Vivatorrents – Best Alternatives | Vivatorrents Alternatives

Vivatorrents – Best Alternatives | Vivatorrents Alternatives

VivaTorrents is one of the download pages with one of the largest databases on the Internet . In truth, it is one of the best portals to ensure that you search for any file when other related pages fail.

Its powerful search engine lets you track results across multiple platforms, which can speed up work and improve user experience. However, the ease of managing such files has always been the subject of pursuit. This has caused it to crash multiple times.

VivaTorrents is one of the most popular sites of the last decade. However, the comfort provided to users when downloading torrents has led the authorities to order its complete closure.

Alternative options to Vivatorrent to download free torrents

Today, the network remains inactive, which proves that its disappearance is forever . However, there are still many options to replace VivaTorrent, the best options and the still active options can be found now.

Pirate Bay

One of the best older torrent sites in the industry and one of the best alternatives to VivaTorrent. Its database has been updated to contain only safe links .

Despite the intrusive nature of advertising, finding any file among the six million files that make up its database is a safe alternative.


Compared to other sites, the torrent models are more limited , but it is very easy to use and intuitive.
You can filter your search by type, year or image quality
Provide content suggestions related to the content you downloaded.
Contains a summary of the episodes of the TV series


In such a case, you can bring your smartphone to get media content, which is a handy application.

You can play HD quality content , even if there is no connection, you can choose to download the video to watch it.


On this site, you can find countless torrent directories, especially movies and series.

You can choose to see the content in the VO or in another language. You also have the option of watching movies in real time.


While RARBG specializes in movies , it has many platform parts. It has a specific section to see the trailer.

You can also access the latest news from the planet of torrents. However, it should be noted that advertising can be intrusive.


This is one of the most visited sites, which gives you many links. The Kickass Torrents database has a list of the most popular and downloaded torrents in each and every category .

It should be noted that most of the content is in English.


This is one of the most popular options to download without torrents. The content has a very complete file that contains all the information, and the beauty of the page is extremely attractive.

One aspect noted is the existence of discussion forums, which can ask for links and discuss movies with other users .


1337x has successfully increased its torrent catalog by merging many categories such as TV, anime, apps, music, reports and movies:

The result is clean and uncluttered, with detailed file information.
It has a collection of lists to find the best torrents of the moment.

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The place specializes in generating movies and series with English subtitles . You can comment on each content and only use the latest version to access specific sections.

In addition to this, you can also enjoy 3D quality movies.


This place is the successor of Elitetorrent and is one of the favorites of the latest users looking for premiere movies and series :
It has a discussion forum to interact with other users.
You can share content on Facebook or Twitter
Some of it gives movie reviews.


On a platform very similar to VivaTorrents, the links are checked, so all the content is reliable and there is no malware .

The list has been updated to include the most popular torrents today and a section that contains news related to the page.


On this site, you can only find a number of torrents in Spanish. The best thing is that the list is updated periodically to show each and every one of the news on the home page.

Although the database in MejorTorrent is not very large, you can find the latest news in HD quality for free.


At YTS, you can ensure that you download only high-quality files, but not overly large files.

It has a specific version for Android phones. On the other hand, it highlights the permission to share movie links on social networks or WhatsApp.


Bityouth is one of the best sites to find certain traditional movies that you cannot find on other platforms .

It is not necessary to register to access the download link and most of the content is in Spanish. In addition to this, it has a column for traditional TV series.

What is the most recommended alternative option to VivaTorrents?

If you need a large database to search for torrents from multiple categories, then the best alternative to VivaTorrent is The Pirate Bay . After extensive revisions and domain name changes, this site is resurfacing with many benefits for its users.

One of the main advantages is that it incorporates a torrent verification system, thus improving download quality. In addition to this, it is advised to use a VPN network to avoid inconveniences caused by downloading these contents.

An up-to-date site that contains one of the largest torrent directories, where you can find everything you need.

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