Alternatives to SeriesPepito | SeriesPepito Alternatives

Alternatives to SeriesPepito | SeriesPepito Alternatives

During these last years, the SeriesPepito portal had become a clear reference for lovers of series and movies . These could be downloaded via external links or enjoyed via streaming. Television on demand, the sign of our times.

Nowadays people want to choose what to see, how and when to enjoy their favorite series or movie .

But SeriesPepito received a strong setback from the Spanish justice for the violation of intellectual rights. It closed and currently it does not work. That is why we suggest a list of alternatives. New options to continue watching for free those movies that are the latest news or those television series to which you are hopelessly hooked.

The 8 best alternatives to SeriesPepito

Cave 3

This is the third version of the mythical Cuevana portal , which has been perfecting its interface, improving its appearance and usability and, most importantly, adding titles from television series and movies.

Their catalog is huge and is usually up to date. It has several advantages for the user, for example, you can filter by the language you prefer: English, Castilian Spanish or Latin Spanish. It also has an alphabetical index to improve the search. And, of course, it allows you to search by film genres.

Of the titles we find their cover, the synopsis, the average vote of the users and the possibility of downloading and even seeing the trailer. Some great possibilities of a web portal that does not stop improving even if its advertising is aggressive.

Series DankoSeriesdankoCurrently rehosted on another server, Series Danko has undergone an interesting transformation to present itself in a more visual and attractive way. Right now it is in a period of growth and its catalog is modest: it contains series, documentaries, films and animation.

The only default filter we found is by genders . Although we also have a search engine available to find the titles we long for. There is the possibility in each movie or series, to post a comment to interact with users. It also offers you the possibility of connecting with the social networks of Facebook, Twitter and Google.

Don Torrent 


One of the most complete alternatives today is, without a doubt, Don Torrent . It only allows, yes, the download of files through a link in Torrent format. More than 120,000 verified torrents can attest to the extensive catalog of a portal that includes series, movies, documentaries, and even PC games.

What are the advantages of Don Torrent? We have taken stock and list them for you:

  • It offers a blog where we find ideas, guides, tutorials and recommendations to get the most out of our computer. Be careful, not everything has to do with downloading movies and series. There is everything
  • We found a title tab ordered by release date . It can be quite useful for locating certain movies
  • It consists of a search engine by initial located on the left that can make our lives easier
  • The “Help” tab explains all the steps to download a movie legally

Rex Movies

A more than interesting option to watch movies online without having to download them to your computer. It has a very simple design, intuitive navigation and old-fashioned distribution. We find three basic tabs: Series, premieres and movies 2019.

It is headed by a slide in which we find the most viewed releases on the platform. In the sidebar, we find a catalog by genre. And just below, a breakdown by year of release. It is perhaps the easiest to use alternative to SeriesPepito , especially recommended for people who find it more difficult to use the Internet. With just three clicks you are watching a movie.


It is another of the simplest, fastest, most comfortable and effective options of the moment. In two clicks you are watching a movie in high definition. What more could you want?

In addition we can find tremendously current titles . There are three ways to find the titles we are looking for: the classic search engine, the breakdown by genre (action, animation, crime, adventure, etc.) and the year of release. What is the problem? Well, there are no series, at least for now.

cat series

Here we are only going to find series , there is no cheating or cardboard. We have a search engine to refine our search and a tab that divides the series into six genres: drama, crime, comedy, fantasy, action and adventure. We are not going to deceive you: their catalog is short, but they do have some leading series.

It is true that, as soon as you master the network, it is easy to watch a series online. Its weak point is that it has a lot of advertising and it is also invasive . But if we avoid this stone along the way, the truth is that the series are well ordered by episodes and can be enjoyed at medium quality.

Papaya Series

It is a very complete portal, with series, for the most part, of a youth nature. It allows you to watch the series online or download them through links on different servers. The strong point of this portal is that it gives you a lot of information about the files in question: language, server, quality, who uploaded it, etc.

Coast of several sections: new series, the best series, the most voted and updated series. And it is that the links that are expiring are being withdrawn (another point in their favor). The failure is that some top series that do not appear in its catalog are missing .

Recently created, is so concise that it doesn’t have much of a story to tell: a search engine and two tabs : catalog (which takes you to a huge catalog with more than 2,000 titles) and movies, which takes you to another website specialized in feature films. It has a very elegant, comfortable and manageable interface .

It is appreciated that it is still taking shape and they are experimenting with new features , but the truth is that the portal looks very good. It brings together the most cutting-edge series of the moment and allows you to view them in high quality. It also offers the possibility of making suggestions and processing orders.

Find the best online series, the best substitute for SeriesPepito

The recent changes that have been made in Cuevana have convinced users from all over the world and right now we can affirm that this portal similar to SeriesPepito is the one we recommend when viewing series online or downloading them .

And it is that they have not only made the most of navigability, it is that they have achieved a design in very clean and clear blue tones, which combines database functions with the characteristics of streaming services. A very successful service.

When we choose a series or movie we are perfectly informed of its characteristics and that is a plus that always adds up.

If, in addition, online viewing is comfortable due to its remarkable player, we have little more to say. Cuevana is the best current alternative to SeriesPepito.

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