Alternatives to SkyTorrent | SkyTorrent Alternatives

Alternatives to SkyTorrent | SkyTorrent Alternatives

SkyTorrents has been a platform that works as a search engine, giving users the ability to locate virtually any torrent file from its powerful search engine.

The main advantage of this platform was that it did not store cookies and it did not have advertising, so browsing it was especially comfortable and effective.

However, their policy of not posting ads has led them to have to close the page because the cost of maintaining the website became unaffordable. Nothing more and nothing less than more than 15 million torrent links that are now no longer available.

Fortunately, there are many other options that will serve as an excellent alternative to Skytorrent to download your favorite files. Discover the best pages below.

12 alternatives to SkyTorrents to find r to rents easily



Elitetorrent is a platform aimed at offering the best premieres of television series and movies

  • Movies are available in different dubbing options
  • You can choose between a torrent download or select a magnet link
  • The web offers recommendations based on the content you have downloaded

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Toorgle’s design comes with a very similar look to Google’s. The operation consists of entering a search term to be able to access a whole list of results.

It is an especially effective platform for locating less popular or unknown files.

popcorn time


One of the best options for Skytorrents is Popcorn Time, a platform with a design very similar to Netflix, but completely free.

  • You can access all the contents from your computer and mobile phone 
  • It has movies, television series and even anime and indie content
  • From your account you can add movies to a favorites list or access the trailers of each of them


Torrentz is a powerful  metasearch engine that uses a very simple but effective interface, indexing over 60 million files. The process is as simple as entering   a keyword in the search bar and accessing all the available results.

The web appears and disappears with some frequency, but it is interesting to take advantage of its effectiveness by tracking files when it is active.



The Nyaa platform is a very popular website among those users who are looking for specific torrents from the anime world.

  • Allows downloads by magnet link
  • It has an option for platform users to upload their own torrents

torrent paradise


Torrent Paradise has a very similar design to Skytorrents. From the search box you can access a vast database with almost 3 million indexed torrents.

It hardly has invasive advertising and the link tracking process is quite fast and effective.


Zooqle is a great alternative to Skytorrents even though it doesn’t act as a tracker. It is not a veteran website, but its database does not stop growing. The contents are verified , improving the security of the downloads.

 Although most of its content is focused on movies and television, you can find torrents on many other topics such as anime, books, games, and even hentai content.



This platform is known for the quality as well as the variety of files it has. It has a news section and a list with the best 10 torrents of the moment.

All the files are organized by categories and offer details about the users who have uploaded it or the number of seeds it has. 

 The Pirate Bay


It is one of the best-known platforms in the torrent world where you can find practically any content you need.

You can do the search from the enabled bar or access   the list with the most popular torrents of the moment. Most of the contents are verified.


YTS has strived to offer only quality files in a size that will hardly take up space on your computer.

  • It has a system that allows you to configure the automatic download of torrents with certain characteristics
  • All files have information about the actors, director and synopsis
  • You can choose the image quality in which you want to view it


EZTV is the web par excellence to download all kinds of content related to the world of television . You can access series that aired a few decades ago or search by country.

You can also use the search bar to locate a specific file.


Limetorrent has managed to become one of the safest torrent search engines of the moment . For one, all available files have been verified. On the other hand you can make anonymous downloads.

The platform updates and adds new torrents every day, offering detailed information on all its files.

What is the best alternative to Skytorrents?

The  most recommended alternative to Skytorrents is Torrent Paradise . In the first place, it is a website that stands out for being extremely easy to use, since you only have to enter the search term to access an extensive database.

The web updates the existing torrent base every day, adding an average of 20,000 torrents per day. It should be noted that Torrent Paradise uses a copy of The Pirate Bay database, and that it also uses a decentralized network, which makes it a much more stable website.

If you are looking for quality, efficiency and speed, Torrent Paradise will offer you the service you are looking for.

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