PapyreFB – Best Alternatives | PapyreFB Alternatives

PapyreFB – Best Alternatives | PapyreFB Alternatives

One of the pages or sites that has been used to download books for a long time is PapyreFB2, but there is talk that it may be closed or stopped working, you may want to find other alternative products now that we want to offer you. Now, first we explain if PapyreFB is closed, and what alternative options in the list of free PDF, EPUB, MOBI we should download.

Does PapyreFB close?

Over the years, after pre-registration, PapyreFB helped us download or download books in any format we wanted, but since the site hasn’t been active in a while, there’s been a lot of talk about the site closing over the years. last months. We have no choice but to find alternative methods apart from considering if it is true, so that we can download books legally and safely.

If you go to the PapyreFB2 site now, you won’t see any content. Particularly, a notification appears notifying that the page cannot be accessed, but what happened? We must remember that in November 2019, when the Dispute Administration Court approved the blocking of 8 websites considered hacked, including PapyreFB and others such as VivaTorrents .

Since then, in this way, many PapyreFB2 users have had to look for other pages to download books against the prosecution of certain pages not authorized by the government. Pages that are still active, so we can continue using them without any problem. Now, let’s see what is the best option to download free PDF, EPUB, MOBI-List 2023 book.

Alternative options to PapyreFB2 to download books at no cost


Although in recent months we appreciate that Espaebook changed its domain name as it had the same problems as PapyreFB and became the domain name with a 2 at the end, you can find more than sixty-five titles of various types on the place, including news, and the recent success is particularly noted Reina Roja (Red Queen). These books can also be downloaded in EPUB, PDF, and MOBI formats .

This page has an easy search engine, where we can enter the title of the book to download, at the moment it appears, we must “click” on “download book”, we will see a new window how to open to fill out the record. After registration, you can access the download.


It is highly recommended to use the “24Symbols” page so that you can download books safely and for free as in PapyreFB, although in your particular situation, we must say that the vast majority (if not all) of the free books are in PDF format.

The site offers more than 5,000 PDFs, and to download them, you must open an account or access it through Facebook, and then search for the title through its search engine. Of course, before the download begins, you will verify how the ads are displayed, but if you do not want this to happen, we invite you to get a premium account with a monthly fee of eight and ninety-nine euros, which not only saves promotional costs. , Ads, but you can also download the entire catalog of twenty-four symbols, unlimited downloads.

The site also offers its app, whereby you can download books on your mobile device, and if you want, you can also choose to download audio books.


It is strongly recommended that you download this page and the book in PDF format. It may have fewer books than the other sites we suggest, but you won’t find any promotional links and you don’t need to register in advance.

In fact, when we enter Freeditorial, we will find a clean and very basic interface that makes it easy to download the books you need as we could find in PapyreFB2 . All we have to do is search for the title of the book we want, or we can also choose to search by author. Once found, we just have to “click” on the “download” button. In a few minutes, you can not only want the titles of the books in Spanish, but also the titles in English, and of course the latest literary achievements.

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Bookboon is a site to download books in Spanish at no cost , we hope to be able to advise each and every one of the students or professionals who seek professional technical books in a special way.

In Bookboon you can find more than a thousand free ebooks and complete books in PDF , you can download them quickly and easily, and they also belong to different fields such as finance, economics, programming or personal development. The page’s search engine makes it easy to download the book you want, but we can also search by category, genre, or author.


On Planetalibro’s site, you can locate more than 9M public domain books in PDF format (so they are all legal books and free books), and you can also download these books on your computer and mobile devices.

The Internet allows us to download the book that we want as we say, but it also offers us the option of reading the book directly. Among multiple genres of books, you will find books for children, philosophy, novels, politics or finances.


Finally, we want to talk about uTorrent, which is one of the most popular torrent clients on the planet. Several times it was about to close, but the fact is that if we take into consideration 2 things, namely how fast the file is downloaded and it is not on this platform, then it is still active and in very good condition. You can only search for books, but in truth, it offers us the download service for even more popular series and movies.

You only need to enter the uTorrent site, in this case yes, please download the program so that after installing it on your computer you can use it to search for the books you want to download in PDF, EPUB or MOBI format, it will be downloaded by different users who have exactly the same file and are connected.

project gutenberg

If you look for it in frequent web search engines, it will appear as the first option in English, and the second is usually in Spanish. That is, if you write in English, you will see that you can choose a language. It is one of the oldest online pages to download law books, where you can find countless titles (which are continually updated) and enjoy the world of literature.


As the name suggests, you can find all kinds of books on this site . Of course, if you are fluent in English, filter by the “From Spain” category as you did in PapyreFB2 so that you can locate books written in Spanish.


Downloading books from this page is very simple, it does not have much publicity or requires prior registration . According to their most downloaded list, this romance novel sells the most, and this is a huge library.

inkless books

Inkless Book is a simple page where you can freely access manuals, research papers, sample papers, exam guides, novels, magazines and comics . This is a great way to change the way you read and pick up a broader range of knowledge. Its search engine is very simple and also intuitive.


Aside from the huge online library that you can access, you can also read other readers’ reviews of these books or participate in literature-related discussion forums. A great way to enjoy books. As is logical, it is essential to know that to download books on this page, you must register in advance.

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