7 Rom Hustler Alternatives To Download Games

7 Rom Hustler Alternatives To Download Games

They closed Rom Hustler, the video game ROM website. It removed all the ROMs from its download library and becomes another of the pages affected by Nintendo’s lawsuits. But below you will find as many as 7 Rom Hustler alternatives to download games .

We already informed you of the details about this closure and the reason why it happened.

It is not surprising that they have removed the downloadable ROMs because we have already known several cases of websites that have been reported by the Japanese company, such as LoveROMs and LoveRetro.

7 Rom Hustler Alternatives to Download Games

As the Internet is cyclical, for every page that is closed, two with similar content appear. Today there are many similar alternatives to Rom Hustler that still work and offer a variety of ROMs.

1. CoolROM

One of the alternatives to Rom Hustler with more content. It has ROMs for a multitude of consoles of all time. From the 1997 Atari 2600 to the ISOs of just over a decade ago on PlayStation 2 and Xbox.

It has also removed Nintendo content, before suffering a million-dollar lawsuit from the big N as Rom Hustler feared.

Despite its dated aesthetic, large library, various emulators, and tutorials, this site is among the best alternatives.

In its upper bar, you will easily find the different options to download what you need. In addition, it is in perfect Spanish.


  • It offers well-explained tutorials on emulator games.
  • Well organized collection of roms
  • Top 25 downloaded roms and emulators are on the home page.

  • Drawbacks of CoolROM
  • It was previously reported about the presence of malware in the rom collection

2. Emu Paradise

Similar to the previous one in content, but with an interface that, even outdated, is friendlier, and has direct access to download ROMs and emulators, as happened in Rom Hustler.

It also offers us ROMs and emulators to play titles from past decades. However, the website does not have manuals of any kind and is only available in English.


  • A site popular with gamers that has been around for a long time.
  • It offers tutorial videos on the site to emulate the game.
  • A wide variety of Meme games are available.

  • The site hosts advertisements.
  • It does not offer Nintendo Roms.

3. The Old Computer

We are going with more alternatives and this time with a website that gives us the possibility of downloading soundtracks of some games.

It also doesn’t include NES, SNES or N64 content, but we do have an extensive library that sorts games from many consoles by region (if necessary, such as PlayStation) and name, including total size.

Its aesthetic is old and not especially intuitive, but it has many more options than the previous ones, including, as we have said, from music to video game covers if we want to print them, so it can be an option after the closure of Rom Hustler.


  • An infinite variety of roms and emulators, including phone games.
  • The site has no ads or popups.
  • The collection of arcade games is impressive.

  • The interface is quite old and depressing.
  • You can only access the roms after you become a member of the community.

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4. Free ROMS

Once again, a website with aesthetics from more than a decade ago, but with the easiest handling of all. We choose the console in the panel on the left, choose the game and download it.

Of course, this is another website that has removed all Nintendo games from its downloads. Despite being present on the list, none can be downloaded.


  • Offers a large collection of recent game roms
  • The roms that are available here can be played on a different platform.
  • Roms for mobile devices are also available.

  • The site requires a suitable home page.
  • Sorting roms is not helpful.

5. Dope ROMS

Despite its disastrous aesthetics and chaotic navigation, this page has one of the largest catalogs available among these alternatives.

Even having removed the official Nintendo ROMs, it has modded versions of its classic video games (at least for now). Who hasn’t wanted to play Super Mario driving Sonic?

This page is translated into any language by Google, which instead of helping, makes us more confused when browsing it. As we say, the library is very good, but the accessibility is cumbersome.


  • The total volume of roms available is quite extensive.
  • The site is completely free of ads.
  • Other essential tools and apps for playing the game are also available on the site.

  • The website is not impressive at all.
  • There is no new upload of roms for quite some time.

6. ROMNation

Finally, a website that has not yet removed Nintendo games. However, we left it for last because of its malicious browsing. When we browse the web and try to download something, we need to be careful.

For example, when we select ROM and press “DOWNLOAD THIS ROM”, what will be downloaded the first time will be an EXE file, which is probably a virus or malware.

We must delete it without hesitation, even before the download is complete. Once this is done, we can press that button again to download the ROM correctly.

Despite being one of the few alternatives that Nintendo games maintain, we must be careful when browsing it.

For the rest, it is one of the websites with the largest ROM library, because it has not cut its catalog. Recommended if you want to download any Nintendo ROM.


  • This website has been around for quite a few years.
  • We found mostly positive reviews for this site
  • Offers a wide range of ROMs

  • You risk contracting malware by downloading files

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7. Romulation

As the last of the alternatives, we leave you a website that includes content from all Sony consoles (up to PlayStation 3). The web has eliminated the downloads of the Nintendo consoles, in addition to the SEGA Mega Drive (Genesis in the United States).

However, being able to download ISO images of more modern consoles like PS3 is a point in its favor, unlike the previous alternatives on the list.



  • Easy to use interface to find the roms according to the platform.
  • You get a tested rom depending on the emulator.
  • Romulation has a great community forum to discuss any topic.

  • A premium membership of $9.99 per month is required to take advantage of unlimited access.


As you can see, you still have alternatives to Rom Hustler, but you will have a problem if you want NES, SNES or N64 ROMs. The only website that allows you to download them requires a lot of care when downloading files.

Just download iso files, avoid .exe files and start enjoying nostalgic games on your computer.

So here we conclude our research-based article on Romhustler alternatives. We believe that the above seven sites can satisfy all kinds of rom needs. But caveats are made when selecting file types.

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