paying anything.


  • You can see series that have been awarded.
  • Offer quality content at all times.
  • It allows you a trial period.


  • Their database is not that extensive.
  • You must pay for your enjoyment.

2. Full HDTV

If you want to enjoy the latest movies and series released, this is the alternative that suits you. Its design makes an excellent content filter, allowing us to quickly and easily search for what we want to see.

Unlike the previous option, this is a completely free portal where you can access almost all the series on the market and movies since they are not interested at all in respecting the copyright of the content.

HDFull with one of the largest databases you can find on the Web. You can also download everything by torrent with one of the servers that currently offers greater security and speed.

As the name suggests, all of its content is available in HD and 4K . Therefore, if you have the necessary equipment and connection speed, you can watch your favorite series and movies with the best audio and video quality on the market.


  • You can search for content in a simple way.
  • Is free.
  • It offers excellent audio and video quality.
  • It is safe and fast.


  • You are going to deal with quite a few ads.

3. vidcorn.com

It is a great alternative because it has a large catalog of content suitable for all people and all ages. You can find shows and movies in the highest possible quality without paying anything in the process.

The bad thing about this is that you will have to put up with a lot of hilarious advertising that might disturb your user experience a bit. However, this can be fixed with good ad blocking.

Among its multiple databases you can find the best current series and movies , as well as classic and anime titles with all the chapters in Latin American and Spanish Spanish.

In addition, it will be possible to access easily thanks to its efficient filtering system with which you can find everything you are looking for in a few moments.


  • It offers high-quality series and movies.
  • Its content is free.
  • It is very easy to use.
  • It works very quickly.


  • It has many ads.

4. PepeCine.com

Another alternative to SeriesDankop is Pepecine.com. This is a good place to watch your movies and download them. It won’t let you download as much content as you want, but that doesn’t overshadow the page’s appeal.

In it you can find a wide range of documentaries, comedies and children’s films , all so that you can spend time with the family.

Their database is currently the largest on the market , and you can download via torrent, which makes the process extremely quick and easy. Also, you can be sure that everything you download is verified and free of viruses.

Their streaming servers are the best, allowing very good series and movie loading speeds. Of course, like the previous option, there will be a lot of publicity that you will have to deal with.


  • It has quite an extensive database.
  • It is fast and easy to handle.
  • It is safe (there will be no virus).
  • The speeds are quite good.


  • You will have to put up with numerous advertisements.
  • It limits you a bit in terms of downloading.

5. Cuevana2.io

Continuing with the alternatives to SeriesDanko we find Cuevana2.io. At first glance it is a common page, like all those that allow you to watch movie content online and download it.

It is not a page that stands out much in its design and interface, however it is one of the best because it allows you to view its content without so many restrictions or details. It has categories for all tastes where you can even see adult XXX material .

It is a world reference brand in terms of content in Spanish. He has been in this business for more than a decade and has always been characterized by providing a very good quality service.

The only negative is that the fact of being so popular has put it in the crosshairs of the authorities who have been interested in sometimes blocking their domains. It cannot be forgotten that they also abuse advertising, but it is nothing that cannot be solved with a good AdsBlock.


  • It allows you to both view and download content.
  • There are not many restrictions.
  • It offers numerous categories.
  • You can watch XXX content.


  • There is a lot of advertising.
  • Its design is less attractive than some of the other options.

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6. Pelispedia.tv

It is a good place to download series, movies or documentaries. It has a section so you can listen to music. This is a very convenient website to navigate and it is always up to date with the latest movie and series content.

It enjoys one of the most extensive and varied databases . It is a famous portal that has been active for more than a decade and fully fulfilling its functions.

In addition, it offers you the possibility of downloading all its content via Mega.nz or via torrent, with the total security that each of your files is verified and free of threats.


  • Their database is quite extensive.
  • It has a long track record.
  • There is no danger of threats.


  • There are many annoying ads.

7. gnula.nu

It has a wide variety of content for all kinds of ages, and it brings you the latest released movies and series so that you don’t get outdated in the world of cinema for even a second.

You can easily access all this content. This, with its search bar and countless filters that make your job easier in case you don’t know the name of the title you’re looking for.

It is another of the best alternatives to SeriesDanko. This is an old school site that has been on the market for several years and is sadly haunted by the authorities.

Although it must be said that they have managed to evade the blockade in recent years. In order to get in smoothly, it is better to use a VPN that hides IP address , so that you stay safe in every way.

Like the rest of the portals, it offers you the possibility of downloading each of the contents through MEGA, MediaFire or torrent.


  • Offer up-to-date content.
  • It is very easy to use.
  • Filters the content very well.
  • You can download content using mega and other tools.


  • It is not very secure without the use of a VPN to hide the identity.

8. Cliver.io

This is the new domain of the old Pelis24 portal that was closed a few years ago. Fortunately, you have managed to keep the entire database of the old domain, which is of excellent quality.

Here you can enjoy streaming the best audiovisuals on the market. We are talking about both film and television. In addition, you have the option of downloading everything without problems via Mega or with P2P via torrent.

This is undoubtedly one of the best alternatives to SeriesDanko, since you can find the most up-to-date content. The recommendation is again to use a VPN so that your IP is fully protected, especially if you want to download.

On the other hand, it is also convenient to install an AdsBlock to avoid having to manage all the advertising that monetizes the web. Otherwise, the programming will be interrupted by annoying ads that appear from time to time.


  • It has very good audio and video quality.
  • You can download everything by Mega.
  • Its content is the most up-to-date.


  • You must install an ad blocker.

What happened to SeriesDanko? Not working or finished?

SeriesDanko is one of the most popular pages, where you can download movies, series or documentaries and it also has the streaming mode that allows you to watch everything online. But at the beginning of 2018 this page had many errors that prevent access to the site and its enjoyment.

The owners have not yet reported why these failures. We don’t know much about this page, as the owners take care of their information to avoid being caught by the law that prosecutes all websites that violate copyrights.

But it can be assumed that its failures are caused by lack of maintenance . As we have already said, we don’t know what its true cause is, what we can tell you is that it is not out of order, you can still find it with the URL of Seriesdanko.

However, the fact that the developers have “abandoned” it is perhaps an indication that it will soon be completely closed and that what they are doing is parting ways with it to avoid legal problems. That is why you must manage other options to continue accessing this type of content.


If you are one of those who always uses seriesdanko.to to download your movies and for reasons of technical failure you have not been able to access them, we tell you not to worry because we leave you this list of 10 pages that you can use to download everything you want . As you have noticed, sometimes they even offer you better content than what the portal you are or were using can offer you.

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